Hey, guys! This was just for fun, and the fact I was bored! Not anything serious! This one-shot is for my best friend and sister DeansTrueGirl! Just because of your obsession of peanut butter! And the fact you need something to read... LOL! Well, here it is! Hope everyone enjoys it!

Summary: Aphrodite couldn't stand peanut butter.

Pairing: Aphrodite/ Darius

Disclaimer: I don't own the House of Night!

Act 1

Aphrodite and Darius were sitting on the couch in the girl's common room watching America's Next Top Model. Well, Aphrodite was watching it. Darius was too preoccupied with a jar of peanut butter. Aphrodite turned to bitch about something on the show when she first noticed what he was eating. "Peanut butter is disgusting! How can you eat that stuff?"

Darius smiled at her. "I like it."

Aphrodite sneered, "Don't you know that it's completely unhealthy, and by eating it you could become unattractive?"

"I don't think peanut butter could harm someone as beautiful as you, Priestess."

"You are definitely right," she agreed, tossing back her blonde hair.

"So you should have some," he said, handing her his spoon.

"Nope," she said as she dropped the spoon back in the jar. She turned her attention back to the t.v. Every few seconds she could feel his gaze on her, and it was starting to unnerve her. She finally decided to meet his gaze. She gasped when she saw all of his emotions shining through his eyes. All the love and compassion, that she hoped was only for her."What is it?"

" I was just thinking," When Aphrodite raised one of her eyebrows, he continued. "I love you."

Tears sprung to Aphrodite's eyes. It was the same reaction every time he said those three words to her. "I love you, too." He leaned in to kiss her lips. At first it was a a sweet, chaste kiss, but soon turned into a fiery clash of teeth and tongues. The moment was broke when Aphrodite heard a loud and very drawn out "Ewwww!"

She knew who it was before she even looked. It had to be one of the Nerd Herd. They knew how to ruin everything. And of course she was right, standing next to the door was Damien and Jack, with his hands over his eyes."What the hell? What do you losers want?"

Damien smirked at her, "We just wanted to know if you knew where Zoey was."

"Does it look like I know where the fuck Zoey is?" Aphrodite spit, angrily.

"Obviously not," Damien chuckled. Jack had finally removed his hands from his face, and was about to comment on Aphrodite's grumpy mood. "Just forget it Jack. we should go. We have got to find Zoey."

"You two have fun!" Jack smiled widely, before being pulled away by his boyfriend.

Aphrodite rolled her eyes at the two, "Dorks." She finally noticed a weird taste in her mouth. "What the hell? Why do I taste peanut butter?" She then looked over at Darius.

Darius chuckled, "You're the one that kissed me."

"Shut up!" She pulled him closer until their lips met.

Aphrodite decided she could learn to love the taste of peanut butter.

The End

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