AN: Set 3 moons after the last chapter.


Ivy was lying half on top of him, gnawing at his ear incessantly, but he was barely paying her any mind at all. His thoughts were elsewhere, as they almost always were these days, lost in a place of strange darkness and dashing rain, a place where the shadows of cats hovered before his eyes, always just far enough away that he could not make out anything real about them, any details that might hint towards who they were supposed to be.

Or so it had always been, before the previous night. The night before, he had finally caught a glimpse of them, the two illusive shadows that had haunted his dreams for as long as he could remember, one of tawny fur and dignified stature, one of patched gray and gleaming yellow eyes. He did not know who the golden tom was, but he had a good idea of who she might be, and today he would see whether or not his idea was true.

"Aren't you excited?" Ivy complaining in his ear. "Some very important cats are coming to visit, you know, and you're still wearing your ol' humdrum expression. Aren't you ever stoked about anything?"

"I know who is coming," he murmured, eyes still fixated on the camp's entrance. "And I am excited."

"This will be the first time you really get to see them," Ivy meowed. "Before you were too young, and then last moon you were sick with that dumb cold – you never did thank me for sneaking in to visit you, you know – and Silverstar wouldn't them in to see you. But now you finally get to, and you're just laying around like a log." She emphasized the last phrase by jabbing her paw into his white flank with every word, and he finally allowed himself to shoot her an annoyed glance.

"I did say thank-you, actually. Three times, in fact," he said, before wiggling out of the pale tabby's grasp. "And you are excited enough for the both of us, anyway."

"I am," she admitted, and grinned at him, green eyes all aglow. "I guess I'll have to smile enough for the both of us, too. And talk. You are going to say hello to them, right?"

His ears lowered, and he felt a strange quiver of nervous anticipation run through him. "I might."

"You will," she said firmly, "even if I have to make you. You can manage a 'hello,' at the very least. And then you can do that little awkward head-bob that the grown-ups always think is so cute."

His face flushed at that, and her grin widened as she prodded his nose. "You know I'm only kidding. You'll do fine, no reason to be nervous at all. They'll love you."

I do not want them to love me. I only want to know if…if one of them is her.

Ivy's head whipped around suddenly as strange voices reached their ears, and his heart rose in his chest as his eyes locked onto the camp entrance once more. One by one, cats appeared. They were familiar faces at first, as Leopardstep and Petalcloud were leading the way – Leopardstep had only recently taken Reedrush's old spot as ambassador – but the cats that came afterwards were all new to him. He had heard of them, though, remembered their names murmured by his mother or father as they told him and his sisters stories to lure them to sleep. There was Brackenstorm, the golden PeakClan tom who had left his Clan not once, but twice: first to find the cure for the chilling disease, and then again to bring Rabbitleap and her kits home. The other was Hawktalon, a rather plain-looking brown tom who had nonetheless proven himself a loyal and capable warrior. Just behind the two PeakClan ambassadors was Sage, his thick white fur somehow groomed to perfection despite the trek back from the city, followed by a dark, bushy-furred rogue he knew to be Rook. Finally, just beyond him was just the slimmest hint of a gray-patched pelt—

But he did not get to see much more than that, as the camp suddenly became filled with cats moving forward to greet the newcomers. He couldn't help but let out the quietest huff of irritation as the near-silence of waiting gave way to excited news-sharing. His ears lowered with disappointment – it was very likely he wouldn't get to see any of the ambassadors at all now, since they were being swarmed – and he rested his muzzle on his white paws once more.

Ivy sensed his discontent, and nuzzled his ear with her nose. "Come on, are you really going to give up, just like that?" she asked. "You can't just sit here. Let's go and meet them!"

"I do not want to," he mumbled into his paws, and Ivy batted at his whiskers.

"Liar liar, tail on fire," she chided, springing to her paws. "Come on, let's—"

She broke off as one voice swelled over the rest, as a small black warrior darted into the crowd, green eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Sootpaw!" the black tom yowled yowled. The tide parted, if only for a second, and the tom-kit's heart rose as he caught sight of a gray head turning towards the sound of her name. Cats were in his way again before he could see her face or get a good look at her eyes, but he found himself on his paws, stiff as a board with some strange mixture of curiosity and trepidation.

"Spiderpaw," he heard the gray she-cat purr back. "You've filled out a bit. Not going soft, are you?"

"I'm not Spiderpaw anymore," the black tom replied, puffing out his stomach with pride. "It's Spiderstrike now."

"Good for you!" his sister purred. "But, for your information, I'm not Sootpaw anymore either. Tremor named me Sootsky just a few days ago."

The Clan babbled and gushed over the mountain she-cat's new name, making the tom-kit twitch his nose with frustration. He didn't care about her name; he only wanted to see her face.

Whatever bravado Ivy had held had faded; apparently the thought of investigating cats older than apprentices was a bit too much for her, and she sat down again, curling her pale tail around her paws. He did the same, ears pricked, hoping and praying for the crowd to split just once more, so he could find his answers.

"So, what's new with the city cats?" another warrior – Darkstorm, he thought, but wasn't entirely certain; was it bad to be more familiar with the legends of cats living outside your Clan than those living inside? – asked. "Any news on that Colony by the lake?"

"The city's just fine," Petalcloud answered. "They're certainly grateful to have less cats in their borders, although we still have a lot of work to do. Setting up the Stone Colony in PeakClan's old territory has definitely helped, even though they're still just now settling in."

"They're thinking of calling the Colony by the lake the Reed Colony, for Reedrush," Brackenstorm said. "It'll be a small one, though, probably just a few families. The pine forest isn't too fertile."

"The Mud Colony didn't have any complaints either, although you all probably know that already, since Baron says he visits you now and then," Sage went on. "There's also been talk about setting up a Sand Colony where ShellClan's territory used to be. We don't use it very much, since we mostly stay in the forest, but they're more than happy to take it."

"And PeakClan?"

"We're doing fine, thank you," Hawktalon replied. "Like we said before, the first moon was hard – we had a lot of close calls – but we're plenty familiar with the mountains now, mostly thanks to Northstar. Moving was the right decision – I believe that with my whole heart."

They went on talking for some time, and the tom-kit was just about to lose interest when Sootsky suddenly burst into his field of vision again, heading for the fresh-kill pile with Sage and Rook at her side. The tom-kit rose to his paws just as she happened to look in his direction. Their eyes met, yellow and blue, and without an ounce of uncertainty, he knew that it had indeed been her who had been haunting his dreams for as long as he could remember.

Sootsky froze, and it was a long moment before she looked back to her two male companions. Sootsky and Rook shared a long look, before the dark tom nodded. She murmured something in Sage's ear, and he dipped his head as well. Then, much to both kits' surprise, the gray mountain cat padded towards them.

"Hello, Icekit," she meowed, her voice gentler than it had been with Spiderstrike and the other warriors. "Hello, Ivy."

Ivy grinned up at the large she-cat. "Hello, Sootp-I mean, Sootsky. You saw me last time, do you remember? Of course, I was a runt then. I'm a lot bigger now!"

Sootsky's whiskers twitched with amusement. "I remember. I saw your brothers, too. Where are they?"

Ivy dipped her head in the direction of the new nursery, where the gleam of curious eyes could be seen. "They were too scared to come out and watch. They're not brave like me and Icekit. Tucker doesn't even want to be a warrior, can you believe that? He wants to be a boring old city cat."

"The city's definitely not boring," Sootsky said, eyes twinkling. "There's plenty of excitement to be had, if you know where to look. The same could be said of any place, I think. You and Notch want to be warriors, though, I take it?"

Ivy gave an enthusiastic bob of her head. "Definitely. We want to get our Clan names right now, but Silverstar says we have to wait until six moons, just in case we change our minds. I hope my mentor will help me be the fiercest warrior in the Clan. Spiderstrike or Stormshadow would be good. Maybe Jaggedclaw, even though we can't spar with him directly."

Sootsky nodded, before looking to Icekit. "What about you? Are you excited for battle training?"

Icekit opened his mouth to answer, but no words came out. He could only stare up at her with befuddlement, wondering what it was about her that made his pelt prickle uncomfortably.

Ivy answered for him. "Icekit doesn't like fighting – not even in play. Palekit makes fun of him sometimes because he just sits there and watches all the time, like a wimp." She gave Icekit a grin to show she was only kidding, but he wasn't paying her much attention.

Sootsky nodded thoughtfully. "I see. Palekit's a pawful, from what I've heard…much more fiery than her mother. If she can channel that energy properly, she'll make a fine warrior…but is that true, Icekit? You don't like fighting?"

His white ears lowered, and he wondered if she would poke fun at him as the others sometimes did.

"I do not like hurting anyone," was all he said, ears burning with embarrassment. It was true; he did not even like hurting other cats' feelings. Just thinking about when he had said one of Reedrush's new kits looked like a trout filled him with shame. He had meant it kindly – the kit's soft silver fur had reminded him of a fish's scales with its shimmering – but the queen had not taken it that way, and Silverstar had made him apologize to smooth things over.

"Is that so." Sootsky's eyes softened for a moment, before flicking to Ivy. "Do you mind giving us a minute, Ivy? You can go talk to Sage and Rook, if you like. I'm sure you have plenty of questions about the mountains, right?"

Ivy's eyes lit up, and she nodded. "Bye, Icekit!" she chirped, giving him a last nuzzle before charging towards the white healer. Icekit watched her go, feeling a touch distressed at being left with Sootsky, but not wanting to call her back.

"What do you plan to do, then, when you become an apprentice?" Sootsky asked him, sitting down and curling her tail around her paws. He found himself unable to hold her golden gaze; his eyes dropped down to his paws, one of which he scuffed in the dirt.

"I was thinking about becoming a medicine cat," he mewed, speaking the idea out loud for the first time. He hadn't told a soul about it yet, not even his mother, but for some reason he had a feeling Sootsky wouldn't go spilling his secrets to other cats. "Shimmerfrost cured me of my cold, and I have seen how she helps take care of the rest of the Clan…the only time she hurts them is when she's trying to make them better, like pulling a thorn out of their paws or putting cobwebs on their wounds. They respect her, even though she does not fight. And…." He hesitated for a heartbeat, before plunging on, "I have dreams sometimes. Special ones, of places and cats I have never seen before. Stars dancing in the sky, and a rain-filled forest, and…you." He looked up at her quickly, seeing surprise and something strange – grief? – dance over her face in rapid succession.

"Me," she said, her voice barely more than a whisper.

He nodded. "Just a shadow of you, too far away for me to get a good look…but I know it's you, somehow. And there's a golden cat too, a big one….I do not know what they mean, but it has to be something important, right?"

This time, it was Sootsky who looked away from him, towards the ground. It seemed as though she was debating with herself about something, for her eyes were dark and troubled, and a frown flickered on her muzzle. Then, she sighed quietly, looking up at him again with a small smile. Very gently, she reached out to him with one of her paws; he was surprised to see it was the same white as his own.

"When I was very little, my mother liked to say I had one paw in StarClan," Sootsky meowed. "She said it because she thought she had nearly lost me when she was kitting. That turned out not to be true, but the saying itself still was, even if she never knew it. I used to have dreams too, Icekit, very strange ones. Sometimes they were scary, and sometimes they were confusing, but they were always important. I went on a journey because of them. I lost several friends along the way. One of them…was very close to my heart. He was in trouble, and in order to save him, I had to give up my dreams. I did so without a second thought, and although I didn't like them at the time, I do miss them now. But when I lost them, I was told that part of me would find its way to someone else – and I believe that someone is you. Sometimes you have to let go of things, so someone else can find them, even if it hurts."

He stiffened at that – what she said did not fit in with the stories of the journey that he had always heard – but he found that he did not doubt her, even for a second. "You were never a medicine cat, though."

She shook her head. "That was never my path. But I am something similar, now. The reason Tremor named me Sootsky is because the sky was very important to the cats that came before the Clans in the mountains – the Walkers. They believed you could read the sky, could see stories of the past in the clouds and on the breeze. Northstar showed us how to get to one of the highest peaks in the mountains, where the sages of old used to sit and watch the sky. They would hear the wind and feel the snow underneath their paws year-round, and their ancestors would speak to them…I've had it happen a few times, and it was magical." Starlight filled her eyes as she reflected on her memories. "In the mountains, I've taken up the position of a storyteller, of sorts. I started out collecting the story of my family, where I came from, but I've learned so much more since then. I find our old stories and share them with the new generation, so they never disappear again. It's what I was born to do, and the first story I ever collected came from the dreams I used to have. I'm sure they'll help you find your path, too.

"But, Icekit…if you do ever find that being a medicine cat is not the right path for you, don't be afraid to say so. I had a friend who found that being the medicine apprentice chafed her, made her feel trapped, but she was too afraid to say anything. The Clan would have understood, but she did not see that, and she suffered because of it. Don't let that happen to you, okay? Your parents love you very much – anyone can see that – and they would never want you to be unhappy, even if it was for the good of the Clan. Do you understand?" Her yellow eyes were the color of warm honey as she blinked down at him, and he found himself smiling.

"I do," he said solemnly, and she smiled back.

"You should tell Shimmerfrost you're interested," she suggested. "You could shadow her for a few days. Blackfeather did that, when she was a kit. It might help you make sure that's what you really want to do."

He nodded again. "I will," he promised, summoning up what little courage he had. "I can mention it to Mother tonight, and talk with Shimmerfrost tomorrow."

Sootsky smiled down at him, but it was as though she was looking at him without truly seeing him at all; her thoughts were clearly elsewhere, and he felt a prickle of curiosity. "Is something wrong?"

She shook herself. "No, no. It's just…being in camp again brings back memories. I haven't been here for an entire moon. And I haven't seen you since you were just a tiny lump of fur, barely my two paws put together." She demonstrated for him, and he marveled at how he could have ever been so tiny. Then, a more serious expression came over her face.

"Icekit…do you remember anything else about your dreams? Anything about that forest you talked about, with the rain? Do you know what it might mean, if anything?"

He wrinkled his nose, trying to think. "It is not just a forest. There's a lake, too. You can smell the reeds and the mud. When I first started dreaming about it, there were always clouds covering the sky…but they're gone now. I like the stars twinkling down on me more. Sometimes I can feel the rain, sometimes I cannot…but no. I do not really know what it means. It has always been there, that's all I know." He peered up at her, wondering if he had given the right answer. "Am I supposed to?"

That touch of grief passed over her face again, but it was followed by warmth, and a quiet purr. To his surprise, she ducked her head, rasping her tongue between his ears and sending strange prickles running through his fur. They faded as quickly as they had come, leaving him bemused.

"No," she answered. "I think the fact that you don't means everything is as it should be." She rose to her paws, still looking down on him with some peculiar warmth in her eyes that he didn't entirely understand. "Best of luck with Shimmerfrost. She has a sharp tongue, and she can be cold sometimes, but she's loyal to the Clan and will teach you everything she knows."

He rose to his paws as well – it seemed like the right thing to do – and smiled up at her. "Thank you. And good luck with your storytelling, too." He hesitated, before asking, "You will be coming back in a moon, won't you?"

She nodded. "You can tell me all about your shadowing then – and if your dreams have changed." She ducked her head again, but did not lick him this time, instead murmuring into his ear, "Goodbye, Chillpaw." Her voice had a strange finality to it, an almost mournful tone, and although he did not know it then, it would be the last time she addressed him as such. By the time she pulled back and turned away, walking towards the almost-black rogue who stared at her with such fondness, he had almost thought he imagined it.

Then, something shifted in the back of his mind, something that remained dormant save for the few hours he slept soundly enough to dream. Words bubbled on his tongue, and he released them with a bittersweet tone that was not quite his own, as Sootsky ducked just slightly to let Rook lick her ear.

"Goodbye, Sootpaw."

. . .

"So?" Rook finally asked, as the two of them settled down for the night in the warriors den. They would set off for the mountains in the morning, but Sootsky always enjoyed pretending that this time she was home to stay, that she could just melt into Clan life as though nothing had happened. "Was it like you thought it would be? Was he?"

"No," she said softly, pressing into his thick, warm fur. "He wasn't, not really. I can see the Chillpaw in him but…it's like looking at a reflection in rippling water. I think he got more than just the dreams from me. There's something warmer about him…something nice." She smiled to herself, thinking of the way his blue eyes had lit up when he had talked about Shimmerfrost and her healing abilities. There was no trace of ice in those eyes, no clinical coldness or detachment. "He's a little more timid than I would have expected, a little more hesitant…but I was that way too, when I was a kit. He'll come into himself, I think."

"Are you going to tell him?" Rook murmured in her ear, his scent washing over her in a warm wave.

She hesitated for only a brief moment; being a medicine cat was not what she had envisioned for Icekit when she had made the choice to let him go. She ahd thought he would have a family of his own, train with his Clanmates, defend their borders and hunt the forest's prey and watch his own kits grow up. A tiny part of her still wanted that for him.

But the whole Clan will be his kits, she thought, and if this is what would truly make him happy, who am I to intervene?

"No," she mewed, closing her eyes and leaning into Rook's fur. "I won't breathe a word of any of it to him, not if I can help it. I've made my peace with Chillpaw, and if he was here now, I think he would be happy with how things turned out. I'll encourage Icekit, no matter what choices he makes. Chillpaw earned that much."

Sometimes you have to let go of things, so someone else can find them…or so they can find themselves. Even if it hurts.

But it didn't hurt, not really. The grief she felt for Chillpaw was still always there, but most days it was in the back of her mind, not quite ignorable, but tolerable. It had all come rushing back when she had seen Icekit, when her eyes had flicked over his crisp fur and sky-blue eyes, but just talking to him had made it clear that he and Chillpaw were not the same cat, not quite. Chillpaw's speech patterns were there, his careful thought and weighing of every option before speaking or making decisions, but there was a warmth in the little kit that had not been present in Chillpaw until the very end, an earnest, hopeful flame that flickered in his eyes even when he spoke of his insecurities. Chillpaw was gone, and Icekit could never take his place, but he didn't need to. He would carve out his own life, serve the Clan dutifully in his own way, and that was okay.

"Finally believe me about happy endings?" Rook asked. Sootsky opened her eyes to blink up at him, before turning her head, looking towards Sage, who slept peacefully in his own nest, a smile on his face, before her eyes found Spiderstrike. He and Blackfeather were nearly indistinguishable from one another, they were so tightly entwined, and she purred quietly to herself, happy that her hotheaded brother had found his own peace. She thought of Reedrush and Silverstar, both curled up around their litters of kits, and of the kits' proud papas. She thought of the answers she had found in the mountains, the stories she had gathered, the name she had earned. She thought of Icekit training beside his cousin – the cat who had once been his littermate, although he would never know that –, learning the ways of a medicine cat and finding his own voice along the way. Her thoughts ranged beyond their Clan, to the mountains, where PeakClan grew stronger every day, and to the city, which was gradually becoming something akin to peaceful as its burden was lifted by the Colonies. She thought of them too, all those rogues dedicated to building better lives for themselves, and how, thus far, they had succeeded.

Most of all, she thought of Rook. He had been beside her every step of the way just as he had promised, even going so far as to come with her to every ambassador meeting, although he was not one himself and never spoke. He had always been next to her, ready to catch her if she fell – and she had, a few times. He had done all of that and more, and for that, she would always be grateful.

"I do," she said, reaching up to lick his muzzle, before snuggling into his thick fur. He curled around her, and his rumbling purr remained even as she slipped into sleep, mixing with the sound of rain in some far-off, imaginary forest touched by shadows and just the slightest chill.

AN: Spidey's named partially for his dad, but mostly because I like –strike for cats that are extremely fast, fierce, talented fighters (and prolly quick-thinking, too) which he definitely is. –step is a suffix that works with the prefix, namely describing a cat's behavior in accordance with it (it basically only works if the prefix is an animal). Leopardstep would thus be a cat who is very light on her paws, very sneaky and stealthy, and gifted at both hunting and fighting. If anyone fits that, it's her. –storm is for cats that are good fighters & fiercely loyal.

I'm sure Spider&Black had a mountain of babies somewhere down the road, but since Spidey's barely a warrior in this, he's a tad bit young to be a responsible daddy. ;)

But, with that, the Chilled circle is closed! Usually I'd do a final AN that was a separate chapter, but last time I was told that was against the rules, so I'll just do it here, to talk about some last thoughts and such.

Chilled was an exhausting project at times (at over 500k, I think that's understandable xD) and it wore on a lot longer than I ever thought it would (I think starting out I was hoping to barely beat Shattered's record, but I did a lot more than that v_v). Still, it was a worthwhile one, and did allow me a few spots for growth, namely in defying things that I usually tend to do.

One would be the huge ending battle. There is an ending battle, obviously, with the death of Maggot and all, but it was not nearly as big as the battles usually are. Mostly, Chilled's conflicts were focused around much smaller battles, skirmishes that occurred over and over, both with PeakClan and with the various rogues encountered along the way. I think this is more true to life and the books; things were very rarely settled with just one battle in the first series, and the same can be said here. AshClan has to fight off their enemies again and again and again, and although they did triumph in the end, there were plenty of costs to pay along the way.

Costs were something else I tried to handle differently. There was no last-minute heart-wrenching death (although Swanpaw came tantalizingly close). The closest thing we had to that was Chillpaw, but he died like two-thirds of the way in, even if his ultimate fate was left hanging for the rest of the story. Swanpaw's near-death experience pretty neatly mirrored the usual surrounded-by-friends-and-family-while-gasping-the ir-last thing that usually happens, but she managed to pull through in the end.

The biggest thing, however, is the idea of first love. I am a hardcore first-love shipper. It really doesn't matter the medium. Once I get invested in a ship, I stick to it like glue, and even if a secondary ship comes up, very very very rarely will I ever become interested. This tends to reflect a lot in my writing, at least for main characters. Forest was the first cat Silverstar was ever interested in. Foxfire was Tigerstripe's, Tigerstar mentions being loyal to Goldenflower in JtR, and Snowhawk's first love was Frostflight, even if they weren't together in life. I'm especially hardcore about it in Warriors because of StarClan. The cats know there is an afterlife and they know they'll see their loved ones again, so there's no reason for them to be unfaithful or move on when their mate is creeping on them from the sky. One big goal of Chilled was to subvert my feelings about this sort of thing entirely. Chillpaw is the obvious example of this. Without a doubt, he was Sootpaw's first real attraction, and first love. Her love helped him become a better person and all that grand jazz – and eventually led to his death. And he stayed dead. That's, like, earthshaking compared to my usual method of letting them meet up in the afterlife. There is no afterlife for him, because of the Pool. When Chilly died, he stayed gone, much to Sootpaw's sorrow. I pretty much knew that was going to happen from the moment the Pool was introduced. I was determined in my mission to kill him (and break your hearts doing it). What I did not anticipate was how hard it would be. My first-love senses were in high gear, and my heart (I know you guys don't believe I have one, but it's there, even if it's a bit blackened by now xD) was like "nonono we can revive him right?" and technically, I could have. There was some amount of wiggle-room. I coulda hand-waved the whole thing and had Icekit be Chillpaw and sat back and watch the rejoicing.

But I didn't, even though it was reaaaally tempting. I stuck it out and poor Chilly stayed dead and Soot moved on. Because that's the way things happen sometimes. First love was not the end-all be-all for Soot, because it isn't for most people/characters, as easy as that would make things.

There are a lot of Chill/Soot shippers in my reviewers ranks, of course. Many of you much prefer it to Soot/Rook or any other ship – and that's exactly my point. That attachment to a first love is a really powerful thing, no matter how good a ship might be (or might not be, if you don't like Rook xD), and dismantling it upset some of you. And that's okay, because if that happened, it means I'm doing my job correctly. ;)

Blue/Spider is another subversion, albeit a really light one. Spider and Blue definitely had chemistry/both liked each other, but Spider moved on once she left. Blue didn't, and that holding on to an impossible dream is part of what made her such easy prey for Carmelo in the first place. Holding onto her attraction to Spider, something that could never actually be, was sort of her downfall. But her redeemer, too, since in the end she did help Soot and the others rescue him from his prison. Love's funny like that.

I could go on, but I won't, mostly because it's really late at night and I'm probably just rambling at this point. I don't really have much else, besides future plans. I know I told you guys to keep an eye on the blog, but of course not all of you do, so for those not in the loop, here's what's ahead:

I have no big Warriors story planned for the future. I have a skeleton of a plot for one, but I'm not going to rush into it, and I want to work on original stories more anyway. I will still be on FFN, since I have my one-shots and some other projects to work on, but a big Warriors story is not in the works. I'll let you guys know as soon as that changes, but be aware that it probably won't, at least for a few months.

What I'll be doing will mostly be on FictionPress. I have Dragon's Bargain to edit/finish (I've mentioned that in a few ANs, I think), and then I also have another story planned, Vulpine. It's about some foxes, and the setting is kinda Warriors-esque, although their customs and everything are pretty different. It's hard to sum up neatly; just check the blog, a better summary of things is on there. I'll be posting on there when I do start Vulpine, which might be in a few weeks or a bit longer. I might be editing DB and writing Vulpine at the same time – I'm not really sure yet. Either way, keep an eye on my FictionPress account! My username there is Prin Pardus, and since FP is FFN's sister site, they are basically identical. (/~prinpardus) will let you find me there just like it does on here.

That's just about all, I think…besides a big THANK YOU to all of my reviewers (and an even bigger one to those who have been here since the very beginning). It's been a crazy, exhausting, long ride, but you guys stuck it out, and I'm super-grateful for that. Don't forget about me, just because Chilled's over. I'm always open to PMs, on this account or my FP one, and of course I read every review I get (usually more than once, haha). Thanks for chilling (ha) with me, ducklings. Love ya.

Until next time. :)