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Olivia barged into Elliot's apartment, her eyes flashing with anger. "What the hell is this, Elliot?" She waved a copy of Elliot's transfer papers in front of his face as he looked on in irritation.

"Hey, I told you I couldn't deal with your attitude any longer since you've been promoted. It's ruining our relationship…I'm done! All of a sudden you act like you own me and it's bullshit, Olivia!"

She quirked an eyebrow and released her grip on the forms, allowing them to flutter down to the carpet. She narrowed her eyes at Elliot and moved to stand so close they were practically nose to nose. "Tell me I don't…"

Elliot furrowed his brow and lifted his chin. "Don't what?"

"Own you, Elliot. Tell me I don't own you." She continued walking until Elliot was pinned between a wall leading in to his bedroom and her heaving chest. Olivia let out a low moan at the sensation of her nipples rubbing against his hard chest.

"Liv…" He was now breathing hard out of his nose and trying to contain the groan forming in his throat from the feel of her body pressed against his own. He swallowed and dropped his head back against the wall, looking down at her through lowered eyelids. "What are you doing?"

Olivia ran her hand down his chest, feeling the muscles through his worn tee shirt. She rolled her hips against him and smiled in satisfaction at the feel of his erection. Her glossy lips rubbed lightly against his as she responded. "You sure you want to leave me, El?"

He clutched her hips harshly, halting her movements and thrust hard against her. "Fuck, Liv, you know I don't, but you haven't given me much of a choice." He slid his large hands to cup and knead her ass as he dipped his head down to sink his teeth into her neck.

She gasped as his teeth scraped into her sensitive flesh and tugged at his shirt. "Off," she commanded.

"Sick of you telling me what to do," he rasped. He then released her to roughly yank her shirt off instead with one swift movement.

Olivia shivered as the cool air hit her heated skin. Apparently they both had some frustrations with each other to work out. She smirked at him as she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, then pulled them down along with his boxer briefs to pool around his ankles as she dropped to her knees. His delicious member stood perfect and hard as steel before her and she couldn't help herself. She looked up at him as she languidly stroked the underside of his cock with her tongue.

Elliot released a sharp burst of air as he gripped the hair at the back of her head and tugged, causing her to stand before him. "Shit…I – I haven't even kissed you yet," he choked out.

"So do something about it, Stabler."

Elliot ripped off his shirt and quickly removed Olivia's bra before he twisted them around so that she now was the one pressed against wall. He ran his rough hands over her abdomen and up to cup her full breasts, squeezing gently as he leaned in to attack her mouth hungrily.

Olivia sighed into his mouth and closed her eyes. His tongue and lips were relentless and it sent chills down her spine. Her heart was pounding so rapidly, she was certain he could feel it as he massaged her breasts. She gasped as he ran his thumbs over her peaked nipples and she scratched her short nails down his back to then pull him in tightly to her by his ass.

Elliot pulled back, panting for air as he undid her pants and pulled them down her long legs along with her lace panties. He drank in her naked body, took a deep, shaky breath, and then grabbed her by the backs of her thighs to pull her up. He felt her strong legs wrap around him immediately as he carried her into his bedroom and deposited her onto the bed. When he flipped on the overhead light, he noticed her move to cover her body.

"Don't…I want to see all of you." He crawled up the length of her body on all fours and began to suck on her neck and at the spot just below her ear.

"Oh God," Olivia moaned at the image above her and the feel of his hard cock pressed against her pelvis. Her body shuddered as he lowered to tongue her nipples and nip his way down to her hip. He then ran his tongue along the crease where her hip and thigh met and then stopped to hover over the area she desired him to touch her most. His hot breath over her wet center was driving her wild and she couldn't take any more of his teasing. She opened her eyes to see the cocky son of a bitch smiling at her obvious discomfort, then, as he held her gaze, he dipped his tongue lower to flick over her clit. She let out a strangled cry as his mouth moved to cover her completely.

"Mmm," he hummed into her, shooting vibrations up and down her body. Elliot roughly squeezed her thighs and pulled them wider apart, opening her up to him as much as possible. He made a sound of contentment from the back of his throat as he listened to her shout out his name.

"Oh God, oh God…fuck me now, Elliot!"

He didn't have to be asked twice.

"Turn over," he growled. He watched as she bit her lip and hesitated. "Now, Liv."

She raked her gaze over his incredible body and moved to kneel on the bed, leaning forward to kiss him eagerly and slap his ass before she turned around to rest on her knees and forearms.

Elliot couldn't breathe. Was she really letting this happen? It was straight out of one of his many fantasies of her throughout the years. He positioned himself behind her and rubbed his dick against her wetness, teasing her before gripping her hips and plunging deep inside. "Fuck you're so wet…so tight."

Olivia cried out as he filled her and immediately craved more. She pushed back, grinding her ass against him, causing him to slide inside even further. "You feel so good…shit," she gasped as he released one of her hips to run a hand up her back, sending sparks of pleasure in it's wake. He then tangled his fingers into her hair and pulled lightly. She nearly came on the spot when she felt his tongue and lips at her shoulder as he began to pound into her rapidly.

"You still plan on telling me how to do my job, Olivia?" His voice was low and breathy against her ear.

She nearly screamed as he circled his hips, his thick cock massaging every centimeter of her internally. She reached a hand under body and through their legs to run her fingertips over his balls, smirking as his pace began to falter.

"Liv," he gasped out a warning and tugged at her hair again.

"Fuck, El! No, I never meant to…" She let out a low, long moan as he lightly slapped her ass, then roughly kneaded the area.

Elliot nipped at her earlobe and then whispered, "Then I'll stay, baby."

He watched as Olivia arched her back and rode out her powerful climax as he continued to drive into her. Her responsiveness to his touch, the vice grip around his dick, and the fact that it was Olivia, had him following her over the edge instantaneously. "Oh God, you are so sexy, oh fuck!" He yelled out as he shook through his release before promptly collapsing over her, sending them both flat down onto the bed.

Olivia laughed as Elliot's body practically crushed her and she turned her head so she could breathe. "Holy shit, that was good," she panted.

"You aren't kidding," Elliot groaned as he pulled out of her body and rolled onto his back beside her.

Olivia flipped over to place opened mouthed kisses over his chest and stroke his cooling skin. "So you're really not going to leave now, right?"

Elliot pressed a kiss to her lips then exhaled. "Definitely not."

"Hmm," she said thoughtfully, playfully. "Guess I really do own you then, huh?"