Author's Note: Sorry it took so long to get out! Between work and school, I am DEAD! Anyways, this is a fanfiction based offa a FABULOUS (and ORIGINAL…well original as far as I know) doujinshi by the marvelous Bohra Naono, called "A Coward's Happiness". This fanfiction is centered and based on the second and third story in that doujinshi called "A Slave of Love" and "Revenge of Love".

Alright, let's see, this is a FrUK, AmeriCan (that is what I call AmericaxCanada xDD), and lotsa other yaoi-ness and smutty-ness. And there are a few OCs in later chapters, I will have their bios up so you're all not like WTF. AND THIS IS A FREAKIN' PAMPLEMOUSSE (anyone who guesses what that is correctly gets a cookie) MEANING IT HAS SMUT~ YAAAY!

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia: Axis Powers & Hetalia: World Series, nor do I own "A Coward's Happiness" and the stories therein. They are owned by their respective owners, and I merely write and worship those creators' genius. That is all.

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Anal - Anal Sex

Angst - Torment/Anguish

BDSM - Bondage/Discipline/Sadomasochism

Bi - Bisexuality

Blood - Violence to the point of drawing blood

Fingering - manual manipulation of the sexual organs

H/C - Hurt/Comfort

HJ - Hand Job (manual stimulation of one partner's sexual organ)

M/F - Het (heterosexual relations)

M/M - Slash (Male/Male relationship)

OC - Original Characters

Oral - Oral sex

RapeFic/Non-Con - where one of the characters is sexually assaulted

Rim - Rimming (To perform anilingus on)

Solo - Masturbation

Toys - Sexual toys

UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension

Violence - Story contains violence/blood/gore/etc.

Voy - Voyeurism

Bohra Series 2a:

A Slave of Love

Chapter Four: "Toyland"

It had been quite a stressful day at the club. Arthur didn't know what exactly was made today different from other days, but there was an unsettling sensation festering in the pit of his stomach. He didn't know what it was. He just knew that something, some little thing was off. A quick shake of his head, and Arthur dismissed the feeling. He didn't need the stress of some unknown event that may or may not happen added onto the superfluous amounts of stress he had from his daily life. What he needed was a tall glass of scotch and a good book to settle down with. That sounded absolutely perfect. The Brit smiled a bit, hastening in his way home. It had been such a lovely night that he had decided to walk home, enjoying the night sky and the cool air. Wandering the gridded streets, Arthur mused to himself about the day's events, recalling every little detail over and over. The crinkle of brown paper in his bag brought him from his thoughts and Arthur looked down at the package in his hands, chuckling a bit.

"Really, I wonder what this could be." He thought aloud, looking towards the home he had shared with Mr. Bonnefoy. "Well, I will find out soon enough, won't I?"

In a few short strides the Englishman was standing in front of the door, fishing in his pockets for the key to get inside. Mr. Bonnefoy had left Escape early tonight, so the chances were good that he would not be home until very late that evening, if not inhumanly early the next morning. And Arthur was glad about that. For some reason, whenever Mr. Bonnefoy was close by, Arthur felt like his heart would burst from pounding so hard and so erratically. Besides, coming home to an empty house wasn't always so bad. He might even be able to finish the housework that the older Frenchman had distracted him from last night.

Mindlessly, Arthur turned the knob to the door, opening it quietly out of habit. Just as silently, he closed it behind him and kicked off his shoes, stripping out of his jacket one arm at a time so he could keep a hold of the mysterious gift. Next, he loosened the knot of his tie so that it hung loosely on his neck, undoing the first few buttons as well. He looked round the house, blinking for a moment. Odd. He didn't remember leaving the house with the hall light on.

'Oh well,' he contemplated innocently, 'I must have missed it this morning in my rush to leave. But now it is time for that scotch-"

Thump Thump Thump

Arthur's posture stiffened, the very air seem stolen from his lungs. Was there a burglar inside the house? He scrambled quickly and soundlessly, following the sound of the noises to their origin. With ninja-like skill, he made it up the stairs without alerting the would-be intruder. He discerned that the sound was coming from Mr. Bonnefoy's room, and with renewed vigor, he inched his way to the door. He would teach this thief the repercussions of stealing from this house. He noticed light coming from inside the room, and he shook his head.

'Really. Some people are such ponces.'


The man halted in is pursuit forward, the sudden noise taking a moment to register in his brain. That…didn't sound like a would-be robber. As if possessed by some unknown force, the Brit found himself again shifting onward, kneeling in front of the cracked door and peeking inside. He took a deep breath, not seeing anything at first, and maneuvered himself to get a better view. That's when he saw it. Francis was naked, and was in the middle of having sex with one of the club's regular clients, Ms. Reinette Poisson. The Frenchman had her bent over on all fours, slamming into her roughly. She of course was moaning and squirming and clinging to the sheets tightly, enjoying every second of his ravishing. Her smaller frame arched upwards into him, craving the contact of his warm skin.

Arthur sat in shock, paralyzed and dazed as he watched. Wait. WHY was he watching? What kind of pervert was he? He had better-

"F-Francis~ you're going so hard today~" Reinette cried out in utter ecstasy, moving her hips to meet his movements. Francis said nothing in return, his only response slamming into her even harder as if she were not a lover but a toy made specifically for the purpose of pleasing him. This was not the gentle, passionate love-making Arthur had heard so much of. This was pure carnal instinct, the thrill of it escalated by the sheer rush of it all. Arthur was unable to look away, his eyes locked on the sight of Francis, watching his muscles move fluidly, the sweat causing his skin to glisten in the dim light. The Englishman couldn't help but admire the other man's body, wondering what the skin felt like and how hard those muscles actually were.

For some reason, he could feel heat pooling in his groin, the extremity there aching to be touched. His face flushing, he scrambled to his room, clutching the paper bag close to his chest. What was going on? Why was he getting turned on THAT?
"C-calm down old boy," he whispered into the dark hallway, finally making it into his room, "There's no reason to get worked up over it. You knew Mr. Bonnefoy would bring a...a...lover...home..."
A strange sensation built in his chest and Arthur leaned against the door, taking in a deep breath. Something in his stomach was still doing flips, his mind's eye replaying the lewd scene over and over. There was something about seeing that he couldn't place...Was it the sight of the woman writhing beneath Mr. Bonnefoy? Yes. That must be it. Seeing her squirming and crying out in pleasure from being pounded into another universe by Mr. Bonnefoy...Mr. Bonnefoy and his thick- WHOA! Why was he dwelling on THAT?
He needed a distraction, something to take his mind completely off of sex and the like. He leaned forward, the paper bag once again crinkling in his arms and he smiled. Yes! Perfect! The gift Alfred had given him would be perfect to get his mind on something else. Making his way to his bed, Arthur recalled to himself when Alfred actually handed him to gift, swearing the manager to wait until he arrived home to open it. Honestly, Alfred could be-
The clinking of plastic against plastic caught his attention, and he looked down at the contents of the bag sprawled across his bed.
"W-what is this?" Arthur cried out, jumping two feet back as his face heated in a blush. Delicately balanced on top was a letter, and Arthur could tell that it was Alfred's writing.

'Dear Arty,

I hope you enjoy these toys. I had originally bought them for my lover, but obviously that didn't work out. I've got no experience with men (cause you know I was boss with women), so I bought these to try and make things easier for Matt, but he got really angry with me. Dunno why. I just thought they would help him get used to it. Anyways, these were really expensive, and they are all still new. So it would be a waste to throw them away, right? Then I thought, hey! Arty probably could use these so that he won't scream like a little girl the first time Mr. Bonnefoy fucked him! Cause dude you are TOTALLY a bottom. And I mean I heard some of the women talking and they say Mr. Bonnefoy is like... HUGE. I mean, I am big, don't get me wrong, but DAMN! Mr. Bonnefoy sounds like a BEAST! So yeah, hope you like them!

Good Luck,

Toys. Alfred had given him toys. Not just toys. No, why would they be just toys? But, Alfred being Alfred, they had to be (of all things) sex toys. And A LOT of them. None of them the same. Arthur didn't even know what half of them WERE let alone what they did.
"Bloody baboon! Who the hell does he think he is? And what the hell are these? Next time I see him!" Deep breaths. Deep breaths... "Damned brat...he's too brazen. All he thinks about is his lover..."
Once again, Arthur was reminded of a rising problem, and he bit his lip, eyeing one of the toys. That one was...pretty small... He shifted, hand inches away from the small, plastic egg. "N-No! What am I thinking?"
Reading! Yes, Shakespeare could take his mind off of this! Now. If only he could move. But... Biting his lip once more, Arthur's gaze returned to the toys laying on his bed, taking the egg in hand, working the wire free. "Th-this looks small...A-and if I don't do anything...I-I won't be able to do anything all night...j-just a few minutes couldn't hurt...right?"
He grew nervous, his fingers trembling as they trailed to the buttons to his pants. He could feel his cock aching to be touched, rubbing against the silk fabric of his boxers and pressing into the firm fabric of his pants. He allowed himself to breath comfortably, his breathes rolling out pant after pant. There was no turning back; he needed gratification, and he needed it now.
Quietly, he unbuttoned his pants, squirming out of them. He gasped as the cool air hit his hot member, and he blushed, climbing into his bed and snaking out of his boxers. Some primitive instinct washed over his senses, for he soon found his hand enveloping his weeping member, using the pre-cum to ease his clumsy movements. When he gained a steady rhythm, he pressed the toy to the pursed skin of his hole, his whole body tingling in excitement. His natural resistance pushed back, but soon he had pushed the egg inside, his eyes grew wide at the unnatural feeling. He felt his whole body tense, his breath hitch, and his cock grow harder. It was all so new, so exciting and he could hardly breathe. Arthur let his body adjust for no longer than a moment before he took the controller of the egg in hand, turning it on. The vibrations from the small toy pulsated through his body, and his eyes widened, his back arching up for an unknown and unseen partner. He closed his eyes and let his fantasies take him and suddenly, Mr. Bonnefoy was over him, smirking as his wet tongue traced the shape of his penis. Arthur didn't fight it and let his mind entertain him with thoughts of Mr. Bonnefoy licking him and preparing him for an inevitable escalation of passions. His rhythm broke; suddenly, it all had become so important to follow this wonderful sensation, leaving behind hesitance and prudence to enjoy the moment. His mind's eye only saw the sight of the dirty blond looking up at him and pleasing him, his cock hardening at the very thought. The pitch of his voice grew higher, his muscles tightening as his inevitable climax drew near. As quick as it had begun it had ended, his muscles spasming as he reached his peak, his seed staining his sheets rather quickly. His fantasy lover disappeared, leaving him behind the empty room, his heavy breathing echoing and the thick scent of sex lingering in the air.
Arthur panted the after-effect of coming washing over his senses as he turned the toy off and slowly pulled it out. He stared at it for a few moments, trying to register everything that had happened.
"No..." He finally said, head tilting to the side, "his is definitely bigger... Would...would he even fit?"
It was at that moment Arthur's sense of self returned, and the blood that had been returning to his system rushed to his cheeks. Sheepishly, he threw the toy across his room, sitting there as he shook his head fast. That damned Alfred.
"Or perhaps it is me who's the dunce..." Arthur sighed, pulling his legs close to his chest. "That damned me such odd things..." He said allowed to no one before quickly bouncing to his window to open it and ventilate the room. He took a deep breath in of the cool fresh air, pulling on a fresh pair of boxers and a pair of pajama pants. "I guess I am doing laundry tonight," he mused comically, getting all of his dirty clothes together. Little did he know that Francis had been standing outside his door and had heard the whole thing, an angered grimace plastered on the man's face.