Shawn had never heard of glioblastoma multiforme. He wasn't completely sure how to spell it and could barely pronounce it. The only things he knew about it were the things that the doctors told him. Even as he sat next to Juliet's bed, staring across at the specialist, he couldn't seem to understand the facts; he didn't know what was harder to wrap his mind around. Maybe it was the fact that it was the most common form of brain tumors in adults. Or maybe it was the fact that it was extremely aggressive and resisted some forms of treatment, giving it a low survival rate.

Or perhaps it was the fact that it had been growing inside his girlfriend's brain.

Even as they stared at the scans, they couldn't seem to comprehend that there had a golf ball-sized tumor inside Jules's brain. She'd been complaining of headaches and saying that her vision was blurry, but they hadn't imagined anything of this magnitude. They'd written it off as Jules needing a new contacts prescription and some sickness that would pass. They hadn't thought anything of it.

That is, until Jules had a seizure two days before.

They'd been at the SBPD with the Chief and Lassiter, going over evidence from their current case. Jules had been fidgety all morning, rubbing her eyes and complaining that it felt like someone was putting pressure on her head. Shawn was about to volunteer to take her home when she brought the idea up, and it was granted by the chief along with a few "Get well soon"s from people who overheard. As Shawn had pushed the door open, Jules suddenly froze.

"Jules? Are you alright?" He'd asked, touching her elbow lightly. In the next second, her eyes had rolled up into her head, and she'd collapsed onto the floor in a heap. Shocked screams had followed, including Shawn's own, and multiple people had rushed in to check on Juliet. They rolled her onto her side, calling her name and trying to get her to wake up. Her entire body began to stiffen, then convulse, much to the Shawn's horror.

"She's having a seizure!"

"Get the Chief!"

"Call 911!"

They'd all watched helplessly as the seizure ran its course. When she woke again, they held her still until the paramedics arrived and loaded her into the back of an ambulance, Shawn jumping in after her.

It all seemed like a lifetime ago to Shawn and Juliet, now.

Shawn tried to take in all the information they were throwing at them. They were told that it was a Grade IV tumor, that they'd already removed it and performed a biopsy. They listened as they were told that if Jules had been brought to the emergency room even 24 hours later, she would have died.

Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme tumors double in size every few hours.

Jules would have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

Chances of survivng Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV were slim.

Even if she did survive, there would be many side effects that would affect her for the rest of her life.

Grade IV tumors often grown back, and sometimes resist treatment.

Without treatment, Juliet had three months to live.

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