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It's been just me and my brother for a while. My mom, well, she died along time ago. My sister, Shannon, ran away to England when she died. As for my loving father, let's just leave it at that he's never really been the loving father type. Or well, not for a while at least.

My brother is Matt Buckner, nearly a Harvard graduate for journalism. And a damn good one at that. He's been my inspiration throughout my whole high school career. If it weren't for him I probably wouldn't have been able to make it, and especially not with honors.

So that's why when the news he gave me today, I wanted to rip the fucking head off of Jeremy Van fucking Holden. The fucking bastard.

Let's replay that little bit.

I was sitting at home waiting for Matt to do his daily call. I was surprised as hell when he walked through the front door with his duffel bag and back pack. He usually came home for the weekends, but it was the middle of the week.

Standing up I went over and gave him a hug. "Not that I'm not happy you're here or anything. But what the hell are you doing here, Matt."

Shaking his head he went and sat on the ridiculously expensive couch putting his head in his hands. That's not a good sign.

Quickly I made my way over to my older brother and wrapped my arm around him while rubbing his side. "What's wrong brother?"

He sighed deeply before lifting his head to look me in the eye. Something was really wrong. "I got kicked out of Harvard Ari."

So many thoughts were running through my head I couldn't decipher one from the next. It was such a shock, I didn't know what to think. How could my brother get kicked out of Harvard? "What happened?"

He then proceeded to tell me the whole story. How Van Holden is a fucking coke head and how my brother had taken the fall for it. Because in Van Holden's eyes, he didn't have as much to lose.

I shook my head at my brother feeling absolute disgust for the piece of shit who was still in Harvard. "You should fight it Matt."

Looking me straight in the eye he gave me a sad smile. "I can't Ari. You know who the Van Holden's are, you've met them." He was right. They were like the fucking elite, we would have no chance in hell without sound proof.

"So what now?" I asked leaning back on the couch and looking up at our high ceiling.

Lying back also Matt looked away from me. "Jeremy gave me ten thousand dollars."

And he took it? "Tell me you didn't take it Matt."

He shook his head and still wouldn't look me in the eye. "That's a lot of money Ariana." Finally he looked at me. "I think I'm going to go see Shannon. Get out of here for a while."

That was kind of a tough subject for the both of us. We hadn't seen Shannon for like seven years. As soon as our mother died and the funeral was over she fled the country, leaving us. Neither of us even went to her wedding. I still feel guilty when I think about that, but it's not nearly as bad as her leaving her twelve and sixteen year old siblings to take care of themselves.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked and he nodded without hesitation.

"Yes, I need this Ari." He said with his sad smile back in place. Nodding I stood up and started walking to my bedroom. He quickly jumped up and started following me. "What are you doing?" He asked. I could hear the slightly panicked tone to his voice.

When I got to my room I pulled out a large duffel bag and started filling it with clothes. He stood at the door watching me. "I'm going with you Matt."

Stepping inside the room he walked over and stopped my by placing his hand on my shoulder. "You're starting college in the fall Ariana. You can't afford to do this now, you've got too much to lose."

I shook my head at my big brother. "I know." I turned back around and started packing again. "But then again, I could just take a year off."

"Ariana." He said in that condescending tone. "You know that most people who take a year off don't go back."

I nodded. "Yes, and if I don't you just have to support me Matt." I told him turning around and giving him my serious look, telling him this is what I wanted.

With another big sigh he pulled me into a hug and I felt him nod into my shoulder. That was it, we were going to England.

That was the reason we are now getting off of the 'tube' and making our way up to meet our sister after already riding on a train, and a plane. Long day it's been for us.

I was a little nervous at the new surroundings and all the people that were around. I wasn't quite sure what to think of the new place just yet. As if sensing my uneasiness Matt reached over and tugged me under his arm. "It's alright Sis. You're fine."

Smiling up at him we continued up the stairs and into the open. Right next to the opening of the 'tube' station there was an overturned phone booth with broken glass all around. What happened there? "Matt!" A woman called and my big brother pulled away with a large smile on his face as he jogged off to a beautiful blue eyed woman, our sister.

They both pulled each other in for a large hug and I couldn't help but smile. Maybe this would be good for us, reconnect us after all these years. I walked over as they were talking and smiled at her. "Hi Shannon."

She looked over at me and her eyes widened when she took in my person. Matt didn't exactly tell her that I was tagging along. Her eyes began to water a bit and she quickly pulled me in for a hug as well. "My god, Ariana. You've grown so much." She whispered into my ear and I felt my own eyes sting a little.

Reunions are way too damn emotional. "Yeah, I'm not exactly twelve anymore." I told her and internally winced. I didn't mean it as a dig. "Just graduated high school." I added quickly with a large grin. As much as I wasn't exactly the most scholarly student, I was proud of that accomplishment.

She smiled at me again. "I'm so proud of you." Looking back over at Matt she smiled and grabbed us both by our arms and pulled us over to a stroller. "Uncle Matt, Auntie Ari, meet Ben."

He was adorable. Big blue eyes and blonde hair. Beautiful child. "Hey there little guy." Matt said with a big smile leaning in and smiling at the boy.

I smiled at the two and when he moved I stepped forward. "Hi there Ben. I'm your Auntie Ari." He giggled and looked around. Turning I smiled at my big sister. "He's beautiful Shan."

Smiling she nodded then turned to Matt with a little more serious face. "It is so good to see you two." I nodded. "But what are you doing here?" Ah, the question that was going to be asked sooner or later.

On the way to Shannon's house Matt explained the whole situation to her and I added my own two cents when I felt needed. I definitely had to step in when she pretty much didn't believe that he wasn't the one doing the drugs. "Yes, really." Matt said with a look that said that he couldn't believe she was asking.

She nodded but still didn't look convinced. "It's just, you could tell me if you were taking-" I didn't let her finish.

"He's not doing drugs Shannon." I told her and she gave me a look. "I know my brother, he doesn't do that. Even if he wanted to fight it there would be no way he could win. They're the Van Holden's, they practically run the whole damn show."

Her eyes widened and she turned back to Matt. "So, you didn't even fight it."

Matt's eyes closed for a moment as he sighed. "I wouldn't have even had a chance." That was the moment I felt for my brother the most. He deserved that diploma, he worked so hard, and one rich bastard ruined that all for him. He looked so lost and broken, knowing he wouldn't have a chance. I swore, at that moment, I'd get Van Holden back for my brother.

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