"Freddie!" Sam called excitedly down the hall. "Freddie, Freddie, Freddie!" She hyped as she was right in front of her. He looked up from his computer and noticed the blonde tom-boy standing in front of him.

"Yes?" he chuckled. He looked at her closed fists. "What are those?" She bobbed her head in excitement.

"Well you know how Carly's sick?" Freddie nodded. Carly had gotten sick last night with the stomach flu. "She was supposed to see Blood and Guns with me, and now I have this extra ticket. I knew you liked them too." That was correct; it was Freddie's favorite band the past four years.

"I'd love too, Sam," he smiled. She flashed her perfect teeth and gave him the ticket.

"Cool," she said light hearted. She turned around before leaving. "Be at the bus station at 7." She slid out of the room and left the boy with the company of his computer. He looked at the small dash at the bottom. It said 5:45. He should start getting done now.

He walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked for minor flaws; pimples, stubs of hair, and other things. He flexed his arms. They were larger than usual. He had been worrying more about his charisma. He continued to get done for his date. Did he consider Sam as a...girlfriend? He wondered to himself. He had liked Carly, but since she started dating Derek, her latest boyfriend, she barely had time for them. He had just given up.


Sam thought hard about what she should wear. She was in her under-garments looking at clothes. She looked at her long mirror and stared at her bodice. She noticed it had become slightly larger than usual. She wondered if she should walk into the bathroom

She had been doing this the past five years; trying to keep her body in the skinniest shape she could. She weighed 100. At 21, she wanted to make that smaller.

She went inside her bathroom to shower. She grabbed her lilac shampoo and conditioner and scrubbed her blond hair. She wanted Freddie to think she was pretty. She wanted Freddie to like her for a while. She was always jealous of Carly; she could get any guy to like her whenever.

Freddie had been the only boy that's stayed by Sam's side. Everyone else had bailed on her. She finished getting done for the concert.


Freddie looked at his watch; 6:55. When he looked up, he saw a blonde figure walking in the moonlight. She was beautiful. He cleared his throat so he wouldn't sound raspy. He looked at his escort.

Her blue-green eyes were assented with silver glitter. She wore a blue halter top with black jeans. She wore gray boots and jewelry. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail. "Hey," Freddie stuttered. Sam chuckled. "You look nice."

"Thanks," she said shyly. She looked Freddie up and down. "You look nice too." He felt blood rush up to his cheeks, slowly going his whole face. She smiled at his nervousness. The bus pulled up beside them. "Is your mom okay with this?" She joked.

"She can't be okay with what she doesn't know." Sam quickly turned her head at him shocked. He smirked and walked up the steps on the bus. Sam followed and they went to the back of the bus.

"How did you know I liked Blood and Guns?" Sam blushed and looked at Freddie.

"I was looking through your computer and saw your playlist. Most of your songs were them." Freddie nodded and took one more glance at Sam. He thought she was beautiful. There was no denying that.

"Well, the concert was fun," Sam said, twiddling with a rose. Freddie had bought it for her at the concession stand. It was purple. She poked Freddie with the stem of the rose. "Why this color? There were ten other colors."

"Purple is a good color, that's all." Freddie smiled. He looked up at the door number. It was Sam's house. "So this is where we part ways, I guess." He shrugged. Sam pulled out her key.

"Thanks for everything, Benson." She quickly leaped up and kissed his cheek. "Don't tell anyone I just did that," she said jokingly, pointing a finger.

"Thanks Sam," Freddie whispered when the door closed. He walked upstairs to visit his own home. He wouldn't forget this day.

"I can't let that be unnoticed; I have to make it up to her. I should plan a dinner at her favorite restaurant." That would be a good idea. He smiled to himself happily and opened up his door.