Vanessa sighed in relief as she saw the small blue strip at the end of the stick. She looked back at her body. The bloat in her stomach had disappeared; she guessed it was just from the nervousness. She called Gibby. "Guess what? I'm not pregnant," she chuckled. She only heard Gibby breathing. "Gibby, are you-"

"Marry me, Vanessa," he blurted out. Vanessa's eyes widened. "The thought of having a child with you made me feel joyful. Even if you don't want a child now, I want you to be with me."

"Gibby," Vanessa said with tears filling up her eyes. "I'd love to." She continued talking to her fiancé, as well as going to get a ticket back to Seattle. Rosemary stood at the end of the stairs. "I'll call you back, Charles." She couldn't use his nickname around her aunt.

"I want you out of my house now," she said sternly. "I talked to your mother, and she agreed with me that you should go and get your head set straight about the dos and don'ts of life. I'm sending you to boot camp, until you get your head straight. Now get out of my sight. "

Carly sat awkwardly in front of Derek. She sat next to Amy, with Roderick sitting at the head of the table. She bit her lip and looked at her plate nervously, hoping Derek wouldn't talk to her. She stabbed a green bean and brought it to her mouth.
"Will you pass the roll basket?" A voice asked. She tried to keep her eyes concentrated on her peas to avoid eye contact. She felt his green eyes on her. She looked up and passed the rolls to him. He smiled and nodded. "I'd hold on to this one if I was you," Derek sayed cheerfully.

Why was he doing this, acting like nothing happened between them? Carly made her fork clatter on the table. She scooted out of her chair and put her hands on the table in a leaning position. She looked back and forth between the boys. "I don't get it. Did you not know that I went out with him?"

"I never went out with anybody," Derek said in defense. "I just met you, anyway."

"Save it, Derek," Carly said. Derek's eyes widened at his own name. She looked over at Amy and Roderick. They looked like they were about to start crying.

"Why don't you guys go clean up the leftovers and I'll talk to Carly," Amy said as she stood up as well as the boys. She waited until the kitchen door closed. She walked over to Carly. "I can't believe you're the same Carly Shay that Derek dated."

"So he did date me. Why-"

"He didn't date you. Derek dated you. That's Henry. "

Carly was surprised that Derek had a twin brother she never told her about. He never even said he had siblings, so she wasn't very surprised. She looked around. "Where is he then?"

"He's," Amy choked out her last three words. "Derek is dead."

"That was fun, wasn't it my darling," Freddie leaned in and kissed Sam's cheek. She felt blood rise to her cheeks. She looked at her date.

"It was okay." She locked eyes with Freddie. They shared a long kiss, feeling the warmth they had for each other. They pulled away and went to their car. Freddie thought of the right moment. Sam was looking where he hid it.

"Why don't you get my glasses from out of the glove box," he said nervously. He wanted her to see the small black velvet box. She reached in, and a brow went up when she felt the smoothness of velvet. She pulled it out and twirled in her hands.

"Fredddie?" she turned to the driver's spot. He wasn't there. She turned to face her door and saw him on one knee.

"Samantha Puckett, will you marry me?" Sam felt the tears roll down her face. She nodded and hugged Freddie tightly around his neck. She pulled away so he could put the chunk of diamond on her finger. "It's five carats. I would've got you a bigger one, but I know you're not the flashy type." Sam chuckled and continued talking to her soon-to-be-husband.

"How could I do that to Carly. I've messed up with her; I don't even want to show my face again to her. I should go and try to make it better with Vanessa in the morning." He went into his bed and dreamt how he broke Carly's heart. He hoped she would find someone; she was too good for him anyway. Vanessa was too good for him too, but she would be happy after what he did.

"Leave me with one kiss, I don't think so." Vanessa left him standing there and he realized his mistake. He left heart-broken again. He didn't want to see Vanessa like that. He wrote a note in his jagged handwriting.

Dear Vanessa,

I loved you, but I sadly loved Carly, too. I'm sorry for my actions, I believe I could've done better, but I have failed. Please forgive me and tell Carly I'm sorry for hurting her, as well as you. I felt I should've had you for my own, but I felt proud when I got your love, and I wanted more. It was like a desire to be loved.

I felt that the love I gotten from you and Carly was the love I thought I never got from my family, I was always the least favorite. Whenever we went somewhere, I was never asked if I wanted something, or if I did, I would have to pay the bill. With you and Carly, I felt safe. I'm sorry once more that I broke both of your hearts, or at least attempted to. This may be the last words you hear from me.

Dear Sorrow,

Derek Brown

He thought about leaving the note there, but istead, he picked it up and walked out on her balcony. He took out his lighter and burnt the small tip of the paper, watching the black and orange flames dance and engulf it's prey. He walked away from what he had done, only feeling sorrow in his heart.

"The next morning, we heard on the news that a terrible car accident happened. It turned out to be Derek. When the police looked, they found there was no brake pedal in the car. We were heartbroken. What was really unfortunate for my parents was that they found the note that he written Vanessa and you. They immensely felt pain. Ever since then, they've been watching me, Henry, Roderick and Marissa non-stop. He doesn't want the same fate as Derek's for us. I'm sorry you found this all out now." The girls turned and saw the door open.

"Carly Shay," a girl with glowing green eyes, long and curly brown hair, and a red poufy dress on. She looked at her parents, who quickly left the room upstairs. The only words Carly heard from them was the mother telling her to fold the dress when she takes it off. The girl shook her head to herself. She perked up and walked over to Carly. "Hi, I'm Marissa."

"How did you know my name," Carly asked confused. Marissa chuckled.

"Sam and Freddie attended my party and they gave me a very intimate description of you. They were right; black haired, brown eyed, and beautiful." She stretched out the word beautiful, making Carly blush. "I thought we would be good friends." Marissa smiled.

"Don't you have a boyfriend you can nag," Roderick and Derek-er, Henry said in unison. Marissa pushed both her brothers playfully.

"Sorry we couldn't make it to your party sis. It would be too soon for people to see me," Henry said gloomy. The color drained from Marissa's face and Carly felt upset with Marissa. Marissa nodded and gave Carly a slip of paper.

1-745-555-0000 call me, soon to be best friend! We can have plans for tomorrow!