The Runner Series

CHAPTER 1: |How it all started...|

My heart was pounding and my legs felt sore and were cramped; my lungs felt tight and compressed as I was running. I was running from another one of those men. This one was different.

The only real reason he looked and acted different is because, hmmm...should I say he was more...professional than most of the men I had encountered. His hair was black and combed back like someone in the 'sixties or 'seventies; he had the same black suit on as all the other men and the same dark sun glasses just like the others. I really wouldn't have been surprised if he was working for Dr. DeCaplo. He was gaining on me now and I was only fifty feet from my car when I heard a loud crack reverberate longingly in the air, and...

Oops, sorry! You're probably wondering how this all started and who these people are.

Well It all started on a calm August day. When I was 11 years old I, Jonathan Joesph Johnson (Now age 17), was sitting in my bedroom reading The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells,when I heard something outside. I looked up out my window and saw that it was my dad's 1969 Ford Mustang racing down the road followed by a