DISCLAIMER! ( The story starts the second the grace kids get in the car, after the wyrm king, Simons pov)

"OOOHHH! You like her like her Jared!" Mallory squealed.

I grinned. Jared, for the first time in his life (probably) blushed. "Do not!" he hissed. I rolled my eyes.

" I'll write you back" Mallory mimicked him. Jared was slowly turning an interesting shade of upsdell red. (A/N like a deep red)

"Ok, mal, can it." Dad said. His face was serious, but his eyes said, "You can't hide it, Jared! MWAHAHAHAHA!" Jared slunk down into his chair.

4 hours later, in Maine.

Dad dropped us off at moms house, Jared slipped into the woods, saying he was going to sketch some fearies. 30 minutes later, I heard an ear-shattering scream. I froze for a second, icy cold fear flooding my body. I ran out the door. Jared stood outside the woods, sketchbook in hand. He spun around, and raced into the woods.I followed him. I found him, knife out, threatening a fearie. The fearie had blue skin and golden hair, wich floated around her face.

"One step closer and you'll be griffin food." He snapped. Behind him was a girl, about our age, with dark curls and black eyes. Her shirt was soaked with blood, and she was holding her shoulder. She had a single scar that ran down her cheek.

"Jared, don't hurt ariie, she didn't mean to.." The girl started, then she passed out and fell. Right onto my chest. We both fell to the ground. I got up, and picked her up, bridal style. Her limp form sagged. I saw Jared throw the iron pocket knife into the frarie's arm. It hissed, and pulled the knife out of its arm, and backed away.

"You have sealed your fate. Both of you." It growled. The girl gasped, her eyes fluttering open.

"Jared, Simon….I have a message….nick….laur…" She began to say, then she passed out again.

"Simon, behind you!" Jared yelled. I whirled around, and saw…..

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