I whirled around and saw a shape easing its way out of the shadows. "Its me. Laurie." A soft voice said.

"Laurie? How did you get here?" Jared yelped. I laid the girl down on the ground, never taking my eyes off her face.

" I might have had a fearie get me here." Laurie said. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun, and she wore a silvery skirt and a purple tank top. Then she saw me.

"Woa…. What happened?" She asked. I stood up.

"Long story short, fearie attack." I summarized. Laurie nodded.

"I am getting Mallory, and patching her up." I said. Laurie and Jared stared blankly at me.

"I mean Mallory is patching her up." I said hastily. I picked the girl up and walked towards the house. Mal was pacing. Mom was doing pretty much the same thing.

"SIMON!" Mom yelled and nearly hugged me, but Mallory stopped her by saying:

"Mom, look what he's got." My mother backed up, and took a look at the girl.

"My god. That can't be.." She started. Then she came closer and gave a little gasp.

"that's...that's Jo!" Mom yelped. She was pale, and her eyes were wide and scared.

"Jo?" I swollowed.

"The warrior girl, and daughter of the assasin scar on her cheek was from a fight with her cousin, Drake, slayer of the north elvein tribe,Máv̱ro louloúdi " She whispered. I sucked in a shocked breath.

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