Okay, so this had been supposed to be just a oneshot... Turns out I decided to add two small parts to it!It feels weird, this is the closest thing to a "chaptered-fic" I have written in years. This scene takes place right after the first, the third... well, you'll see later. Enjoy this one for now!

As soon as Scott turned the corridor corner, his weak smile turned into a frown and he fastened his pace. Thoughts were rolling way too fast in his head, everything seemed all wrong… What the fuck had just happened anyway? He had just wanted to talk to Cale, try to convince her one last time. Not that he had really hoped that it would work; that bitch was too stubborn for that. Still, for a second he had almost believed she would change her mind…

And all that compassion in her eyes! It was enough to make you sick. He had hated it; the way she had asked for his help, how she had smiled as she had took his hand in hers. Compassion was the last thing Scott needed; what he had wanted was to make sure Cale would agree to shut up and leave the company's projects alone. Compassion would certainly not help him if Dante decided to go crazy again.

Fuck, he needed a cigarette… He had smoked the last one from his pack earlier today and had forgotten to buy another after that. Too much things to do, too many problems to think about.

He thought about Dante, and how he had seemed so happy to learn that the new CEO was actually a (young and pretty) woman. What could he be planning now? If John was to be believed, Dante had not been working as much as usual these last few days… The piles of blueprints and notes left on John's desk by Dante had been much thinner since Bob's death. That was not a good sign.

Everything was wrong, and to think that Cale would soon make every single problem even worse was enough to drive you mad…

But what Scott hated the most right now was how, for a couple of minutes, he had almost made the mistake of believing her. When he had taken her hand he simply had not thought, it just had seemed to be the natural thing to do. For a second, he had almost forgotten how he fucking hated her and why he had come to see her in the first place. When he had told her he would think about her proposition, he had actually been sincere…

His thoughts had been confused for a moment; there was nothing more to it. She had distracted him, but now that Cale was away, Scott could think clearly again. No matter how convincing she could be, Cale was wrong: her plan would never work.

And didn't he have his own interests to think about too? Even without taking Dante into account, he had so much to lose! So much money and work; and that bitch was ready to blow it all away without thinking about it twice! Scott could never agree to that.

Even if she had been nice enough... In her own way, at least. If the situation had not been so serious, her stubbornness could have been amusing. That determination she had to "do the right thing" was a real problem; someone with such a strong character could have been so useful to the company! That damn morality was ruining everything! Under other circumstances, maybe he would have liked to work with her…

Of course, all that thinking was useless. Cale would never change sides; she had already decided. No matter how great it was to imagine her changing her mind, it would never happen.

Scott entered his office and quickly nodded to John who had been waiting for him, doodling in a little notebook to pass the time. He put his pen down and looked at Scott with unhidden curiosity.

- …So? What did she say?
- She asked me if I wanted to help her.

John shrugged.

- Well, that's not exactly a surprise. You didn't think she would agree to be on our side, did you?
- Of course not, Scott answered dryly. But still… What the hell can we do now?

They had worked together long enough to understand each other without having to say everything. Something in Scott's voice and expression made clear that the question was not really a question but more of a proposition; an invitation to his colleague to say out loud what they probably both had in mind…

But apparently they were not thinking the same thing this time.

- No need to get rid of her, John said. Not so soon. Dante will probably take care of her anyway…
- But what if he doesn't? She's dangerous, John. When I went to see her, she was reading every report we had filled for Dante! She already knows way too much; we need to make sure she will shut the fuck up!

Scott sighed and closed his eyes for a moment.

- She'll bring the whole company down if we let her.
- Killing her would look way too suspicious. There is no way I could make it pass for an accident; everyone would guess it was our fault. You better find something else, at least for now.

Rubbing his temples, Scott groaned then stayed silent for a moment. What could he say? That he was afraid that he might be distracted again? John would never believe it. Hell, he didn't want to believe it himself.

- I… I'll find something. I will call you later and we will figure that out. Just go back to work for now…

John got up, and Scott hated the concern he saw in his eyes.

- At least try to find a solution that wouldn't involve having to bury a corpse somewhere…

He walked away without adding a single word, and Scott refrained himself from throwing a paperweight at his head. That probably wouldn't have helped anyway.