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Thalia and Luke

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Thalia and Nico

Thalia and OC

Annabeth and Luke

Annabeth and Percy

Annabeth and Nico

Annabeth and OC

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Oh yeah, all human.

"I'm no fool, Luke," Thalia Grace said, with a steely glint in her eye, "I know you've been sneaking around."


"Luke, I don't wear Bath & Body Works. I probably should have seen the signs you were sneaking around, I went through every one of your pockets and smelled clothes, and you won't string me along anymore. I was blinded by my love for you, but now I can see it, and I think you should be leaving."

"Thals, plea-"

"Don't call me that," Thalia said, her gaze cold.

"Please baby-"

"Really Luke, I think you should be leaving," the voice came from behind Luke, where Annabeth Chase stood, her eyes as hard as flint.

"Fine, I'll go," Luke snarled, "But, believe me, you'll regret this."

"Do you really think I'll regret it? I was walking along with Annabeth, as normal as ever, when I saw someone kissing a pretty little thing. And it was you. Do you love me?"


"I bet her number is the one on your phone!"

Luke made no move to deny anything, and Annabeth sneered at him, "You have two minutes to get out before I call Nico and Percy to remove you by force. I wouldn't hesitate to do it, either."


"Don't call her that!" the voice was that of a man with black hair and green eyes who was standing in the doorway, "Or you'll regret it, Castellan."

"Watch your step, Luke," a Goth boy with brown hair and black eyes smirked, as he slung an arm over each Annabeth and Thalia.

Annabeth wiggled right out from under the arm, while Thalia let it stay there, as though his arm somehow comforted her.

Seeing the newest editions, Luke made the right choice and fled, leaving four glaring teens behind him.

"Well, now that the asshole is gone, how 'bout a video game?" Nico asked, draping himself over the couch.

"You're on!" Annabeth and Percy said at the same time.

"Teams!" Thalia yelled.

"Me and Thalia against Percy and Nico!" Annabeth shouted.

"No way," Percy whined.

"You two are way too good," Nico added, "Me and Thalia against Annabeth and Percy."

"You're sticking me with him, again?" Annabeth moaned, as she grabbed the game cube controller.

"Mario Cart!" Nico said gleefully, shoving the only multi-player game in Thalia's house into the controller.

"I'm baby Luigi, and I'm driving," Annabeth said, glaring at her teammate, who just shrugged helplessly. What can you do?

"Then I'm baby Mario," Thalia said, grabbing the controller for the third person.

"Luigi," Percy claimed.

"And Mario," Nico said, deciding to stick with his partner's baby choice.

"Cool," Annabeth said cheerfully, starting the game.

Nico and Thalia won, but barely. Thalia and Annabeth were always competing for first, and Nico and Percy were always trying not to be in last place-and failing miserably.

"Okay, let's do something else," Percy said while Nico and Thalia high-fived and hugged and Annabeth glared at him.

"Nah, let's play again-but this time it is definitely girls against guys."

"Sounds cool," Thalia said, laughing at the strangled cat expressions on Nico and Percy's faces.

The two babies (Annabeth and Thalia) faced their fathers (Nico and Percy) and won. By a lot.

Anyway, enough about their video games. Annabeth and Thalia did the best in general. Nico and Percy didn't mind, because Thalia didn't cry at all; she didn't even seem to realize that Luke was gone.

About four o'clock Annabeth slipped away and came back with three bags, so that she Percy aan Nico could stay over. She had also cleared it with her dad and Sally Jackson.

"Hey, you guys staying over?" Thalia asked when Annabeth came back, looking at the three bags.

"Yep!" Annabeth said cheerfully, grabbing a soda.

"Drop it," Percy warned, grabbing the coke. "You know that I always get the coke."

"Shut up, Jackson," Annabeth growled, throwing the soda into the air, catching it, and then opening at Percy, spraying coke into his face.

"Annabeth!" Percy yelled, chasing his best friend.

"Do you ever think that they belong together?" Thalia asked casually, perching on the edge of the couch and leaning against Nico.

"Sometimes," the teen admitted, grabbing a Dorito from Thalia's bag.

"Get out, you moocher!" Thalia shouted, swatting his hand away.

Laughingly Nico grabbed the bag and threw it at Percy, who snatched it from the air as he ran after Annabeth.

Annabeth leaped into Percy's arms and he caught her as she caught the bag and threw it to Thalia, who caught it and rolled away from Nico.

"Er…Percy, you can let me go now," Annabeth said, blushing from her vantage point in Percy's arms.

"Sorry," he blushed, and suddenly had an idea, and threw her over his shoulder, so that she was staring straight at his ass.

"Percy!" Annabeth yelped, pounding on his back.

"Nope!" Percy said cheerfully, "Hey Nico, grab Thals!"

Before Thalia even had a chance to move Nico had grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder. "Well Captain," he said, "What should we do with our captives?"

"Hey Perce," Annabeth said, "Would you mind moving me up a bit? I don't really want to get acquainted with your ass."

"Oh god, sorry!" Percy yelped, moving her farther up, so that her nose was in the middle of his back.

"Much better," Annabeth said cheerfully, "Now why don't you just put me down now?"

"Sorry Wise Girl, but I can't let you down; it would completely ruin the surprise."

"Where are we going?" Thalia asked curiously.

"Can't tell you," Percy said, adjusting Annabeth so she sat in his arms, bridal style.

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