I own the idea for the story, and nothing else. Heck if I owned DC Comics, Superman and Wonder Woman would totally be together, and Lois would not even be in the equation. Oh well, one can only hope. I used parts of Superman Returns, Smallville, a bit of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

The Man of Steel and Miss America –


He had returned. The Man of Steel, the Earth's Greatest and Most Powerful Hero had returned – Superman. After a five year absence, and a useless journey to where Krypton used to be, Kal-El, Krypton's Last Son had finally returned to Earth. And now he had just saved Lois Lane – again.

Lois looked at Superman. He looked slightly different. Physically, he was the same, tall, dark and strong, but she could see that there was sadness in his eyes.

He asked if they were alright, to which a few people nodded, as it seemed no one could talk. He then said that he hoped they were not turned off of flying, for, statistically speaking, it was still the safest way to travel. As he started walking out of the plane, it seemed as though people found their abilities to speech, and began calling out his name. He smiled and waved at them.

He stepped out of the plane to sound of people cheering. Giving people his famous Boy Scout grin and he pushes off. He gives the people a wave, and then, with a sonic boom, he disappears into the sky.

Five years. In that time, he had had a lot to think about. However, in that trip he had no idea of what to call himself. There were times when he felt like the awkward Clark Kent that makes his secrete identity somewhat believable, other times he felt like the kindly Superman, who has the powers of a God, but does not impose his will upon the people of Earth. Then there were the few times that he had actually felt like Kal-El – a cold planet's Last Son. One who was emotionally cold and distant, it was so different from his other alter egos that it sometimes was hard to tell how they could be the same person.
The latter was what he felt like when he finally reached Krypton's coordinates. There was nothing but a graveyard, and to escape the pain that he had felt for his people, he delved into that ego.

Now he was back on Earth, he saw how terrible the world had become since his departure. At seeing all the problems the Earth had, the old determination in him to make a difference, to be the Earth's Greatest Hero, resurfaced again.

He got the chance to show himself again to the world when he saw that the plane Lois was on go out of control. Though it was a little earlier than he would have wanted, he decided that it was a job for Superman.

Since he had been away from a yellow sun for awhile, his powers were not back at their full strength. Though he still was more than capable of saving the plane and the space shuttle, it was a little harder than it usually was. Still, he was able to bring the plane to a safe landing, and then flew over to the door of the airplane. Ripping it off, he floated inside, and he asked if everyone was alright. A few nodded, still in shock that they were alive. An x-ray of their bodies showed no internal injuries and that aside from the shock, there was nothing wrong with them. After saying a really lame line about flying being statistically safe, he then floated off the plane, and with a wave at the crowds, he was gone.

Three days later –

The Metropolis Marvel was back in action. All over the world, the crime rates fell by an average of 90%. Indeed, in just a few days, her article about the world not needing a Superman was proven to be false. With Superman back in the world, he was saving people left and right, and even the notorious Gotham city had its crime rates reduced. Even though she was still harboring resentment against him, Lois had to admit that her article was outdated. She and Richard were going out for their 3rd anniversary dinner, but for some reason, Lois felt the need to go out and get some air in private. Her head was spinning, and she needed to go and feel the breeze up in the Metropolis skyline.

After she made it to the roof, she decided that, even though she was quitting, she needed to have a cigarette. When she lit her lighter, it was for some inexplicable reason, blown out. Slightly confused, she lit it again, with only the same result.

"You know you really shouldn't smoke Ms. Lane" said a voice from her past.

It was a coincidence. He had been on patrol when he saw her walk onto the roof. He had been putting it off, using the excuse that he was too busy to talk to her. However, now, seeing her there, he knew he had to clear the air. He floated down, and saw her light up. He blew out the lighter. She did it again, and he blew it out again. This time, however, he said, "You really shouldn't smoke Ms. Lane".

Since he had been silent, his voice startled her. "I am sorry; I had no intention of startling you."

"Its fine" was her abrupt reply.

There was a bit of an awkward silence, when Lois asked, "Why are you here?"

"Well, I am certain that there are several questions as to where I have been, and I thought that I could clear the air."

"So…you are here for an interview?" asked Lois, slightly surprised – and maybe a little disappointed. "Alright, let me find my tape recorder".

"It's in your left pocket."

Lois looked at him with a slight look of annoyance.

"Well…let's go for the biggie…where did you go?"

"I went to Krypton."

"But, I thought you had said that it had been destroyed many years ago."

"It was…but astronomers had thought they had found it. I just had to go; I had to see for myself."

"Interesting, so now that you are back, everyone is totally delighted in your return, so what happens next?" Lois asked sarcastically.

"I do not think that everyone is happy at my return Lois. I read the article. Though it was well written, I must ask you, why did you write it?"

"I had to write it to move on. The rest of the world moved on, Superman. The fact of the matter is that the world may have been struggling, but it was still able to survive, without its savior. So have I."

"I understand Lois. I know you are with Richard White, and I know you two will be happy together. I am sure that he is a good man."

"He is. Richard is always there for me. I love him, and I always will."

"Good I am glad. Listen Lois, I never wanted to hurt you, and I am sorry for all the suffering you went through."

Though she was still feeling angry, the anger was subsiding.

"…Will we see you?"

"Of course; I am always around." The smile that made all women melt appeared on his face.

"Have good night Lois", was all that he said, and with a whoosh, he was gone.

As he flew around, he decided that there was another visit that he had to make. It was to the one of the two men that he had ever called brother, and the only one that had not betrayed him.

Batman had just finished putting away some petty thugs. He had to admit, ever since Clark had returned from Krypton, Gotham was easier to take care of. It was not like Clark had stopped any crime there, as he always left that for Bruce, but he had stopped a dump truck, which had lost its brakes, from crashing into a mother walking with her baby, and a great deal of the criminal element was now too afraid to continue. Not only would they have to deal with the Batman, but now there was a chance that they would have to deal with Superman. That knowledge alone discouraged the great majority of the lesser criminals. Of course, people like the Joker kept on going, but for the most part, Gotham was safe.

There was a whoosh behind him. He knew that sound too well.

"So Clark how was Krypton?"

"What? How did you know that I went to Krypton?"

"I do not have to have x-ray vision or super hearing to put the pieces together. You left just after astronomers thought that they found the place where Krypton was. Putting it together was not rocket science chief."

"Why am I not surprised that you would figure it out?"

"Because I am the Batman" asked Bruce with a twitch to his lips.

"So you understand why I left?"

"Pretty much; the only question that I have left is when you are going to tell Lois why you left."

"Already did".

"Really? I did not expect that. I thought that you would chicken out until you could not put it off any further."

To this Clark remained silent.

"You did put it off as long as you could, didn't you?" Bruce guessed.

"Yeah." was all Clark said.

Then the unexpected happened. Probably the most feared hero of the entire world, the one that could make the hardest of criminals cry like babies with just a look started to chuckle.

Confused, Clark asked, "What are you laughing at?"



"The mighty Superman, the strongest person in the world. The man that can move the planet, can blast fire out his eyes, curb the flow of a river of lava, and can move faster than the speed of light is afraid of a human woman."

"Shut up. Anyway, I should go."

"Wait, before you go Clark, I have some news for you."

"What is it?"

"In the Metropolis Museum of Natural History there was a meteor rock that was stolen."




"I have no proof, but he is one of the more likely suspects. You know that he got out of jail right?"

"Yes, and I am pretty mad about that."

"There were also a few crystals which were stolen from my Fortress."

"Oh lovely." Bruce said sarcastically.

"Tell me about it. I think that we should be on high alert."

"You know, you have always had a real knack for stating the obvious."

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I can hear a mild earthquake in China. I better go check it out."

"See you later."


Princess Diana had done it. Yesterday, she had won the tournament. She was going to be the Ambassador of Themyscira to Man's World. Though she was very happy and proud of herself, she had to admit she was a little nervous.

While Diana was thinking about this, she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in."

The door opened, and her little sister, Princess Donna, walked into her room.

"Well sister, mother is still mad at you

"I know. I am sorry that I made her angry, but I feel that I have to do this."

"Yes, I know, and I am sure that mother does too. I think that she is just having issues with the fact that you and I are no longer children."

"I suppose so. I assume that all mothers are like that."

"Well, on a different topic, since you are going into Man's World, you are going to have to show me what kind of clothes they wear! I am so excited that you get to do this!"

Diana rolled her eyes. Donna would get excited about such things. "I am not going into Man's World to observe the clothes they wear, Donna."

"I know that, but while you are there, maybe you could look around, and maybe send something back?" Donna asked hopefully.

"I will see what I can do" Diana replied chuckling.

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