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Moving at about Mach 5, Flash was checking various areas around Yellowstone. He was doing one of his last checks on the areas closest to the Supervolcano; if there was any form of life left around here, he would have to do his best to get them out as quickly as he could. However, things would be a little more hectic, as he would also have to dodge any falling debris that could come his way. Flash than saw something way up on one of the exploding mountains. It was a little cabin; it was so well blended with the normal surroundings of the mountain that it was virtually undetectable. However, in Wally's opinion at least, with all the falling ash, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Speeding up there, he saw an older couple sitting in their rocking chairs on their porch, seemingly waiting for the end to come.

Immediately, Flash yelled, "Can you hear me? I am here to help you."

In reply, the man said, "We don't want none o' your help."

Confused, Flash said, "What do you mean? This whole mountain is going to blow!"

The man's wife said, "Timothy built us this home, and Vera and me are going t' die in this home."

"Are you crazy?" yelled the Flash. "You can't be serious!"

"Oi there boy, we're completely serious; you should get your butt moving to where it is safe though. We've seen you on the TV, and we know that the world don't want to lose its Flash."

Getting on his communicator, Flash said, "Yo Bats, quick question, what happens if we find a couple of people that do not want to be saved?"

In reply, Batman said, "You respect their wishes, and move on."


"I know it sounds harsh, but if that is their wish, you have to respect it, because it is well within their rights as human beings. Besides, there are other people that want and need to be saved."


For the first time that he had known Batman, his voice actually softened. "Flash, I know what you want to do, and I know how you feel. But if these people do not want to be saved there is nothing that you can do."

Looking back at the old couple, Flash sighed. Batman was right; if they did not want to be saved, there was nothing that could be done. However, he thought about what Superman would do. He would respect their wishes, but he would do everything in his power to save them. Looking up, he could see that he was already doing everything that he could to save them.

Looking at them one more time, Flash asked, "Are you sure that you do not want me to get you guys out of here? Because once I go, chances are that I will not be able to make it back. This is your last chance."

The couple looked at each other, and the house that they had built. It only took a second, but for Flash, it seemed like it took an eternity. "We thank you sonny. But we are determined to stay. Good luck in saving the other people though." The old man seemed to stop and think for a minute, and then said, "If you happen to find a little Miniature Schnauzer around here, his name is Fritz. He's ours, but he ran away when the volcano began to rumble. If you find him, and we ain't made it, please, consider him yours."

"Ok," was the only thing that Wally could say.

As he blurred away, he realized something. For the first time in his life, he knew that being a superhero was not all it was cracked up to be.

Meanwhile –

So far the skin was working out well; J'onn was most happy about this. His weakness to flame was one that was ever changing. One day, an entire building on fire could have almost no effect, while the next, a cigarette lighter seemed to make his body feel like it was exploding and imploding in the same time. It was a most irritating and confusing problem. Granted, he knew that it was a weakness that had been inbred in the Martian race for generation upon generation; however, he knew, to be a good hero, he would need to continue to work on his weakness. Generally, though, the pain that fire gave to him was an agony.

Due to the continued variance of his weakness, he created a skin that would allow him to be near the flame, but would not allow him to feel its effects as much. Instead of it being like a knife that was digging through his body, and reaching into his very soul, it was more like a fly bite. It was irritating, but he could live with it. Though there was one thing that was bothering him; he hadn't officially tested his skin, and the temperatures underneath the volcano were excruciating. He now could only hope that he had built it well.

Speeding faster than a speeding bullet (...sorry everyone...I just had to say the age old cliche. Lol) –

Clark was now moving faster than he had ever attempted to while in the Earth's atmosphere. Sure, while he was in space he had moved a lot faster, but this was different. If he went any faster than the speed that he was moving at, the winds and forces that he would generate would do more harm than good. On the other hand, if he moved any slower, there was the worry that he would be unable to stop the surge. Indeed, it was quite the fine line. Clark had to keep his mind focused on what he was doing; one slip up, and the consequences would be disastrous.

He tried to keep his mind focused; however, he was surprised when he heard a scream. It sounded like the Flash…

Flying somewhere –

Diana was evacuating one of the last military trucks by carrying it to safety, where it could drive by itself. However, the shrill scream of her communicator startled her slightly; that being said, as a warrior, she would never admit to it. Taking a deep breath, she gently placed the truck down on the ground, and replied to the communicator. It was Hawkgirl who answered.

"Princess, Flash needs help. He says he has badly burned his foot; you are the one that could get to him the fastest, please, save him. He's on the far side of the mountain chain."

"I am on my way. Give me his coordinates."

Taking off as fast as she could, Diana hoped that she would get there in time.

Underneath the surface –

J'onn could feel the burn; and unfortunately, it was not the term used when one engages in exercise. His second skin just was not ready for the workout that it received in the heat of the volcanoes. It had performed admirably, but it finally gave way, and J'onn was now being broken down by it.

It was near impossible to describe what he was going through. The heat and fire happened to catch him on a bad day, and due to this, it was excruciating. It felt like every cell of his body was screaming out in the most painful and crazed agony. His stomach tied its self into dozens of knots, and his head felt like it was going to explode.

Despite all of this, he pressed on. His resolve was based on the fact that, if he did not press on, more than just he would suffer. It could result in the destruction of the entire planet. This was something that the Martian Manhunter would not allow to happen. Not again.

Flying towards Flash's last stated position –

Diana was flying at top speed; she could see how Flash could have burned his foot. The lava around where he was had hardened to the point where he could have run over it. However, if he stopped, even for a second, it would have given way, and likely, that is what happened. Diana than saw red: red and yellow to be exact.

On top of a rock, about 30 feet away, surrounded by lava, she saw Flash holding a little Miniature Schnauzer dog.

Smiling, Diana said, "Only you Flash."

Looking up, Flash replied, "What?"

"Only you would allow yourself to get injured while saving a little animal."

"And you wouldn't Ms. Animal Empathy?"

Feeling her smile grow bigger, she retorted, "Nope. Since I can communicate with animals, I would get him to jump into my arms, or tell him how to get out of danger."

Flash chuckled lightly at this, but winced slightly. Noticing this, Diana asked, "How bad is it?" while gesturing at his foot.

"Bad; I've never been burned like this before."

"Hera, it does look bad, but…" That was as far as Diana got. The volcano rumbled its displeasure at it not being able to spew forth its fury. Moving quickly, she scooped both Flash and the dog up, and flew out of there. Time was not on their side.

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