Chapter 13 - I own nothing.

After saying quite possibly the most shocking thing Clark had heard in months, Diana turned on her heel, and sauntered off. For a full ten seconds, he had to just stare – somehow she had figured it out! Not only that, but now she was just teasing him. If Clark was perfectly honest, the first thing that his mind thought was "Whoa, what a woman!" However, his Kryptonian logical side came out, and it told him to move, fast.

Diana had just walked through the doorway into the corridor when she felt a huge gust of wind, and her husband suddenly appear in front of her. In a deadpanned manner, she replied, "You do realize I find that extremely irritating, don't you Mr. Kent?"

"How did you figure it out?"

"Well, I have to admit, your disguise is really quite amazing. I'm still slightly angry at myself for not noticing who you were sooner. However, it was your eyes that gave you away."

"What do you mean?" Clark asked, though having a hunch as to what the answer would be.

"You have the most unique eyes that I have ever seen. They are a shade of blue that I have never noticed before. That was what really gave you away, but also the fact that I could see your muscles through that huge suit of yours, and how you overplayed your role."

Her reply was a look of confusion. To clarify, she replied, "You were just a little too nervous. If you had played it down a bit, I probably could not have remembered what Clark Kent looked like, and you're secret would still be safe. However, you drew too much attention to yourself."

She figured Clark would either frown or try to justify himself. What she did not expect was a hearty laugh. "I never would have thought that my being a fool would've ever tipped anyone off to my being Superman. Well done Diana."

"Don't think I'm letting you get out of this one easily. I'm mad that you could not tell me on your own. Why didn't you?"

"Well, you mean aside from the fact that we've really only known each other for a few months?" Though she could understand his point there, it really didn't help her feel any better about this. While she was not mad exactly, she did feel hurt in some way. She couldn't really understand why, but that was how she felt.

"But even so Kal; you could trust me."

"But I do. I was actually planning on telling you."

"Oh really? When?"

"Well, to be honest, I was planning on the near future. I thought about telling you when we were doing the interview, but I didn't know how you'd react."

A frown was all the reply she gave him. "Ok, I realize that its not the best excuse in the world, but hindsight is 20/20."

With a small chuckle and grin, Diana replied, "Now whose talking clichés?"

Clark couldn't help but return the smile. Getting serious, he said, "Well, I think that there is a lot for us to talk about."


Two objects hurtled through space. One was much smaller, but having thrusters, it was coming at a much faster speed than the other. Bravely, it zipped around the growing mass that was the asteroid that had been dubbed by the media, "New Krypton". This one was a light of hope and peace.

The other, larger object, travelling without the aid of thrusters, was a message of a day of doom and despair. It narrowly missed hitting New Krypton, but a chunk of rock hurtling beside the huge mass did sideswipe it. Slightly cracked and moving even slower, the object continued on its journey.

2 days later

Diana, though letting Kal off the hook, had not totally forgiven him. However, he had promised that he would introduce her to his mother soon. Also, he had invited her over to his apartment in Metropolis; he said that she had a right to see how Clark Kent lived. He had also told her several stories about his life; she, in turn, had told him several about her life in Themyscira.

Just thinking over their conversations over the past two days, she couldn't help but smile. Though she made a pretense of his talking about himself in the third person had been annoying, secretly, she found it endearing. Also, she found the look he got when he spoke of his past very appealing.

However, she did notice some sadness whenever he talked about his father. She knew that he had died several years ago, but there was something still there that needed to come out. Kal was still hiding something. However, while she was curious, she decided that, this time, she would wait for Kal to tell her himself. For some unknown reason, she felt that she would like it that much more if it came from him on his own.

This being said, she was still a little bit angry at him for keeping the secret for so long. It did not make any sense to her, but she almost felt betrayed that he felt he had to hide who he was from her. While her logical side was telling her that it was very practical of him, the emotional side screamed out how wrong it was. Was wrong the right choice of word?

To add to this, it was not only in this case that he had her questioning herself. Many of the teachings her sisters had taught were proved to be blatant lies; the more time that she was around Kal, J'onn and Batman, or even Green Lantern or Flash, she could see that there was not only a lot of good in them, but there was also a lot that her sisters could learn from them.

Kal never judged anyone. He gave everyone a fair chance. He gave his opinion only when asked, and did his best to be impartial. Never did he allow his personal feelings to get in the way. He was a beacon of light and truth.

Batman, though being a dark and mysterious person, was similar in the fact that he always did what was best for the situation. Never did he ever allow his personal feelings to get in the way of protecting the innocents. Even when faced insurmountable odds, he never gave up, and it was an inspiration to the rest of the team.

J'onn shared similar qualities with both Kal and Batman, but there was one way that he was different. He was loyal. Though he was not of this world, and had lived for hundreds of years on Mars, the loyalty that he felt for his new adopted home world surprised her. Kal had basically been raised here, and all his memories were here, and therefore, his loyalty would come as no surprise. Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern were both human, so their loyalty would be unquestionable. However, J'onn would do virtually anything to protect the people of Earth. Proof of that could be seen in injuries that he had suffered in Yellowstone.

Green Lantern was the one that she knew the least of, and yet, she could still respect him for the dedication he had, not only for the team, but also for the Green Lantern Corps. He always tried to help.

And finally, there was Flash. Obviously the youngest and most immature person of the team; and yet, it is thanks to him that she could see that men could not only be fun, but they could also be hopelessly naïve. Far from the cold, calculating, deceitful and cunning creatures that her sisters painted them out to be; Flash was about as far away as one could possibly get from that description. Though he was often comic relief, he was, in many ways, one of the most important assets to the team.

However, though she had noticed all of these various qualities in the team, it had been her experiences with Kal that had opened her eyes. Up until she started associating with him a little bit more, she had clung to those false teachings.

Her reverie was interrupted when Hawkgirl walked into the cafeteria. "Did you hear? There is going to be a meteor shower tonight."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yep, so J'onn, Hal and Superman are probably going to have to make some repairs tonight."

A new voice joined the conversation, "Yeah, why is it that the three of us are always the ones that have to make the repairs?"

Diana smiled and replied, "Because Batman and Flash cannot fly and Hawkgirl and I cannot survive the vacuum of space Hal."

"And," Hawkgirl added, "why should the ladies have to do that sort of work when we have three strong men to do it for us? Ever hear of chivalry?"

"But I thought chivalry was dead."

"Maybe it is, but should it be?"

"…I really don't have an answer for that."

Hawkgirl then changed the topic, and asked Hal if he had ever flown through a meteor shower before. Diana, however, had sunk back into another reverie once again, and didn't get to hear his reply. She had seen many a meteor shower on Themyscira, but she hadn't ever been very close to one before. This would be a new experience for her. And for some reason, she wanted Kal there to share it with her.

Excusing herself, she went to the communications room, and hit Kal's signal.

"Superman here."

"Kal, it's me. Can you talk?"

"Of course, but make it quick, I have a meeting to get to."

"Alright; are you busy tonight?"

"Um, not to my knowledge, why?"

"I was wondering if you could come up here and watch the meteor shower with me."

"I don't think I can," he said. "I've got plans tonight."

"Oh," was Diana's only reply. She was very disappointed, but she chastised herself. She didn't own him, and of course he led an active life. Still, it kind of stung.

"Yes, and those plans concern you," went on Kal. "You see, you and I are going to watch the meteor shower, but we are going to watch it here on Earth."

Confused, Diana asked, "What do you mean?" First of all, she was on duty tonight, and couldn't leave the station. The next thing is that wouldn't the station be the best place to watch it?

"What I mean is that I've got Hawkgirl and Hal to cover your shift for this evening. I'm taking you to meet my mother."

That's all – hope you all enjoyed it – kinda fluffy, but I got a couple of cliffhangers here.