Beautiful Liar

Genre: Romance

Rated: T (for Language)

Manga: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Character Ages: 21+

Pairings: KarinSasuSaku

Story: Fiction/AU/NON Ninja

Chapters: ?

Title: Beautiful Liar

Artist: Shakira & Beyonce

Author: Yuragimizuumi no Gintsuki

Speaking: hi there.

Thinking: what's up?

Lyrics: Beautiful Liar

Disclaimer: if I owned Naruto, Itachi would be alive, he would also be happily married to Sakura. While Sasuke would be rotting in HELL! Along with Danzo, The Elders, Madara, and Karin. However. Itachi is dead, Sasuke and Karin are on the verge of attacking Konoha, and Sakura thinks that Itachi was a psychotic mass murderer. Danzo is taking over Konoha, the Elders are still alive, and Madara is still using team Hebi/Taka as his personal puppets (because his actual puppet, Sasori, got his ass kicked by a pink haired teenager, and an eighty year old grandma.)

So obviously, Kishimoto still owns Naruto.

Oh, and the song is owned by Beyonce and/or Shakira. ENJOY OR ELSE!

Sakura's P.O.V.

I was SO happy. Why? You might ask. Because today was the day that I was officially Uchiha Sasuke's girlfriend for one year. Yup, that's right. Me, the brainyack, with the oversized forehead, and weird hair. Haruno Sakura. Life just couldn't be more wonderful. Well, I'd like to tell my cousin/room mate Haruno Karin. But Sasuke-kun said he wants to keep the relationship secret for the time being, so that his psycho EX wouldn't freak out and go mass murder on me. He's so considerate. *cue girlish giggling*

I was currently on my way to his apartment. Why again? Because Sasuke-kun wanted to have me over tonight for our date. But I got off early, due to sucky labor percentages. And was now headed towards his place three hours early. I could've called, knowing he was off today and wouldn't mind my stopping by. But I wanted to surprise him, he'd been surprising me for so long now, I thought he'd like to have the tables turned this time.

However. When Izumo, the doorman, gave me a weird look on my way in, I suddenly had this sinking feeling that something bad was about to happen. A horrible feeling in my gut, and as I approached his door, it only got worse. I pushed it aside and reached for the spare key in my purse to go in. "Sasuke!" what I heard made me freeze in my tracks. There was a woman in there, not just any woman. This one sounded a lot like…

"Karin?" I screamed once I saw, I couldn't believe it. Karin wasn't just my roommate, or cousin, she was my best friend. How could she do this to me? No! my inner shouted, it wasn't Karin who had betrayed me, even though it felt that way. It was him. It was him. It was… "Sasuke?" Karin said looking at him now. "Why is Sakura here?" I could see her putting the pieces together in her head. Then, I guess, she figured it out. "YOU'VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME!" we both screamed. "Saku I swear I had no idea!" Karin said guiltily as she ran across the room, away from the Uchiha. "Neither did I Kari. That's why I'm ticked off." I spat out as I threw a glare towards Sasuke.

"But now I know." I said as I walked towards Sasuke. "Sakura." He said coolly "Sasuke." I said, just as impassively. I then slapped him as hard as I could across the face. "Happy anniversary." I said, then back handed him with the same hand across his other cheek. He glared at me as if to say 'What the Hell was that one for woman?' so I answered. "That was for Karin. You Bastard! But tell me, have you been dating us both the whole year? Or were you dating one of us longer?" he remained silent, like I knew he would. But his silence said everything. And when I heard my cousin gasp, I knew it was her one year anniversary as well. "Asshole." And with that said, Karin and I left.

Two weeks. Its been exactly two weeks, and even though I'm sure that both of us realize it wasn't the other's fault. Neither Karin, nor myself have said anything to each other in two weeks. I HATE this!

Finally unable to take the awkward silence, Karin brought up iTunes, and turned the music library on shuffle. But that didn't help much.

About a half an hour after that, she gave up and walked across the room towards my bed(where I was currently positioned). And sat down. "I'm sorry." She stated. "Kari, its not your fault, he was just a back stabbing asshole." "I know, but I meant 'I'm sorry' for not telling you. He asked me to ke…" "Keep it secret, so his psycho ex wouldn't find out and try to hurt you. I know, he used the same load of shit on me." "oh." She replied. We both sat there in silence, until we decided to talk it out in the traditional Haruno way. "He's an ass." "He's a bastard." "He isn't worth it." "He's not even worth a whore." -simultaneous sigh- "He was pretty." "He was beautiful." "He was affectionate." "He was everything you could want." "He was Perfect." "He was a prince." "He was…" "He was a…" neither of us could think of anything else, then a familiar song began to blare from the speakers that my dear cousin had left cranked up. And we smiled to each other before simultaneously saying…

"He is a Beautiful Liar."

Then the song changed to something that caused us both to let go the Harunos' evil twisted smirk. (well ours anyway, cuz no other Harunos' can pull it off)

And we decided, that two weeks was long enough, and now it was time for revenge.

A/N: !

Oh what will these two conniving evil girls… er. Women do to Sasuke NOW? Second shot coming soon, to be titled "Before he cheats" by Carrie Underwood.

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