Breaking the Ice, Successful

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Sakura's P.O.V.

The holidays had gone nicely, and I'd almost forgotten about Itachi, and Shisui. Until Shisui called Karin the day before we were to go home, and asked her out to dinner. Leaving me in my current situation... at home, studying, without my Ipod(left it at Nii-sama's), still on holiday vacation, and alone. 'Oh well. I have paperwork due to Tsunade-sama anyway.' I thought to myself.

I turned on my radio to some random channel, which ended up being the news reporting on some serial rapist on the loose. After hearing the details, an odd habit of mine, I changed the channel to classical music, and got started on my paper. Half an hour later I was in the middle of jamming out to Swan lake, and practicing some Ballet around the living room, when there was a knock on the door. I was in mid spin when the unexpected noise occurred, and the tiny jump of shock was enough to send me spiraling to the floor with a rather audible. ~thud~.

Grumbling, and feeling rather annoyed, I got up heading down the short hall while the mystery person knocked again. "Hold your horses! I'm coming!" I called out already having a pretty good idea of who exactly was beyond that door. And I just knew I wasn't going to like them, as I proceeded to unlock my door, and open it only to find the one person I had hoped it wouldn't be...

Itachi's P.O.V.

How Karin had gotten my personal cell phone number, I'm sure was completely Shisui's fault. However the damage was done, and Karin had told me that because none of their friends had returned home from holiday break, Sakura was at home all alone, and Karin would be worried sick if someone wasn't there to keep her company. A bold faced lie, I was sure of it. But none the less I agreed to keep Sakura company. As I approached her door I could here classical music flowing from the apartment. 'interesting, I never would have taken her for a Swan lake kind of girl...' I thought, then knocked on the door. I heard an immediate ~thud~ indicating something, or someone had hit the floor. And when I heard some annoyed mumbling a moment later, I smirked knowing it was the latter. Figuring she was ignoring the door, I knocked again. Only to hear her rather annoyed tone of voice say "Hold your horses! I'm coming!" from directly on the other side. She opened the door looking a little angry, and once she saw it was me, she looked momentarily furious. But not murderous, as I had assumed she would have. "Yeah I figured it was you. Kami save my idiot cousin..." she mumbled the last part. "What was that?" I asked, making her believe I hadn't heard her. "Nothing... Karin has some explaining to do."

"Yes, she seemed legitimately worried about you when she insisted I come over. But as I can see, she worried for nothing."

"She's not worried, she's playing match maker. Come on in, no point in sending you out, I'd only catch hell for it. I have a report about some new patients to finish for Tsunade-sama, then I'll play hostess. That okay with you Uchiha?"

"I have no issue with waiting, take care of what you will. Miss Haruno, I will go if you do not wish me here."

"Nah, it isn't exactly a short drive to your house, and Karin wasn't completely being a brat. I really don't like being alone."

"Is that so?" I asked, trying to tease her. She glared at me. "Yeah, it is. But I have no problem being by myself if you're going to remind me of your assish brother with your teasing." She retorted icily.

"My apologies." I said smirking.

"Damn freaking demon Uchiha's! Manipulative, Pains in my ass, all of them, Kami I swear it..." she mumbled while walking past me into her living room, obviously not caring if I heard her. When I arrived in the living room, she was scribbling something on her new patient report. Suddenly she looked up at me, then back at her paperwork, then back to me and laughed, that laugh that had made all thoughts in my head stop before. As though I were obsessed with her laugh. "Is there something on my face?" I ask brushing my face off, even though I knew there was nothing there, I'd made sure to check before coming inside the building. "No its not that Uchiha..." "Itachi." I insisted, "er... Itachi, it's just that the report and paperwork I'm filling out, its for your family's Doctor transfer." she explained. "ah." I acknowledged. "You think you could just answer a bunch of questions for me? This way I can make the transfer tomorrow, instead of waiting forever for your previous physician to get back to me with the information before filing it." If I had been anyone else, I probably would have done a mental happy dance. But I am Itachi. And I do Not happy dance. "Of course Miss Haruno. I will be glad to assist you." She bit her lip as if debating. Then she finally replied. ", you can call me Sakura. Karin basically forced me to see the light over the holidays, and yeah... I guess you really aren't as bad as Sas-gay." I chuckled at the nickname, "Beg pardon?"

"Holy Shit! I'm Sorry, I didn't mean to, it slipped...and...wait, you aren't mad?" She asked bewildered at the fact that I was actually amused by the nickname, as I continued to chuckle. "Actually, I believe it suits him, as the only person that he seems to stay in a relationship with is the Uzumaki." At this comment, Sakura began to all out laugh once more, and I felt a sense of accomplishment at having made her laugh.

The paperwork actually took longer than expected. And every twenty minutes or so, Sakura would announce it was time for a break, and ask if I would like anything. Each time I would pass. About two and a half hours passed in this fashion, and then the paperwork was actually finished.

After filing it away in her work bag, she walked back over to her seat on the floor next to the coffee table, and once more asked if I would like anything. This time I said.. "Like what?" she was slightly shocked I could tell, but she also brightened by a fractional amount. "I...I actually have no idea.." she laughed again. "C'mon, the kitchen is down the hall, let's see what's here." she continued to the kitchen motioning for me to follow her down the hallway. When we came to the door she seemed to have suddenly remembered something, and stopped in her tracks. Had I not been paying attention, I may have run right into her. "Errrr... I just remembered something. Please wait right here while I take care of it. No matter what you here. Do NOT come into my kitchen! Kapeesh?" she demanded, once again her usual self. "Of course Sakura." I replied smirking. She disappeared into the kitchen, and I heard the distinct sound of a stool being slid in front of the wooden door. Guess that meant I couldn't peek at what ever was so embarrassing in her small kitchen. However I had a hunch it was probably broken glass.

Sakura's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe I had forgotten it, even when I KNEW Kari would pull something like this! I walked into the kitchen, and braced a stool against the door just in case he decided to peak. I surveyed the damage in my kitchen. Karin and I had decided to kick off the end of the holidays by irreversibly destroying everything, that Sasuke had bought for us. And we did so in the kitchen this morning, with plans to clean it up eventually...

….well eventually came now I guess.

Anything he had bought for us that was on the even more expensive side, we had decided we would take to the pawn shop, or sell on ebay. I thought about all this as I cleaned up the glass, ceramic, and other oddly broken things. I swept it all into a pile, dumped it into the recycling bin, then shoved the bin into the broom closet. After that I tore down the picture of Sasuke we had thrown all the things at, and also shoved it into the broom closet, atop all the broken gifts.

Once finished, I straightened my hair and clothes, then removed the stool and allowed Itachi into the kitchen. "Gomen... uh, I suddenly remembered we had Tenten over to practice her cooking this morning, and I forgot to finish cleaning up." He seemed to buy it as he walked passed me.. then I remembered something, at apparently the same time he did.. "Lying is unbecoming of you Sakura. If I recall correctly, Miss Tenten is still on vacation with the two Hyuuga friends of yours. Am I not right?" "Damn friggin Uchihas..." I mumbled under my breath. "Yeah, well. Ten is friggin talented!" I shot back, crossing my arms and walking to the pantry as he chuckled behind me. "Y'know you really do remind me of Sasuke... But in the weirdest way..." I commented, "Oh?" he asked, signaling me to continue. "Yeah, you two really only look slightly similar. And apart from the monosyllabic way of speaking and how you both enjoy teasing me, you two are really nothing alike... sorta. And I find that the only reason I'm reminded of him when you or Shisui are around, is because you share the same last name." I had turned to watch his face as I spoke, and he only smirked at me. "An unfortunate side effect of birth. You see, the nurse Tsunade-sama had handed him to was quite clumsy, and she dropped him on his head." I snickered at his words, and smirked right back at him. "Weren't you the one that said lying is unbecoming?" I shot back at him. "All in good fun." I laughed again, Damnit! I was starting to like another friggin Uchiha! "No! Uchihas are EVOL!' 'I know this, thank you very much! Besides, its not like I'll end up dating him!' 'You say that now, I give you till valentines day...' 'BITCH! It's the new year!' 'I know ~smirk~'

"So, Itachi... Did you choose the police force? Or was it just expected of you?" I asked conversationally as I continued my hunt through the pantry."

"Both actually, Father always expected his sons to join the police force, although he made it quite clear that we were free to choose whatever it was we wanted to do in life. Before, I had planned to be a lawyer, or a CSI like your cousin. But nearing the end of high school, I discovered that I actually did want to be a police officer like my father. And it wasn't just Father that was overjoyed at my decision, but also Mother, and Sasuke. Sasuke though was only happy that Father wouldn't expect it of him any longer." He explained. "I see... Sasuke always whined about how your Father wants him to be just like you. And How he'll surpass you some day, blah, blah, blah... He pretty much screwed himself with what he did to Kari and I though, didn't he?"

"Most probably. I'd never seen my father so disappointed. It was probably the reason Sasuke decided to move." He said,

"Well, either that, or he realized that after we made it known throughout town that he is a cheating asshole, he wasn't getting any around here anymore. And to think I almost gave that bitch my virgini..." I stopped realizing exactly what I'd just revealed... "Shit!" I cursed under my breathe once I looked to see Itachi smirking. "What an interesting discovery..." Itachi drawled. "You are a virgin Sakura?" he was clearly amused, and clearly teasing me. "Damn straight! I don't actually believe in sex before marriage... But I had thought Sasuke was "The One"."

I said 'the one' sarcastically, with venom dripping off my lips, and lots of air quotations. "ah." Was Itachi's reply. "Feel free to laugh Uchiha." a retorted, continuing to pull things out of the pantry. "Why would I do that?" I froze, not out of anger, but out of shock. His inquiry wasn't sarcastic, or teasing... it was... genuine?

Setting everything in my arms down on the counter, I turned to face him. "Come again?" I asked, just to be sure. "Its no laughing matter Sakura. If that is how you choose to live your life, or what you believe in. Then it is no laughing matter. Who am I to question how you live your life?" I let that run through my head for awhile... "Y'know what Itachi. Your brother is a total Dick! That selfish bastard laughed at me when I told him. And Then teased me about it the rest of our relationship." I said, beginning to make a rather late dinner. "Do you like Onigiri by the way?" I asked offhandedly. "Its my favorite to tell you the truth, and Sakura... about the other subject. I'll let you in a little secret." I filed away the information about his favorite food, and pretended to be disinterested when I answered him with an, "Oh?"

He walked up right behind me, and I could feel his lips next to my ear as he whispered. "I'm a virgin as well. I believe the same way as you." I nearly dropped the rice I was molding. Luckily he reached around me, and steadied my hands. "You're screwing with my head, aren't you?" I asked once he let go, and I was able to put a little distance between us. "No, I assure you it is the truth." 'Holy shit! The hotter Uchiha demon is a VIRGIN! Girl I gotta get me some of him!' 'Hell NO Inner!'

'You bore me. You'll fall for this one, and hard.' 'Go die bitch!'

Itachi was serious, I realized. And all I could do was stare. Eventually it must have become as awkward for him as it was for me. Because he interrupted my space casing. "Would you like some help preparing the food?" "HOLY HELL YOU COOK TOO! Are you gay?!" I immediately slapped both my hands over my mouth. I sooooooo didn't mean to say that out loud. "Shit! I'm sorry! I didn't mean that!"

"It's alright. It was rather amusing actually. And I assure you, I am very much straight." as he said the last sentence, he came to stand directly in front of me, setting both hands against the wall behind my head. I had the feeling of a trapped animal being hunted. And had I been anyone else, I may have 'eeped' at how close the hotter Uchiha Demon was. However, I am Sakura, a badass quick tempered Haruno, and I do Not 'eep'. "Uchiha, point proven. Back off, or I'll make you." I said heatedly, for about a millisecond he looked shocked, then he smirked. "By any chance, would you happen to be bipolar Sakura?" he asked, totally serious. "Only on my good days. On my bad days I'm mostly just psychotic." I replied glaring. And slowly, too slowly for my liking though inner didn't mind, he backed away from me. Then proceeded to help me prepare the food.

We fell into easy conversation as we finished the onigiri, then ate it. After that we headed back to the living room. I was about to ask if he wanted to watch TV or something until my cousin arrived to relieve him. But then I saw him holding my phone, and doing Kami only knew what with it. "The HELL! Uchiha! Give me that!" I yelled, running over to him and grabbing at it. But just like the time with my coffee, he held it out of my reach. 'How the HELL did demon Uchiha get that out of my pocket?! My jeans are SKIN-FRIGGIN-TIGHT!' 'Imma say, mad pick-pocket skills. Or he was a muthufriggin Ninja in a previous life!' 'You are not helping. I repeat, GO. DIE! BITCH!'

"My my Sakura. You have eight people listed in here as 'asshole'. I wonder, could they all be ex-boyfriends?" Itachi teased, continuing to hold my cell phone out of reach. "Damnit Uchiha! Give me my cell phone NOW!" I yelled then jumped for it, but he lifted it out of my reach again. I then decided if he wasn't going to hand it to me, I would take it... forcefully.

I elbowed him in between two of his stronger ribs. A place I knew wouldn't cause too much pain. But enough to get the desired reaction from him, of which I did. When he leaned down a little to hold his side, I tackled him to the floor, grabbed my phone, and tried to scramble to my feet.

I say tried, because unfortunately, he was quicker to recover than I had anticipated, and he wrapped both arms around me before I could get up. "Let go Uchiha!"

"Now Sakura, it was you that put us in this position, and I'm in pain. I should at least get something from you seems how you injured me." I'm not sure exactly what it was. But something about how he said that had my fight or flight reflex kicking in. I was about to go with the 'fight' option, as 'flight' didn't look like it was happening. However, my dear cousin, and her new boyfriend decided to walk into the living room at that time.

"Well... this looks...interesting." Shisui said, smirking like a mad man. While Karin grinned like an idiot. "Why what have we here?" she said a little too sweetly. "Don't just stand there! Kari help me! Your new friend wont let go!" I yelled at her, trying to get free of Itachi. "Comfortable Itachi?" she said glaring at him. The glare had no ice in it though, as if she were trying to say. This was NOT part of the plan. Or... ….something to that effect...

Once free of the evil Uchiha, I stood behind behind Karin, and sent both Uchihas(not even sure if that is the correct plural for Uchiha, but meh..) a frigid glare, with enough ice to make up for my cousin's lack thereof. "Out, now." I said, then stormed to my room, cell phone still in hand.

Its been a few weeks since then, I'm back at school, Itachi and Shisui are back at work. Which means I'm somewhat left alone now. But that damn evil Uchiha! When he took my phone that night it was to add himself to my contact list. Strange thing is... I decided to keep his contact numbers on my phone. (plural cuz he put his cell, home, office extension, and work cell -emergency use only- into the contact)

Never knowing when I might need to get a hold of him.

I had actually seen him very few times between then and now. Never actually stopping to chat a whole lot, just a quick hi and bye. But whatever. I'm working full time, and going to school full time. All thought of the demonic Uchiha flew from my mind as my office phone rang. "Haruno Sakura." I answered the phone. "Doctor? It's Uchiha Mikoto."

"Yes Uchiha-sama? What can I do for you?" I asked the 'demon cop's mother.

"I really hate to be such a bother to you. But Fugaku hasn't been feeling to well, and refuses to go to the hospital to see you... so if it isn't too much trouble, could you come to the house this weekend to check on him? I mean, if he isn't feeling better by then, would you please? It was so difficult to get him to agree to this alone."

"Its no problem at all Uchiha-sama, please just keep me updated on his condition throughout the rest of the week. And I'll come see him on Saturday. Is nine a.m. Alright?" I asked her.

"Yes, that's perfect, thank you Doctor Haruno."she said, sighing in relief.

"It's really no trouble. I'll talk to you soon. Take care."

"Yes you as well, good night." and we hung up. After that I finished my rounds, did a verbal surgical test with Shizune-senpai, and then another test with Tsunade-sama.

Because of all the testing I had done today, I wasn't able to finish and file all my reports, and therefore left late, taking that last few with me to do during my lunch break at school tomorrow. It was the end of January, and still real cold out, so I took a shortcut home. I didn't normally take this short cut, because it involved going down some dark alleys, and behind some rather creepy, old, unused buildings. None of these things exactly spelled 'Good Idea' for a woman walking home alone. But then, I was no ordinary woman, and I could handle myself...

unless there were like... twenty of them. I mean, I'm 100% confidant in my abilities. But my abilities also have their limits. And for twenty men, I would need Karin at least. On top of that I was so damn tired I probably couldn't fight one guy for too long a time period, and add too the fact my hands and feet were freezing... shit! Walking home through the nasty side of town was NOT very smart on my part.

I decided to ditch the short cut, and headed for the main street, which was way better lit, and the police department was patrolling main street around now, so I might even be able to get a ride home!

With this happy thought in mind, I quickened my pace. Main street was just at the other end of this alley anyway. 'made it!' I mentally pat myself on the back. But that was short lived as I was grabbed roughly and shoved back around the corner, and against the brick wall in the darkness of the alley.

Once my eyes adjusted, I recognized my attacker to be one of the men on the news. The rapist. 'Well shit my life sucks!''We're about to get raped, and that is all you can say? FUCK YOU! YOU'RE NO HELP!'

Driven by fear, I reached into my bag for my mace. The man quickly relieved me of my bag however, and threw it deeper into the alley. "Don't touch me!" I yelled, trying to hit him. However, the news station failed to mention this man knew some martial arts. Damn!

He shoved me against the brick wall once more, this time side ways, I felt a harsh pain in my hip, reminding me of something in my pocket, and I suddenly got an idea. I waited for him to come real close, then I quickly, and quietly pulled the knife from my pocket. It had been a Christmas present from Tenten. Without him even noticing I had a weapon, I flicked it open, then pressed it hard to his nether region.

"Okay you sick son of a bitch. Any sudden movements, and you can kiss your favorite appendage goodbye. Now back up to the other wall slowly." I ordered, he glared at me, but said nothing, and obeyed. While he was concentrating on walking backwards, I clicked Itachi's emergency work number, praying he was on duty in this area. After the first ring he picked up. "Sakura?!"

he sounded worried.

"Itachi, I uh, found the suspect you and Shisui have been looking for. The one on the news." I told him, trying to keep my voice calm so this guy wouldn't see that I was too weak to fight him right now. So just to make sure, I applied a little my pressure with my knife. "Sakura, Where is he? Where are you?!" Itachi asked urgently.

"He's standing right in front of me. I'm standing just inside the alley on Main street between the two abandoned toy shop buildings."

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm perfectly fine, but come quickly." I could already hear the sirens, so I knew they must have been in the area already. "Will he run Sakura?" Itachi asked.

"That's not likely... I'm holding an M tech to his testicles." I replied.

"We'll be there in thirty seconds. Sakura, stay on the phone." I could hear the smirk in his voice now.

"Now why would I hang up on you Uchiha?" I joked, even though I was mentally sweating bullets. If this dude figured out that I was bluffing, then I might be dead. But then Itachi, and Shisui are on their way. So I should be okay... 'Hurry Itachi!'

Itachi's P.O.V.

We arrived at the alley, and I could barely make out two figures. Shisui and I darted from the car the second it was in park. And ran across the ice into the alley. Sakura looked weak, and tired. It was a miracle this man hadn't attempted to over power her before we arrived. Shisui cuffed him, and I removed my coat to wrap around Sakura. "Sakura, are you alright... look at me please. Did he hurt you?" She shook her head no, then looked up at me. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she looked as though she were terrified. "I-Itachi... I was s-so scared!" adrenaline rush having worn her out she buried her face in my chest and cried, her knees giving out underneath her. I wrapped my arms around her cold form, and kept telling her she was okay, and that she was safe. By now the other cruiser we'd called had arrived. And Shisui put the suspect into the back seat of their vehicle. After Sakura calmed down, we took her statement made sure the other team knew not to mention Sakura's name when his arrest went public. And then they took him to the station.

While I had been trying to calm Sakura down, Shisui had called Karin, told her what happened. And also told her we would be bringing Sakura home. Sakura though was still shaking when we got her to her apartment. Karin threw the door open, ran out, and embraced her cousin tightly. "Oh Kami! Are you alright Sakura? Are you hurt? Quick, inside you have to be cold." we followed the girls into the living room, then Shisui helped Karin in the kitchen to make soup for Sakura. As he explained to her that Sakura was fine, she wasn't injured, she thought faster than the perpetrator, and nothing happened to her, she was only shocked and scared. I grabbed a blanket off the back of the sofa closest me, and walked over to the one Sakura was sitting on. I wrapped the blanket around her, as she handed me my coat. "Thank you Itachi." she whispered. I sat down beside her. "Have you ever considered getting a car?" I asked to get her mind off of the subject. She smiled tiredly. "I own four, three of them are with Nii-sama, and the fourth one I loaned to Hinata so she could see Naruto during Winter break, her family isn't back yet. I mostly prefer to walk anyway, it isn't very far..." I poked her forehead. "Perhaps you should consider driving when you work late, or calling for someone to pick you up." I said, moving a little closer to her subtly. She surprised me though by moving right next to me. "Perhaps Itachi... I'll probably be doing so more often." she spoke tiredly, and laid her head on my shoulder, a few moments later she was asleep.

Once I was sure she wouldn't awake, I laid her on the sofa, informed Karin she was asleep, asked which room was hers, then sent Karin to prepare the bed so I could lay Sakura in it. Once finished, I asked Karin for paper, and a pencil before she and Shisui went down to the cruiser to get Sakura's work bag,which we had left in the back.

After writing the note for Sakura, I placed it on her alarm clock, and left the room to make some phone calls, borrowing Sakura's cell phone for the number's of course. I needed to right down the names, and Numbers of her school supervisors, as well as the contact numbers for her work supervisors. They would all need to be informed that she wasn't coming in tomorrow. And I planned to do so myself first thing in the morning. Though her work supervisors could still be informed tonight.

The note I left Sakura would tell her all of this was done. Once finished writing down the phone numbers, I went back into her room to read over the note in case I forgot anything.


You were through a lot last night, and its perfectly normal to be stressed and exhausted from such an occurrence. Please do not be upset, but I have taken the liberty of contacting your school administrators, and your work supervisors to allow you today and tomorrow off. If you feel up to it tomorrow, you may return to school, but I advise you to keep the second day off of work. If you need anything please call me, I am working night patrol tonight, and tomorrow, and you can reach me on my mobile phone before 5:30pm, after that, if you need anything, I do not care if it is only to drive you home. Please call my work mobile.


After re-reading it again, I quickly added an extra line, then replaced the note on the night stand, Informed Karin of everything, then Shisui and I departed.

~The next morning~


Sakura's P.O.V.

When I woke up, my first thought was that I was beyond late for school. It wasn't until after I showered and got dressed that I saw a note on my night stand. It was from Itachi, and read as follows.


You were through a lot last night, and its perfectly normal to be stressed and exhausted from such an occurrence. Please do not be upset, but I have taken the liberty of contacting your school administrators, and your work supervisors to allow you today and tomorrow off. If you feel up to it tomorrow, you may return to school, but I advise you to keep the second day off of work. If you need anything please call me, I am working night patrol tonight, and tomorrow, and you can reach me on my mobile phone before 5:30p, after that, if you need anything, I do not care if it is only to drive you home. Please call my work mobile.

I will stop by shortly after 9:00am to check if you are alright. I will see you then...


I looked to the clock, and it was 9:05a...

PERFECT!JUST BEAUTIFUL! 'well on the bright side, at least you look, and smell nice. That's a good thing, isn't it?' 'Inner,, down girl. Shut up!'

I rushed around the apartment to make sure it wasn't a mess only to find it spotless. I then rushed to the kitchen to hurry and start getting something prepared in case he hadn't eaten yet, but when I reached the kitchen, I found two wrapped plates sitting on the stove as well as a note from Kari sitting on the counter.


knowing you, you probably found Itachi's note after getting ready for school, and now you have freaked out about the place being a mess or not having any food. As you have figured out I took the liberty of cleaning, as well as getting breakfast for the both of you ready. Today, take it easy, don't do anything unnecessary, and above all. BE NICE!

Love you,


'Sure Karin. Leave it to you to doubt my hospitality towards the man that practically saved my life!'

'Well, said man is still an extremely sexy Uchiha demon.'

'Shut up! You aren't helping!"

'Has a bad habit of invading personal space...'


'Steals coffee, cell phones, is a total sneaky bastard...'

'That Bitch doesn't deserve nice!'

'That's the spirit! I almost let you fall for him sooner than I said you would.'


Fortunately for inner, there was a knock on the front door at that exact moment.

I walked to the door, and let Itachi in. neither of us said anything. Which is all fine and dandy for him, but it was VERY awkward for me...

"How are you feeling this morning?" he asked randomly.

"Oh...uh..just a little tired. Are you hungry? Karin made us breakfast before she went to school."

"That sounds nice, thank you." and again we were back to an awkward silence. That is...until we got to the kitchen and he once again managed to get my cell out of my back pocket without my feeling a thing.

'Girl I told you. Some mad skillz!' 'shut, and UP!'

"Itachi... give. it. Back. NOW!"

"I don't believe you said please, Sakura." 'I hate mornings!'

~later that afternoon~

So Itachi had ended up staying until he had to clock into work. Which made me feel both guilty for taking up all his time, and also awkward that he would blow off anything, and everything he had to do today just to keep me company. 'Somebody be fallen HAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRD!' Inner sang, I chose to ignore her. She has less fun when I do that.

Anyway, Itachi had gone to work, and insisted if I needed anything, even if it was something stupid, I was to call him at work and he would come take care of me. And also because he was so insistent, I made up my mind not to call him no matter what. ~insert evil smirk here~

I decided as well that I wasn't going to be here in the morning when Itachi came to check on me. He said I could go to school, and that is exactly what I intended to do. Hinata was bringing my car to me at school, and I intended to use the gift cards Aniki gifted me to do some home décor, and upgrade my wardrobe. Tomorrow was going to be an Uchiha free day. "And just to ensure it is, I am not going to tell Kari either!" I pumped my fist in the air. "Tell me what Saku?" 'SHIT! That was out loud. Oh well...'

"I'm not telling you where I'm going tomorrow. Kapeesh?" I said sternly.

"Um...okay..? Saku, have you been drinking that weird tea Rock Lee keeps sending here?"

"WTF? NO! Where the hell did that come from?!"

"You're acting weird... could it be that you like Itachi?"

"DAFUQ! Kari, have You been drinking that weird shit Lee-san sends over here?!" I asked worried, as I felt her forehead to check for a temperature.

"No, I haven't. But a girl can only hope..." she replied, swatting my hand away.

"Hope what? That your horrible Matchmaking skillz were improving! Baby girl, that's not likely." I told her as I pat her head.

"My matchmaking skillz are fuck-tastic!" she yelled, standing up, and stomping one foot childishly.

"Karin... you tried to hook up Neji, with HINATA!"


"CUZ THEY'RE SO FREAKING IDENTICAL THEY COULD'VE BEEN TAKEN FOR SIBLINGS!" I screeched back, totally and thoroughly enjoying my time being immature.

"Whatever!" She retorted and stomped towards the kitchen to make dinner.

I was walking towards our kitchen, cuz I could smell dinner from the balcony. But when I saw Kari whispering into the land line, I silently(with the badass-ness skillz of a NINJA!) snuck back into the main hallway, and picked up one of the other phones.

"She said she wouldn't tell you where she's going? Why?" I heard the all too familiar voice of Itachi.

"I suspect its because she knows I would tell you..."

"Why? It isn't any of my business." Itachi interrupted her.

"Regardless, she plans on leaving for school early tomorrow I checked her alarm. And she is getting her car back from Hinata tomorrow, she plans on doing whatever it is she's doing, directly after school so she wont see you at our place.Karin explained, 'Jeez! Am I that easy to read?!' I thought.

"Karin, your cousin has a life, and so do I. If she want's to take a break, and relax without telling anyone. She has a right to. And if she wants to avoid me, for reasons I'm sure she alone knows. Then she has a right to do that as well. Don't bother me with this anymore please. Itachi told her, sounding as annoyed with her matchmaking as I was.

"But you two have to go out! And fall in love! And have adorable Haruno/Uchiha babies! And then you can name one after me, cuz I worked so hard to get the two of you tog-"

"Karin, go have dinner with your cousin, and stop calling me at the office."

"HMPH!" I heard from Karin's end, and then she hung up. I noticed though, that Itachi hadn't hung up, and waited for him to do so, so as not to be found out. "I'll talk to you later Sakura. Be careful. And call me if you need anything." 'Busted bitch!' Inner ranted, I however, was so shocked I stood motionlessly for a minute, until it hit me that he was still on the line. "EEP!" I squealed in terror and slammed the phone down.

Karin came running out of the kitchen when she heard the racket. "Saku are you all ri-...iggggghhht..." She trailed off when she saw my hand still on the phone, and a glare adorning my features. " exactly how much of th-that... d-d-id you hear... Saku- ~gulp~ -ra...?" Karin was trembling in fear. I calmly removed my hand from the phone and began to walk into the kitchen, not even glancing at my 'dear' cousin as I passed her shaking form. "s-s-s-s-ssssssaakuraaaa..." she stuttered as she followed me into the kitchen.

We sat and had our dinner in silence, once finished we cleaned up after ourselves, and I walked towards my room. "Oh Karin dear." I called to her, half out of the kitchen. "Y-y-y-yes?" she said, shaking again. "Unless its absolutely necessary, please don't bother me the rest of tonight. Tsunade is testing me on how to surgically remove decayed organ tissue with household utensils, and I need to concentrate." I smiled at her angelically, and walked to my room. Before entering my domain I paused, long enough to hear my cousin whimpering from down the hall.

'You know this will only hold her at bay for like...tonight, right?' Inner asked. 'Yes, I know. But it was so worth it!'

' ~wipes tear away~ I'm so proud! I have created the most sadistic monster of a woman the world has ever feared!'

'Inner, don't over do it. I'm not completely in a good mood yet.'

'Hai! Mistress-sama!'

To Be Continued...