My left arm was exposed to all, glowing under the bright un-covered moon. I hurriedly grabbed for my sweater when I made eye contact with him. He stared down at me as if he couldn't believe it. As if he wouldn't believe it. I turned my head and looked towards the door. Right then I made a run for it, pushing aside anybody who was in my way. He was quick on my trail. I took a sharp turn down the pebble staircase almost losing my balance. He shouted after me with a voice I couldn't tell was angry or worried. It sounded like both to me, but I wouldn't give in. Just as I thought I had escaped him I slid on the damp stone floor and hit the ground and felt him trip over my leg.

I rolled over onto my back as he sat up. Both of us were panting clouds of breath into the air and let ourselves take a break before anything was said. Finally I felt my left arm being gripped and pulled forward. I sat up and watched him as he shook his head in disbelief. "Harry, I swear I had no choice!" I cried out. He still shook his head. "I didn't have any say in it, you have to believe me!"

He looked up and glared into my eyes. He seemed to be in pain, it made him look more intimidating as he sat there. "Everyone has a choice. Join him or accept the protection of Dumbledore. You always have a choice." His grip on my arm tightened. How was I suppose to tell him? How could I convince him that I really had no choice?

Was I about to tell him my secret?

Before I let you wander into my life story, I must take you back to the beginning.

The dark-lord was not the kind to love. Love wasn't in his vocabulary, nor was care. No, instead it was evil and backup that was on his mind. I was not born because he dreamed of a family. I was born because he needed a backup plan and a way to carry out the Riddle name. Though everyone believed he was so sure of himself on becoming an immortal master being, I knew better. He had just the slightest bit of worry and therefore his fear resulted in me.

It seems disgusting that a man like Lord Voldemort would ever conceive. Don't forget, though, he used to be human.

Rose White was the first, well...only, Death-Eater to volunteer. She felt it'd help her escape. Being a pure-blood was considered a curse to her, because you'd qualify all too much for the D.E. position. Therefore, she took the only way out by having me.

I was born October 13th, 1980. Of course, I was born to a Death Eater at a Death Eater camp where my doctors were Death Eaters. Obviously my future was pre-planned for me.

After I was born Rose decided to name me after my grandfather Marvolo. It felt more feminine to call me Marvota. After that she decided my middle name would be Guthemos like the star that represented control and self love. Marvota Guthemos Riddle. Not bad.

Now, Voldemort wasn't intending on coddling over a baby every day. After Rose died minutes after my birth, I was watched by various Death Eaters everyday. Voldemort didn't want anything to do with me until I was old enough to fulfill tasks. He had me brought up by the Death Eaters so I'd develop the 'proper' personality. A year later on October 31st, Voldemort disappeared and I was finally given to the Malfoys to be brought up until I was 17.

Marvota Malfoy, what another new name to go by. It wasn't any better than Riddle, it still had evil in it-but, it'd have to do. I was without real parents so I addressed Lucius and Narcissa as mum and dad; and their son, Draco, was my new brother.

My first year at Hogwarts was like any other. I learned all sorts of things and made plenty of new friends. I was sorted into Slytherin, of course. Can you imagine the heir of Slytherin being in Ravenclaw? (Which of course is where the sorting hat thought I'd do best in)

Draco was always off with his two best friends Crabbe and Goyle. I on the other hand hung around with a Gryffindor student, Leo. He was a year ahead of me and mentioned thousands of times, "It's so strange that a Slytherin would want anything to do with a Gryffindor. Especially a Half-blood Gryffindor."

Harry Potter was all the talk through the year. He was a really nice guy. I couldn't see what Draco hated about him. Then again, you don't want to blow Draco off for anything-it buys you lifelong bullying.

The high point of my year was when it was announced that Harry Potter defeated Voldemort once again. Once again?

I had to ask about it, I felt like an idiot right after. So, Harry was the Boy-Who-Lived who destroyed my father years ago. I think I'll be good friends with this guy...

My second year was really when I made a lot of self discovery. The Chamber of Secrets had supposedly been open by the heir. Now, why on earth would I open the Chamber and let out whatever-the-hell out to kill muggle borns? Then again, it was the 'heir' not the 'heiress'.

I had to see for myself what was going on.

During a duel in DADA, a big commotion was brought up when Harry told a snake to leave a Hufflepuff boy alone. Everyone freaked out and started shunning him. I didn't see the problem. Did they want the Hufflepuff kid to die?

So, then I had to chase Harry down the hall to stop him. "Harry, what is everyone freaking out about?" I asked him. His two friends stopped to explain that Harry was speaking 'Parseltongue' . The language of snakes. I said this was crazy, because I heard him speaking clear English! That was then that both Harry and I discovered we were Parselmouths.

All three of them began interrogating me about being the heiress of Slytherin. I told them it wasn't true, because really-I had no idea I was. I was a Malfoy and nothing else, as I thought. Harry finally believed me when he somehow got answers out of Draco.

I wasn't satisfied, though. I headed for Dumbledore's office and asked him if he knew who the heir was and why I could speak parseltongue. He didn't give me any information, it seemed he was still trying to figure all of that out himself.

By the end of the year, it had been found out that Tom Riddle was the heir after all. The fact that he still might be out there somewhere (Voldemort) gave Lucius the idea that I was ready to know. He was very forward with it unlike Narcissa who wanted me to be her baby girl forever.

From then on, I had to live with the fact that my birth father was the one and only Lord Voldemort.

Third year was boring. Nothing happened. I learned...stuff.


Fourth year was when everything started to go crazy for me.

It was then when I had to decided who I was...

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