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Chapter 7


1 week later…

Sora moaned softly as Roxas trailed light kisses down his neck, moving down to his bare chest. The blond continued downwards until he reached the waistband of Sora's boxers. Smiling he moved back up and planted a kiss on the brunette's lips. Sora gladly returned the kiss until Roxas pulled back, tugging at Sora's underwear.

"They're in the way." he whispered, sliding them off with Sora's help. Sora's member was already hard, and Roxas couldn't help but smile.

"Impatient, are we?" he said, grinning. Sora scowled.

"Just shut up and get started." he replied, his voice already shaking. Roxas smiled.

"As you wish." he said. The blond moved down and took Sora's throbbing member into his mouth. Sora moaned loudly, bucking his hips to get more into the blond's mouth. Roxas almost grinned again, holding Sora's hips down and slowly moving up and down. Sora moaned even more, trying desperately to move but unable to. He had no idea how strong Roxas could be.

Gradually, Roxas sped up. Finally Sora couldn't take it, and, crying out, he came in Roxas' mouth. Roxas swallowed every drop, enjoying the salty taste. When he had finally milked Sora dry, he sat up, smiling down at his beautiful boyfriend.

No, boyfriend wasn't right. That was too childish a word. His lover.

"God, you're gorgeous." he said, panting. Sora smiled, too breathless to speak.

"You ready?" he asked. Sora nodded, and Roxas smiled, kissing him again. Then he took three fingers and put them on Sora's lips.

"Suck." he said. Sora hesitated a minute, then took the fingers in his mouth and sucked them until they were all wet. Then Roxas pulled them out and spread Sora's legs.

"Just relax." he said. Sora nodded, but when Roxas slid the first finger in he still tensed up. Roxas kissed him again.

"Relax. It'll feel better." he said. Sora nodded again, and let his body relax. Roxas inserted a second finger, and once again Sora tensed at the unfamiliar feeling, but this time he managed to relax more quickly. Roxas made a scissoring motion a few times, then slid the last finger in. This time Sora didn't tense up, and Roxas spread his entrance apart. Then he pulled the fingers out and positioned himself in front of Sora's entrance.

"This might hurt a bit. Just try to relax and it'll feel better." he said. Sora nodded, preparing himself. Roxas slid his hard member into Sora, who let out a small cry. Roxas stopped and waited for Sora to adjust. Finally Sora gave a nod, and Roxas continued, slowly moving in until he was completely buried in Sora's entrance. Sora moaned softly, and Roxas bent forward, kissing his gorgeous lover, who gladly returned the kiss. Roxas pulled back, panting from the heat around his member.

"Ready?" he asked again. Sora nodded, and Roxas slowly slid out again until just the tip was left inside. Then he pushed back in slowly, making Sora moan loudly. Roxas continued the slow process, gradually speeding up until Sora was moaning with each thrust. Roxas took Sora's hard member in his hand and stroked in time with his thrusts until they were both crying out in pleasure.

Finally they both let out one loud cry as they both came together. Panting, Roxas pulled out of Sora and fell down beside him. The two looked at each other, smiling. Then Roxas kissed Sora one more time before they fell asleep.



Sora's eyes opened slowly, and he saw Roxas pulling his pants on.

"Where are you going?" he asked. Roxas looked over, smiling.

"Hungry. You want to come to the kitchen with me?" he asked. Sora nodded.

"Shouldn't I get dressed?" he asked. Roxas shook his head, lifting Sora, who was wrapped up in a blanket, into his arms and carried him downstairs bridal-style.

"There's nobody home. We've got time." he said, kissing Sora's forehead.

In the kitchen, Roxas set Sora gently down on a chair.

"Sore?" Roxas asked. Sora nodded.

"A bit." he replied. Roxas smiled.

"It'll get better." he said. Sora nodded again, and Roxas opened the fridge.

"Whatcha want?" he asked. Sora thought for a minute.

"Pancakes?" he asked. Roxas laughed.

"Really? Alright." he said.


Sora and Roxas were enjoying chocolate chip pancakes when Xion and Namine came home. The two walked into the kitchen and looked from Sora, who still had only the blanket, which was now just around his waist, to Roxas, who had no shirt on, then back to Sora, who was blushing fiercely.

"Um…Sora…why are you naked?" Namine asked. Xion sighed.

"You didn't do it in the kitchen, did you?" she demanded. Roxas laughed.

"Ew! We're eating pancakes, you really think we did it here?" he cried. Sora laughed, still a little red.

"I don't see how it's any of your business." he said. Both girls shrugged.

"Whatever. You guys are gonna want to get dressed. Axel and Larxene were…" before Xion could finish the kitchen door burst open.

"…behind us." Xion finished. Axel and Larxene just stared at the half naked Roxas and the completely naked Sora. Sora made a small squeak and pulled the blanket around his body, covering his head. Roxas stayed completely silent.

"Really? In the kitchen?" Axel asked. Roxas shook his head. Larxene burst out laughing.

"!" she squealed. Roxas turned bright red.

"NO WE DIDN'T!" he cried. Sighing, he stood up, lifted Sora into his arms, and walked away.

"If you'll excuse us, my lover and I have some important business to attend to." he said, so seriously that everyone burst out laughing. Roxas carried Sora upstairs and went back into Sora's room.

"Well that was interesting." he said. Sora didn't reply, so Roxas set him down on the bed and moved the blanket from his face. He was already asleep.

"God you're beautiful." he whispered. Sighing, he fell onto the bed next to Sora, and before long he fell asleep too, holding Sora in his arms.


1 week later…

The doorbell alerted everyone that Roxas and Xion's parents had finally arrived. Axel went to the door and let them in, leading them into the living room, where everyone was saying goodbye. Roxas' parents pulled Axel aside, and Roxas noticed them whispering. Axel looked kind of upset, and yet kind of excited. They walked into the room, and Roxas could tell they were about to say something important.

"Guys, they need to talk to Roxas and Xion alone. Could you all wait in the kitchen?" Axel said. Everyone got up and left, but Axel didn't.

"Kids, I'm afraid we've got bad news." their mother said. Roxas looked at Xion.

"The business deal went through, but we have to move to Hollow Bastion for a year." their father said. Roxas' eyes widened.

"No way! I don't want to move there!" he cried. Xion nodded in agreement. Axel cleared his throat.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you two about." he said to their parents. "I think they should stay here and live with me. If you're only going to be there for a year, it wouldn't make sense for them to have to go, then come back before they can get settled." he said. Roxas and Xion's parents looked at each other, then at Roxas and Xion.

"What would you two like to do?" they asked. Roxas looked at Xion, who nodded.

"We're staying!" they said at the exact same time. Their parents smiled.

"Alright then. We'll take you home to get some more of your things, and you can stay here. On one condition." they looked at Axel.

"You have to start them at Twilight High. They have to finish school." their mother said. Axel laughed.

"Of course. I'm not totally irresponsible. I can take care of two more people." he said. Their parents smiled.

"Great. It's settled then. Let's go, we'll get you some more things and then we'll bring you home." they said. Roxas smiled and looked at Xion, who smiled too.

They were home.


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