Chapter 1: The broken sword

It was a peacefully morning in Tomobikin when a loud scream destroy this peace. This scream was made by our favorite lecherous guy in Tomobikin. Ataru Moroboshi who just scream because he was electrify by the oni Lum.

"Darling why are you scream?" Lum asked to the love of her live."Because you just shock me Lum" said ataru angrily awake."I am sorry Darling but imy hand went out of my futon and I think I grab your cheek "then whit a little voice she say "are mad at me". Ataru trying to low his temper just say- forget it, besides we have to get ready for said with a neutral voice.

You are guessing ¿how lum´s hand touch ataru´s cheek why he was sleep? Well the answers simple Lum don't sleep in the closet of ataru she sleep next to him in her own futon just like ataru´s parents do.

When they were ready of preparing for school they have a quick breakfast and then go to school then in the school ataru behave like he always do but a he has been a little more grown up in the past days he no more chase any strange cute girl he only behave like the moron he is with the girls he now but is more polite now just a little. When he saw shinobu he run for a hug.

"shunobu-chan" ataru said loudly. "get off me ataru" said shinobu in an angry voice". After she get him of Lum shocks him saying.

"Darling No Baka"

And then he gets the shock. After the entrance the get the English class before lunch time in the class room everybody was listing to the teacher while ataru put his book in from of him and just sleep. It was not until in the middle on the class he was snoring. Onsen-Mark sensei just hear this and stop the class then yelled "MOROBOSHI" enough to wake ataru of his dream. "what I am awake, I am awake" ataru say looking everywhere sacred for a bit, then he see Onsen-Mark that tells him "moroboshi you are getting extra homework for disturb mi class" then he just get back from the part of the class he was going. Then when the bell ring everyone get out of the room and go for lunch Lum grab her darling arm and say "Darling let's eat together" by pull his arm to the direction she was going to "ok" ataru say.

When they were eating Lum could notice that ataru was getting asleep. After he eats he lay down in the grass and try to get some rest but in the middle of his harem dream he was awake by the bell of the school. "Come on Darling we have to get back to classes" after Lum say this they pick off there stuff and get back to classes. Before the teacher get in to class mendo was in front t of ataru´´s chair he was sleeping but he was talking between dreams.

Ataru´s dream was that he was in some Arabian chamber he was the king and mendo was a rich guy but was his servant he told to mendo in his dream "come here mendo and get food to your king" "yes your highness" that was what mendo say in the dream. Minutes later mendo was back with a bowl of soup but this get ataru mad "Mendo you stupid octopus my kingdom has the most delicious food in the earth and you bring me a plain soup you can´t do nothing well , this is it you are FIRED guards arrest him and tomorrow cut his head" then the mendo of the dream was yelling " No please forgive me sir I can still serve you well please don't kill me" he begged but it was in vain and he was put out of the chamber.

The next thing that ataru heard was lum´s voice tell him to wake up and then all came dark.

Ataru was awake as Lum was shaking him and tell him "Darling wake up in a worried voice. Then he saw Lum and tell her "Lum" still he was mild awake "what´s the matter" and the he saw a furious mendo with his katana ready for the combat and he angry say "MOROBOSHI how dare you to insult my name and my family, I will tear you apart" and the he began to run in his direction and say "prepare yourself" ataru quickly stand up and catch the katana between his hands and say "mendo this is the last time you are going to slice me with this katana" after this he use his force to move the katana to his left knee and the a crack was heard and everyone saw that the blade was broken.

No one could believed ataru has just break the sword of mendo after the shock mendo look him angry and gave him a warning "Moroboshi I can´t forgive you for this so I am going to say that be carefully because tomorrow you are going to pay me every time you insult me or make me look like an idiot tomorrow I will have my REVENGE" he yelled the last word and then Lum get between than looking with anger at mendo and she say "I am not going to let you hurt Darling" but mendo just say "and this time no even Lum is going to say you" and then he just go to his seat. The rest of the dat in the school happened normally except for the people telling the warming that mendo gave to ataru and making secret bets to see if mendo will finally tear up ataru meanwhile getting to the moroboshi house Lum tell ataru "Darling I think you don't have to go to school tomorrow mendo was really bad for what you did" but he just don't care and say " Lum he is not going to scare me no matter what he bring or do I will just going to past over it you don't have to worry I will be ok" "But I am scare Darling" "hey I am going to be ok and now change that face and give me a smile" when they past the constructions style they didn't notice cherry who say in a whisper " I shall pray for ataru something really bad is going to happened to him".