Chapter 6: Multiple targets

It has been three days since the death of cherry and everyone felt it. Lum is sitting in the floor in Ataru´s bedroom looking at the window watching the sunset while she is caring in her arms her darling´s soul and thinking in what Akarui told her in Tsubame house.

Back flash

Lum, Akarui, Shinobu, Tsubame and Sakura, were talking in the living room, Sakura was crying for the dead of her uncle and Tsubame was trying to make she feel better.

"Akarui why the body of cherry was so unheavy it was just like it were empty" asked Shinobu.

"It looks like my fear came true" responded Akarui.

"What fear Akarui?" asked Lum.

"It looks like the sword of my brother absorbs the soul of his opponent in order to bring him more power" responded Akarui.

"What you say that monster is using my uncle´s soul to earn power" said Sakura surprised and angry.

"I am afraid" answer Akarui.

"Hey Akarui there is something that I don´t understand" said Shinobu.

"What is it Shinobu?" asked Akarui.

"Well you told us the ones that you have to protect right and you told us the ones your brother has to kill to gain power but what happened to the ones that are not in those lists like Ten or Tsubame?" asked Shinobu.

"Yea what will happen to Ten-Chan?" asked Lum very worried about her cousin.

"To tell you the truth for those that are not protected by me or hunted by my brother, there is free will to us to what to do with them" respond Akarui.

"What I don´t get it" said Shinobu.

"To say it simple those people like Ten, Tsubame or Tobimaro , my brother and I have the free will to kill them or not but my brother will kill them if they represent a threat to his objective "respond Akarui.

Back to present

Since that Lum convinced Ten to leave the earth and return to oniboshi in her house so he could be safe and spend some time with her parents until the situation is solved.

Meanwhile in the streets of Tomobiki

There is a Japanese boy that is running to his house because he is late for dinner.

"Damn it I am late I have to hurry or else I will not have dinner" said Megane.

Indeed this boy is Megane but instead to use the normal way to his house he goes in an alley but he didn´t know that this decision could be the last one of his life.

Kurai was in the edge of a building and saw Megane, he knows that this was his chance and not even his brother was going to be an obstacle now.

"It looks like my prey has fallen in my trap" said Kurai in a whisper.

After this Megane was in his way home until he hears something.

"I am done pretending, you have failed to find what's left, I will suck you dry again, same are not worth saving, you are such a pretty mess, I will choke the life within" said Kurai in a deep dead voice that it was similar to Ataru´s voice.

"What is that, who goes there, Ataru is that you?" asked horrified Megane while he starts running.

"Now you want to take me down, as if I even care, I am the monster in your head, and I thought you'd learn by now, it seems you haven't yet, I am the venom in your skin, and now your life is broken" said Kurai in the same voice.

After this Kurai was far away for Megane, Megane was heading to where Kurai is but he didn´t know, then Kurai dropped a chain made of kunai at the height of Megame neck.

"The one that is doing that please stop it, it is not funny" said Megane really scared while he was running for his life and crying.

After Megane said this he was still running but he was looking to his back but he doesn´t realized about the chain made of kunai until it was late and three kunai stock in Megane neck.

"After the lights go out on you, after your worthless life is through, I will remember how you scream" said Kurai in the same voice he was using.

After he said this Kurai jumped from the edge of a building, the chain was in a tube like a pulley and while Kurai was going down Megane was going up with the kunais in his neck.

"I can't afford to care, I can't afford to CARE" said Kurai making emphasis in the last word.

After this Megane die instantly the he dropped the chain the body of Megame hit hard the floor and the Kurai stuck his sword in Megane heart to absorb his soul.

"Brother I expect you to prepare yourself because I am becoming stronger everyday" said Kurai.

Then he moved to the house of his next prey.

But not everything was red that night. In the Moroboshi house it was dinner time and everyone was there except of ten who was with his mother.

"It looks good, thanks for the food Mrs. Moroboshi" said Akarui referring to her food.

"Thank you mister Akarui" said Mrs. Moroboshi with a little of blushing.

"Please call me Akarui, mister makes me feel old" answered Akarui.

Then Akarui turn to see the other two who were in the table, Mr. Moroboshi as always has his face covered with the newspaper and Lum was eating something that have the form of starts, Akarui know that Lum cook it as the memories of Ataru told him but he was curious for the tasting of those stars.

"Hey Lum what are those" said Akarui pointing the stars.

"This is a traditional meal of oniboshi "Galaxy Stars" they are really good but daring never want to taste them" said Lum a sadly.

"Well can I have one please?" asked Akarui.

"Sure tcha" said Lum.

Akarui eat it and then he feel that his mouth was literally on fire he swallow it and then run to the kitchen and started to drink gallons of water.

"WOW that was the spiciest thing I ever taste in my life" said Akarui after he drank water.

"You don´t like it do you?" said Lum with a sad look and voice.

"No no it is delicious but if you could just add only a little of spicy or nothing of spicy Ataru will eat it no matter what" said Akarui.

"Yes but how I am going to make him taste it if he doesn't trust me in cooking" asked Lum.

"Just make the others like Shinobu or Shutaro to taste hem and were he see that there is nothing wrong he will taste it and he will love it" answered Akarui.

"Do you really think so?" asked Lum with a sight of hope.

"Of course a good path to a man heart is through his heart and don't try to force Ataru to be with you make him think that with you he will have a good time don't be so captivity be more kind" answer Akarui.

"You betcha" said Lum.

And after that they have a peacefully rest of the night but the morning will be different for them.

In the morning of the next day the members of the Moroboshi house were having breakfast until the news on the TV said.

"There is a red morning on Tomobiki, today was the discovered of four young boys were discover dead today" said the news man.

"Akarui could they be" ask Lum worried.

"I don't know lets listen" said Akarui.

"For the report of the coroner every boy has two things in common, one deadly injury that is different in every single of them and a postmortem stab in the heart which means that this was done by one person but the time of dead is of 5 minutes of difference and the location of the deaths have a average time of distance of 25 minutes which could mean that their deaths were planned by a band, the names of this boys are: Satochi also known as "Megane", Kosuke also known as "Perm", Akira also known as "Chibi" and Hiroyuki also known as "Kakugari" more information of this and more at noon, back to the studio" said the news man.

"Oh my who could be so evil to kill those guys?" asked the co presentation in the studio.

"I don't know but it looks like gang business" answer the presentation.

"Damn it Kurai" say Akarui.

"Oh no then that means" say Lum worried.

"Yes that the only remaining are: Shutaro and Rei, I think Shutaro already know about the news let's talk to Ran so she can tell Rei to not come to earth so he can´t be find by my brother if the plans is successful then I will face my brother but without his full power, go and call her ok" said Akarui.

"You betcha" said Lum.

After the phone call Lum and Ran agree to reunite at her house.

"Ran-chan is scared I don't want that Rei be hurt" said Ran with her suit voice.

"Don´t worry if he receives the news then there is nothing to worry about" said Akarui.

"But that is why I am sacred I don´t know where he is and I can´t contact him" said Ran.

"But there has to be a way to contact him" said Akarui.

"I know a way, I can call my daddy and ask him if he is service" said Lum.

"Good idea" said Ran.

"That won´t be necessary said Akarui.

"Why not" said Ran and Lum.

"He is already here" said Akarui.

Then it was silent until form the north someone was approaching in a hurry yelling


Then it was clear the voice was it was Rei who was approaching to the starship when he came to the entrance he transforms into his original oni form.

"Lum" said Rei.

"Rei what are you doing here? Ask Lum.

"Food" answers Rei.

Akarui, Ran and Lum fall back at the anime style.

"Rei please go right now of earth it is too dangerous for you to stay here please go" begged Ran in tears.

"It is useless" said a voice.

"He is here" mumble Akarui.

Then it was heard an evil laughing and form the shadows Kurai emerged.

"Kurai" Said Akarui.

"Oh hello brother it is nice to see you but I am not here for that" said Kurai and the he turn to face Rei.

"I won´t let you hurt Rei" said Ran at the time she fires a rocket of her bazooka.


Then it looked like the rocket hit Kurai but after the smoke fade away it was revealed that Kurai manage to cut the rocket with his sword.

Then Kurai face Rei and point him with his sword.

"Rei I challenge you to a fight to the dead do you accept or you are too coward to fight" said Kurai in a taunting voice.

"I accept" said Rei.

"NO we have to stop them" said Ran as she was aiming Kurai.

"No we can´t" said Akarui surprising Ran and Lum.

"Why not" said Ran angry.

"If we don't do something Rei will be death" said Lum.

"We can´t my brother challenge Rei fair and square and he accepted we can only wait and pray for Rei to win" said Akarui.

"Ready Rei here I come" said Kurai and with that the battle started.

It was a close battle at the beginning, Rei was in his cow tiger form and Kurai was battle him in hand-hand combat.

But the things get ugly, Rei don´t have too much power and he could not hold anymore the transformation, by that Kurai star to play a little with him.

"COME HERE" said Kurai as he throws his kunai that was attached to a chain.

As the kunai penetrate the mid section of Rei, he doesn't scream but Ran screamed"REI" as she him bleeding.

Then Kurai started to punch him in the face and hit him with his knee in the same place as he still have the kunai in his body and then Kurai started to throw him to the ship, trees, floor and everything in the environment.

"In can´t take this anymore" though Ran.

Then when Rei was in the floor and Kurai was ready for the final bow a voice caught his attention.

"I won´t let you hurt Rei" said Ran as she shoot three rockets to Kurai.

Kurai doge them easily as he approach Ran and said.

"Then you will die first" said Kurai.

"I won´t let you hurt my friend" said Lum as she send a huge electro shock to Kurai, that was a direct hit to him.

Then form the smoke Kurai emerged.

"Do you think that will work, I am not weak as the pathetic boy you call darling know prepare to die" said Kurai angry.

"Of course you are not my daring, he will never be so heartless, mean and selfish like you are" said Lum as she and Ran close their eyes waiting for the strike that never come.

When they opened their eyes they saw that Akarui stopped the sword of Kurai with his own sword.

As Rei saw this he took out the kunai transform into his cow tiger form and then activates his jetpack and heads to Kurai.

But when Kurai see the move of Rei it is too late Rei Grabs Kurai and send him to a nearby forest with him.

"It looks like Rei have changed the battlefield" said Akarui.

"I don´t care we have to follow them I will not aloud Rei being killed by that monster" said Ran.

Then the three went into the spaceship of Ran to the place where Rei and Kurai were at the moment.

In the forest after Rei let go Kurai there facing each other.

"I hope you enjoy the warming up because now I will get serious" said Kurai.

Then Kurai throw another of his chained kunais but this time it hit Rei´s left shoulder but he could not pull Rei because Rei was in his cow tiger form.

Then Rei use his right hand to pull of the chain so he could bring Kurai closer to eat him, that was his plan but that was exactly what Kurai want him to do.

"You have fallen in my trap" said Kurai.

In that time Kurai land in Rei´s nose, then he jump from the nose to the head and with his sword unleashed he cut off the two horns of Rei, Kurai end up behind Rei and Rei go back to his original form.

Then Kurai face Rei but Rei don't face him he is exhausted.

"Game over Rei" said Kurai.

As Kurai say he is moving in an incredible speed, Rei manage to face him but it was the last thing he would do.

As Rei face Kurai, Kurai´s sword cut his neck in one blow.

Then Kurai end up behind Rei again as for Rei body it just hit the floor and the head is separated of the body reviling his decapitation.

Then Kurai did the same thing he did with the other bodies with the body of Rei, he stab it in the heart and the he takes a little of the blood of his sword and cross out Rei´s name of his target list, it was done.

Akarui, Lum and Ran end up in the beginning of the forest they will go inside to find Rei but the falling of a corpse in front of them prevent their entrance.

"AHHHHHHHHH Reiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii NOOOOOOOO" cried Ran as she saw it was Rei's corpse.

"Rei" said Lum in a sad whisper.

"There is one left" though Akarui.

An evil laugh was heard as Kurai emerge to the sad scene.

"No even a challenge, he was so lame and pathetic" said Kurai.

As ran heard this she took out her bazooka.

"I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DONE TO REI, DIE YOU BASTARD" said Ran angry as she fired all her rockets to Kurai.

When the smoke fade away it looked like she killed Kurai but when Ran heard his voice she felt fearful and defenseless.

"That's all you can do" said Kurai in a whisper to Ran´s right ear.

Akarui, Lum and Ran were astonished by the speed of Kurai; Kurai was behind of Ran too close of her and his sword was in contact with her neck.

Ran was so close of cry again she thought that this was the end of her life but something happened.

Kurai separated of Ran to the top of the tree and said.

"Brother you better get ready because after I kill my last target you and the other girls will be next".

And with that he left the three so they could cry for their fallen friend.

Five days later.

Kurai was resting in the branch of a tree but something was going fast to his head, he dodges it and looks at the object it was a baseball ball.

He then look the direction when the ball came from there it was a boy of black hair with star eyes dressing a male kimono.

The boy says "Your path of assassination ends here, because I will stop you".

At this Kurai says "You have a lot of guts to come here and a lot more to tell me that you will defeat me" then Kurai makes a pause.

"Eh Tobimaro" said Kurai while they were facing each other.

What will happen know, will Tobimaro be strong enough to stop Kurai or he will just be another victim and will Shutaro live don´t miss the next chapter:

"Last hope Kurai vs. the richest boys in Tomobiki".

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