Disclaimer: The following work of fiction is loosely based on characters currently owned and operated by the producers and writers of NBC-TV's Days Of Our Lives. No implied affiliation. For gratuitous entertainment purposes only.

No Doubt
(My first fan fic)
by Fidomom

Chloe and Brady are arguing- again!

Brady grabs Chloe and kisses her fiercely to make a point.

Chloe is shocked but attempts to go back for seconds.

Brady holds her at arms length, preventing her kiss and demands,
"Tell me what you want, Chloe!"

Chloe looks a mixture of turned on and confused,
"You. I...I want you, Brady." She attempts to kiss him yet again.

Brady stops her a second time,
"Not so fast, Chloe...why? I want to hear you admit it!"

Utter confusion, hurt, and anger cloud Chloe's eyes.
"What are you talking about, Brady?! I don't understand!
Admit what?"

Brady gets a determined gleam in his eyes,
"Fine, play the ingenue, but tell me, how does this feel?"
as he nuzzles her neck.

Chloe's breath catches in her throat,
"Good. Oh, Brady, please don't stop!. Feels soooo good."

Brady pulls away,
"So what, Chloe. Why should I be doing anything
that makes you feel good?"

"Aaaargh! I don't understand you, Brady! Why
are you torturing me? Why are you rejecting me?!"

Brady gets a faintly panicked look in his eyes,
places his hands gently on Chloe's shoulders and asserts,

"I am in no way rejecting you, Chloe! I want you
so bad I can barely stand up..."

"Then why..."

"I want you to stop thinking, Chloe! Feel what's
between us dammit! Stop second guessing yourself!
There has to be no doubt in your soul!"

Chloe's eyes fill with tears,

"I'm sorry, Brady! I'm too frightened of losing
control over my thoughts and emotions! I can't do this!
Please, just let me go!"

Brady assaults her senses with another taste of passion,
as she feebly tries to pull away. He asks again,

"Why should I keep kissing you and touching you, Chloe?"

"Because I need you to!"

"Not reason enough!" Another kiss.
"Tell me why, Chloe?!"

"Aaargh! Dammit, Brady, because I need you, and I want you,
and I've waited my whole, damn, short life to feel this way
about someone! I deserve this, dammit! I deserve you, Brady!"

Brady raises his eyes ceilingward in relief,
"Yes! Finally!" and pulls Chloe into his embrace, no holds barred.

They begin to make love. Chloe mindless with pleasure, suddenly freezes up,
"Brady! Please! We have to stop! It feels too good! I'm afraid!"

With tender kisses rained on her face, Brady whispers assurances,
"Chloe, you deserve these pleasures and more. Just let go, I'll
be here to catch you on the other side. I'm right here Chloe,
you are safe in my arms, always."

Chloe loses control and doesn't die or get lost. :)

In the afterglow, palm to palm, Brady looks deeply into
Chloe's eyes and insists,
"Never second guess this; never second guess us, Chloe. No doubt- ever."

Chloe smiles contentedly into Brady's eyes,
"I promise, Brady. I know now, that this is where I belong...
with you, always. No doubt- ever."