Prolouge: Be Careful…

When you love someone, all you're saved up wishes start coming out.
-Elizabeth Bowen


We've all made them.

We've wished upon stars, coins, candles, 11:11. Wishbones, eyelashes, dandelions. We've made wishes over and over again.

There are movies and stories based on them. Disney profits off them.

Hell at one point or another we've all wanted at least one wish to come true. Prayed and hoped and dreamed that by some miracle ours would be the lucky one that came true.

We've all heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for…"

It's taunting and eerie. It reminds you to appreciate what you have before you change it.

So why is it no one really cares about it, until they get exactly what they want?

The first wish I remember making on my birthday candles, happened to be on my fourth birthday. My whole family had come for that birthday, except my lovely Grandma Marie. She had been sick a few days before and was submitted to the hospital. It was nothing serious, but they said she shouldn't travel for a few a days.

I closed my eyes tightly and wished she would visit me.

The next year on my fifth birthday I got a special present.

That year all I wanted was this dress we had seen in the store a few weeks back. I had begged my mother to get it for me, but she hadn't.

Being small and immature I prayed and hoped she would get it.

When it came time to blow my candles out I looked at the small stack of gifts, all wrapped in beautiful paper. I knew each held a special treasure, but I only wanted one.

I closed my eyes and wished for that dress.

Imagine my disappointment as I began to rip paper and bows and box covers and did not find that magical black dress with little glittering diamonds on it.

I found Barbie dolls and hair bows. I found t-shirts with flowers and bracelets.

The last box however eased my disappointment. My mother handed me the gift. I opened it and found a pretty purple book. The pages were emptied but stenciled with flowery designs.

I loved it.

It was my very own journal, to write all my dreams and wishes.

At least that's how my mother had explained it. I took it to heart.

I wrote only one line in that book. My birthday wish.

From then on I continued to keep track of all my birthday wishes.

But the trouble starts with my 15th birthday wish.

15. I wish Edward Cullen would kiss me.

That's not a bad wish. I mean who doesn't want the popular cute jock to kiss them. It's only natural. Right?

The only problem, Edward Cullen had a girlfriend.

Edward Cullen's girlfriend happened to be my best friend.

And so the story begins…

So This happens to by my very first Fanfic. The prologue is short, but there's more. It's coming soon. I promise.
While you wait, let me know how you like it.

Ps. Just wanted to say that this is orginally based off a book my friend was reading. I don't know the name because I didn't read it myself, but I really liked the idea. So this was my version of the story line.