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The genius Dr. Briefs looked down and scratched his chin. On the table before him were six mangled heaps of metal, formerly training bots he created for use in the
Gravity room a week ago. Vegeta had destroyed them over and over again, and so he made some modifications. Even then, that boy still managed to destroy his work. The doctor sighed, and looked to the cat perched on his shoulder. "Well it looks like we'll be working late again tonight doesn't it kitty?"


Bulma sighed as she flipped through a magazine, hardly paying any attention to its contents. "Ug, I can't believe everyone else is working hard trying to get ready for the androids, and here I am, doing nothing!" She threw the magazine behind her, and sprawled out on the couch. Tucking her arms behind her head she let out a heavy sigh.

"Bulma dear," Bunny Briefs bounced into the sitting room, "you look sad. Is it because all the men are outside training and ignoring you? Why don't you try some of these pastries?"

"No thanks mom, I am not really hungry." She threw herself off the couch, and walked to the door. "I'm going to go outside for a while." She exited, and walked off the porch to their perpetually green lawn.

"Hey Bulma!" Yamcha said jogging up to her. "I am just about finished training, want to go see a movie?" He panted as he reached her.

"You've only been training for an hour." She suddenly pinched her nose and had a sour face. "Oh boy Yamcha, you smell awful, haven't you heard of bathing?"

He laughed putting his hands behind his head. "Sorry, my training gets me really sweaty, and it being so hot outside doesn't help much." He laughed.

"Well why don't you go home and shower and we'll catch one later tonight. I've got a few things I wanted to get done anyway."

"Alright, I'll call you." He said as he turned away and started jogging home.

She smiled as she walked him walk away. It had been quite a few years since she met him in the desert while searching for the dragon balls. Goku had met him then as well, though he had only been just a kid. She laughed to herself at the thought of how much Yamcha had changed since then, and how much Goku had not.

What a beautiful day… This would be great for sun bathing! With that she turned around and went into her bed room.


Two hours later, she was laying on the chase lounge on her balcony. In her blue bikini she soaked up every last ray of sun, smiling. This is the life. She thought. Her mind drifted to the Saiyan who currently was living with them. It was weird to think that she had come to trust him so much, especially after threatening to kill her and Krillin back on Namek. Though talking with Gohan, she learned that he had referred to her a "gorgeous girl" and that had certainly made him okay in her books.

She rolled onto her back, and was greeted with a large pair of black eyes. "AHH!" She jumped up. Vegeta was hovering over her, one eyebrow raised. "I told you to quit sneaking up on me you jerk! You're going to give me a heart attack."

"What the hell is that hideous garment you are wearing? What could possibly be its purpose?" He folded his arms across his chest.

"It's not hideous in the least, and it's called a bathing suit."

"Why would you need to wear clothes when you bathe?"

She smiled, sometimes forgetting that he wasn't from this planet. "People wear it when they go swimming, it is mainly so you can be decent without wearing clothes." She eyed him, studying his reaction. He remained silent, but slightly cocked his head to one side. His muscles were gleaming in the sun; man was he ever a piece of work.

"Humans have the most absurd customs." He shook his head, remembering the real reason he came to find her. "Woman, I need nourishment immediately. Go and prepare food."

"You know it wouldn't kill you to ask nicely!" Realizing she was a bit hungry herself, she stood and wrapped a towel around herself.

"It just might." He said with a smirk.

Bulma shook her head, and turned to head back into her room. "I'll just change and meet you in the kitchen okay?"

"Fine, but do not take long." He flew into the air, disappearing from her sight.

She sighed, if he wasn't so rude, I just might start to like him… She removed her bathing suit, and put on a sleeveless dress that ended less that midway down her thighs. She left her room and headed down the hall to the kitchen. Vegeta was sitting at the table looking rather impatient.

"Woman it took you nine minutes to accomplish the task of changing your attire. That is entirely too long." He was drumming his fingers on the table, showing his annoyance.

She just glared at him. Pushing a few buttons on the refrigerator, lunch was easily prepared. She placed six large plates of food in front of him, and one for herself. They ate in silence, his manners were nice, but he ate with incredible speed. A few minutes later he hastily stood and began walking away. "You're welcome!" She said with a rather snarky tone.

"Hn." Vegeta just continued walking. Bulma was sick of his rudeness, so she launched a spoon at his head. Before she realized what was happening, he turned around and disintegrated the utensil with a small ki blast. Her blue eyes got wide as he turned to face her. "Next time, that will be you."

She gulped. "Oh yeah? I don't think you have the guts to kill me. If you did you would have already done it!" She smirked and crossed her arms. Not realizing that he was already behind her, his hands lay roughly on her shoulders.

"I would not be so careless with my life, if I were you." He gave her a squeeze, and she yelped slightly. Letting her go, he exited without saying another word.

What is with that woman? He found himself deep in thought as he made his way back to the gravity chamber. She wasn't afraid of him; it was almost like she trusted him. Which no doubt would be a first in history. Yet oddly he felt as though he couldn't cause her harm, even if he wanted to. This most definitely injured his pride, for he took pleasure in the fact that he had no attachments for anyone to use against him. No, he was a Saiyan prince, and would not be so easily beguiled by that woman's charm. He cared as much for her as any other pathetic human on this miserable mud ball of a planet.

At least, that is what he told himself.


The blue eyed heiress put a hand to her shoulder. It really didn't hurt, it just surprised her, as this was the first time he had touched her. It wasn't in the least bit intimate, he was probably trying to scare her, but sadly all she could think about was how strong his hands felt. Oh man, I am really going off the deep end. She couldn't believe she was thinking that way about him!

She left the table, and went to her room. I have to get ready for my date with Yamcha anyway. Discarding her clothes in the middle of the floor, she padded to her bath room.

I mean, her thinking of that alien of all things. Mind you, he was handsome, cut, and had a bad boy attitude about him that put Yamcha the desert bandit to shame. No. She was only doing her part to help fight the androids, to let him stay there and provide the things he needed. There was no way it was because she had any semblance of feelings for him, even if she did dream about him occasionally. No she didn't care about him that way.