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8. A Change of Scenery

She was running. As fast as her thin legs could carry her, she sprinted to him. He was calling for her.

"Mommy!" His voice echoed through the emptiness; he needed her help, but she couldn't get to him. Lavender hair was billowing with the wind that seemed to come from the nothingness around them. It grew louder and louder, drowning out his cries for help.

Her legs gave out, and he continued to drift further from her as the wind grew louder still. Tears streamed down her face as she watched him disappear into blackness…


Bulma sat straight up in bed, sweat pouring down her face as the morning light played at the edge of her bed. Looking over to her right, she noticed her source of warmth and comfort had once again fled the sheets.

No matter. She thought to herself as she swung her legs to the floor. She had been having the dream off and on since that strange young boy came to warm them about the androids. It bothered her a little, seeing as how she didn't have children, but she felt so attached to the child in her dreams, it was eerie to her. Shrugging off the thought, she walked over to the bathroom, noting the slight soreness between her legs.

"Oh that saiyan thinks he can just come into my room and do whatever he pleases-" Her foot came into contact with the door frame, and she hit the ground in pain. Through watery eyes she silently cursed the blasted door for jumping out in front of her.

Bulma lay there, once again thinking about Yamcha. He was a good guy to her, though he had a terrible reputation for being a player. Truthfully, it wasn't his fault entirely; the women did just kind of throw themselves at him. It infuriated her most of the time, seeing him blush and laugh at the strong advances of them. He was innocent enough, but it still bothered her.

She heard a soft thump somewhere in her room. Sitting up she looked around, wondering if she had inadvertently knocked something over. Seeing nothing, she shrugged it off and rolled onto her stomach pushing herself up to her hands and knees. Her toes still throbbed, and she stayed in that position for a moment, still cursing under her breath.

Eyes were scanning her, she could feel them staring at her naked ass sticking up the air. She stood and turned around to come nose to nose with that stubborn saiyan. Her face flushed as she felt his breath on her lips. She readied herself for when he would kiss her, but the moment never came. He just kept staring at her.

"Woman, those blasted bots have broken yet again. I need them repaired immediately." He never looked away from her eyes.

"Vegeta you can't just storm in here and demand stuff! I am not your servant as you should well know, and I am busy at the moment!" She stood her ground, not moving.

"I am the prince of all saiyans and you will do as I say. You have once again made the training bots inadequate, so they are therefore in need of repairs." He arched an eye brow at the redness that was forming under her eyes.

Bulma had realized she was still naked in the middle of his sentence. Before he was finished talked she was turned around frantically searching for a towel to cover herself. They may have had sex, but she certainly wasn't comfortable arguing naked.

"Vegeta it is a Saturday, why don't you just take the day off. I can show you around West City, and you know I can enjoy my day off." She was wrapping the towel around her body as she spoke to him.

"Hn. I suppose I can allow you to put off fixing the bots for one day." He turned away from her and began to walk over to her bed. Sitting down, he waited for her to finish her business.

She shrugged, and got in the shower, being sure not to keep the saiyan waiting for too long. Once she was done, she dried off quickly, running a brush through her hair and then putting on some comfortable clothing to roam the town in. When she emerged, he was still sitting there, in the same smug position that she left him in.

"Aren't you going to change? You can't go around the city in nothing but shorts!" She pulled him into his bedroom, and began to scour his closet for anything that would work.

Vegeta watched her as she moved; it was graceful and smooth. Her body was something he craved, their mating sessions he longed for almost as much as battle. When she finally handed him a shirt and some pants, he just dropped his shorts right there and began getting dressed.

"Gah Vegeta, give a girl some warning!" Bulma turned around, her face as red as a beet.

"Hn, it is nothing you haven't seen before." He smirked, noticing the bright red color her face had turned. He loved causing trouble between them. It was nearly as invigorating as battle. He admired her wits. Brilliance and strategy were traits he admired in people, though he rarely found one to match his own. Being a Prince he was very well learned, he studied many languages and cultures, quickly catching on to each. The earth culture though, it was a very tough one to learn. There were so many exceptions to the rule.

"Are you finished yet?" The woman had interrupted his thoughts, bringing him back to the situation at hand. Spending an entire day with the human woman was going to be a very interesting experience. Truthfully he was pretty tired after the long night, and early morning training session, and some time away from the GR would lessen his stress slightly.

"Hn." He pulled the tight fitted shirt over his head, smirking at the look he got from her.

This is going to be a long day… Bulma sighed to herself. They hadn't been around each other for an hour and she was already starting to sweat. That killer body of his was enough to make any girl weak in the knees.

"Alright then, let's go get some breakfast before we start the day." Bulma began the trek to the kitchen with Vegeta not far behind her.

They ate in silence, momentarily making eye contact for a few seconds before looking back down to their plate. Bulma was trying to think of where to take Vegeta, for she had no idea what he might enjoy doing, if anything. The beach wasn't far, but there would be tons of people there, and she wasn't sure how well he'd do in another big crowd. That also crossed out the mall, and any amusement park in town. She began to think that a walk in the main park would be the safest choice for the time being.

Once they were finished eating, she grabbed their plates and took them over to the sink and began to rinse them off.

"So I was thinking we could go to the park for a walk, then figure out something to do from there." She said over the running water. When he didn't respond, she assumed that meant it sounded ok. Grabbing her box of capsules, she began to head out the front door. Vegeta followed suit, watching her hips sway from side to side as she walked.

Once outside, she picked a capsule out of the box, pushed the button and threw the capsule at the ground. A cloud of smoke appeared, but quickly vanished leaving only a blue motorcycle behind. With it being a wonderful day outside, she figured that fresh air would do her some good. She handed Vegeta a helmet, but he quickly discarded it behind him. Bulma shrugged and climbed onto the bike, motioning for him to get behind her. He didn't much care for the seating arrangement, but since he did not know where they were going, he really didn't have a choice.

When he was situated, she started the engine, saying a silent prayer that all would go well for the whole day. She took off down the street to start their first day in public together.

Footnote: I hope this is okay; it took me like two weeks to write, so it may be slightly choppy. We are drawing to a close in this story pretty soon, so enjoy while you can hahaha.