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The whole morning for Tain was a pain in the butt, what with his nightmares and his many thoughts running through his mind at that moment, and by noon he was almost ready to run away to some isolated cave just to be alone and away from the world, but the roof would have to do for the time being. Po had come up to the roof many times during the morning to check on his and bring him some food and some games like mahjong and a deck of cards, just in case he got bored and needed something to do, but Tain didn't touch them due to his intense pondering. Master Shifu had come up to the roof some time ago telling him that if he needed to do something he could always come to him and meditate with him about it, but again he didn't go to Master Shifu though he did meditate there on the roof in his own way.

Though every time Tain closed his eyes, he always saw the dark figure from his nightmares and it would always make him slightly nervous because of the way he would stretch out his hand toward Tain, but Tain would open his eyes as fast as he could before he could feel any pain from the mysterious figure. It was around noon that Tain finally decided to get off the roof and head to the training room which was empty because the other Kung Fu students had gone to the kitchen for a short lunch break. Tain had decided to head to the adversary, thinking about tearing it apart with his claws and spreading its insides everywhere in the training hall, but Master Shifu would probably be furious with him and make him cleaning it up. After he would probably have him go down to the village and buy a new one, but that wouldn't be too bad of an idea. The adversary was old and its colors were incredibly faded due to the many students that had come and attacked it the best they could.

'Maybe I could recolor it?' Tain thought. It would keep his mind off of his nightmares and the shadowy figure. Then he decided. He picked up the adversary and quickly headed out of the training hall with it tossed over his shoulder. He took it to his room and surprisingly he was unseen by the servants and the masters. He hid the adversary in the closet and then went into Crane's room to grab some of his paints. He hoped with every cell in his body that Crane wouldn't figure out that he had used some of the paint. Though the feathered master was very observant and would probably figure out that he had use some, but Tain didn't really care at that moment. He took one of Crane's calligraphy brushes and began going over the faded lines and colors. He had taken almost the whole day and just before dinner he had finished.

Tain smiled at his handy work and quickly put Crane's paints and brush back then he took the adversary back to the training hall. The masters had already left and were probably back in the kitchen eating their dinner so Tain had time to quickly put the adversary back and get back to the roof before anyone knew he had gone.

"Tain what are you doing with the adversary?" A stern voice said from behind him making him nearly just 10 feet in the air. 'Crap. What is Master Tigress doing here? I though she went with the others to the kitchen!' Tain was pretty close to having a mental breakdown at that precise moment, but that didn't stop Tigress from continuing to question him and examine what he did to the adversary. "You… You repainted the adversary? Why would you do that?"

Tain stuttered for a few moments before he took in a deep breath and began explaining his situation with her. "Well I really need something to clear my mind and meditating wasn't really helping me so I came to the training hall to see if I could punch something and keep my mind off of my nightmare last night and I saw the adversary and decided to recolor it. Did you see it before? It was dirty and faded and it wasn't really good so I repainted it and then I was going to take it back without any witnesses of what I did, but apparently you wouldn't have it."

Tigress was silent still examining the redone adversary and then looked back up at Tain with a suspicious look gently painted on her face. "What kind of nightmares won't let you meditate?" Tain froze. Had he really told her that the reason he did this was to keep his mind off of his nightmares? 'God, I'm such an idiot!' He continued to inwardly kick himself while he continued to stay silent. "What are your nightmares about, Tain?" Tigress repeated.

"Why do you want to know?" Tain retorted, half out of anger of her trying to pry into his personal life, but mostly out of defense. He really didn't want her to know about his nightmares and his past for that matter. Tigress was taken aback by his harsh reply to her question, but she quickly gathered herself up.

"I've had nightmares before that really affected me and I was thinking I could help you put your conscience to ease, but if you don't want to talk to me you don't have to. Though you should talk to someone, like Po or Master Shifu or even just a tree. You really need to tell someone about your problems. It'll help you." Tain let out a hefty sigh and looked up at her with eyes full of so many emotions.

"Listen, I just wanted to take the adversary back and go back to the roof. So if you don't mind you can go to the kitchen with the others and eat." Tain entered the training room and placed the adversary in its corner in the training room. After he turned to the door and found Tigress still standing there, watching him and apparently waiting for him. "I said that you could go to the kitchen. You don't have to wait for me. I'm not even going to go to the kitchen. I'm going back to the roof."

"You need to eat. I know you haven't eaten all day." Tain stopped in his tracks and turned toward Tigress. She stood there staring at him with her arms crossed over her chest. "Just because your mind is having problems doesn't mean your body has to take the blame." With those final words, she past him and back to the kitchen. Tain stood there watching her retreating form before he let out a hefty sigh.

"Think she knows everything." He mumbled under his breath as he walked to the kitchen a good distance behind Tigress. "Just because she can punch through a wall and not feel a thing doesn't mean she can lecture me on how to live."

"You know I can hear you." Tigress called over her shoulder, surprising Tain slightly, but he quickly thought up a reply.

"Good, then I don't have to repeat myself!"

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