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His smile used to brighten my day, make me laugh when I cried. Now, I feel like crying when he smiles – more like grimaces really. All the warmth that used to come from his smile was now gone, replaced by an eerie chill, that showed through to his damaged heart. His eyes, which used to be the most beautiful aqua green, that twinkled when he was happy, were now the darkest shade of a dull black. You could no longer tell what color they used to be, or that they used to shine when he laughed.

They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. His soul must be empty now then, because when I look into them, all I see is cold darkness.

He had lost sight of the light – forgotten what he'd been fighting for. His soul was broken, steeped in darkness. He had gone so far into obscurity, so far from his light - his love. He had distanced himself so far from himself, that it seems he will never return. But I hold onto a thread ofhope- the hope that one day he will find his light once more. I hope that the warmth of his smile and thecolor of his eyes will return. I hope that one day, he will find himself once more, so that we can be together again.

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