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The Zerg swarm was known for it's ruthless and formidable adaptation abilities. It lacked the purity of form the protoss race had, on the other hand, it had purity of essence. It used to be ruled by the Overmind a brain-like entity, but with the dead of its former master, the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan was in charge.

The new leader of the swarm wasn't as experienced as the Overmind when it came to rule the Zerg swarm, but she knew how to do it nonetheless. Despite being probably, the most powerful being in the whole universe, she was not perfect at all. Before being the Queen of Blades, she used to be human, thus a little (very little)remained from her humanity. Every human commits mistakes, Kerrigan was no exception, not even after getting infested. When the Overmind was in charge, absolutely no zerg had will of its own or an important degree of conscience, but the Overmind was now dead. Even being the master of the Zerg, Kerrigan didn't notice that actually, one zerg, somehow managed to escape her powerful control, at least, partially. . .

It felt so warm and very humid, very comfortable indeed, but that had to end. It came out from the hatchery, the sensation of comfort, soon faded away as it embraced the new vision of its surroundings. Thus, a new larva spawned from the hatchery, but not any larva this one was a special larva.

"Where I am?"

"Hey, brother!"

"Huh?who are you?

"I'm a larva just like you!we spawned from the same hatchery, buddy"

"A larva?"

"Yeh, what else do you think you are?"

The new larva looked around, it saw a volcano and a lot of lava, it also felt the zerg creep beneath itself, wasn't so bad. Finally it looked at its reflection in a spawning pool. It saw its body, face and. . . snake-like tongue. It was a larva. . . a zerg larva.

"Do you believe me now?"

"Why are we like this?"

"I don't know, we just are"

"So why are we here?I felt so comfy inside the hatchery"

"Pff, you didn't think you could stay inside forever, did you?"

"Why not?"

"We are zerg larvae, we're supposed to spawn from hatcheries some day"


"Obey the bidding of our master, Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, as we evolve towards the purity of form"

"Purity of form?"

"Yes. We are not supposed to stay like this forever, you know?"

"I don't get it"

"You're such a rookie" sighed the old larva

"Hey, I don't think you're old enough to treat me like that!How old are you by the way?"

"I'm fifteen seconds older than you, stupid grub"

". . . (Oh, sure, that's a HUGE difference)"

"Anyways, can you hear it?"

"Hear what?"

"That voice. . . telling us what to do. Our master's voice"

"You mean, Kerrigan?"

"Yeh bro"

They heard the voice in their wormy heads for a while. The voice told them to idle for now and to think about what thing they would like to become.

"What thing we would like to become?"

"Yes, like what kind of zerg we would like to be when we grow up"

"I thought we just grow up and that's it, how are we supposed to choose?"

"Well rookie, it works like this:we spend a while near this hatchery, doing nothing, then our master asks us what we wanna be next, we answer and a bunch of drones gives us what we need to become whatever we choose to be. Besides, actually we don't grow up, we evolve inside a cocoon"

"A cocoon?"

"Yes, you gotta make your own cocoon by the way"


"Like this" said the old larva while spiting some sort of fabric and giving it the shape of a cocoon "the rest, you should get it later"

"Uhmm, I see. Well, I guess I don't wanna be a larva during my whole life. What are the options?"

"Ughhh, do I have to tell you everything?"

"Please?I mean come on, we're bros, aren't we?"

"Last bro I had wasn't an asshole, though"

"Nobody's born knowing"

"I did

"Well, I didn't. So could you please explain this to me?"

"Arghh, ok, but just because your ignorance makes me sick. "

"Thanks" the new larva said as it smiled

"Since we're just larvae, we could evolve into a drone, an overlord, a zergling, an hydralisk, a roach, an infestor, a mutalisk, a corrupter or an ultralisk, I guess those are the options. I like mutalisks the better"


"Because the fly frigging fast, well, not as fast as a scourge, but that's beside the point, we can't evolve into scourges anymore"

"Why we can't evolve into scourges?"

"Because the master doesn't feels like using them, she says they're old-fashioned"

"Isn't that a whim?"

"Yes, but we'll respect that decision, since we're her servants"

". . . (what a stupid master we have, I bet scourges are great)"

A queen came from behind the mineral line to check the situation and make sure there were no problems going on.

"Everything ok, kids?" she asked gently

"Yes, miss queen, just chatting with the new guy" the old larva replied

"O. O" the new larva felt surprised by the appearance of the queen.

"I'll be around here if you need some minerals or gas when you decide to evolve, you can call the drones too. Ask with a shriek, we'll come right away" once she ended her sentence she left the hatchery.

"Who was she?"

"A queen, their kind protect us since we're inside the hatchery, you owe her your life"

"Protect us?from what?"

"You think every living being can stand our awesomeness once we evolve?No, there are two other races constantly trying to eradicate us because they're scared of us. We're just way too badass for them once we evolve. Those races are the protoss and the terrans"

"Who are them?"

"The protoss are just a bunch of spoiled bitches who got all the power they wanted, just because they were born before us, which by the way is not fair. The terrans are pretty tasty meals, specially their young females, some of our older bros ate them for breakfast and thus the terrans got pissed off badly. I heard from the overlords that terrans taste way better than Mar Sara's chickens. I mean, just check out my point of view bro, it's not fair that the protoss have that much power and the terrans just happen to be hella tasty meals, right?"

"But. . . we don't need that much power, do we?Regarding the terran why don't we just leave them alone?Sure we could get good meals without killing them. "

"It's not a matter of needing power it's a matter of fairness, the protoss should give their power away, so everything can be at peace and balance between them and us. As for what concerns to the terrans, I can't wait to taste them. . . I mean generation after generation our race has tasted several meals, but nothing like the terrans. . . " the old larva said while drooling.

Meanwhile in a nearby terran camp. . .

"Alright guys, we've been trained for this stuff during our whole frigging lives, if we succeed at this mission, we'll get an increase in our wages" Alpha ghost stated

"Shut up already and tell us what to do, I wanna get my check by the end of the week" Beta ghost mumbled angrily.

"Yeh buddy, I'm kinda tired of this, I want a break as soon as possible" Gamma ghost replied.

"Very well then. So here's the deal, we gotta call in three nukes at the zerg nest to our west. Once we're done, we'll get the hell out of this god damn planet and receive our checks so we can get a few days off, ok?"

"Well, was about time, I wanted to nuke the crap out of something since I was a kid" Beta ghost muttered

"Finally that old Mengsk gives us a funny mission, I was tired of assassinating easy targets " Gamma ghost said.

"Good, let's get this job done" Alpha ghost mumbled

And thus they began to walk towards zerg nest, with their cloaking on and their minds eager to see the fireworks.

Back to the zerg nest. . .

"Oh, I see. Was a nice talking, not as nice as I would like, but. . . nah whatever. Well I think I could use a nap for now, I'm kinda tired"

"Yeh, me t. . . woah!what's that red dot?"

A red dot was near to them (actually three dots, each one on top of the other, so it looked like one), it shinned a lot.

"Huh, what you said?"

"There is red dot right here, next to our hatchery"

"A red d. . . Oh shit!"

"What?It's shinny and funny, don't you think?" the old larva said leaning closer to the red dot.

But the young larva was now creeping away as fast it could from there, for the sake of its own life. Unlike the other larva, the young one had better ideas and somehow, knew that red dots are not nice, perhaps because it didn't feel right to have that thing nearby all the sudden.

"Hey, bro!we are larvae we're not supposed to stay away from the hatchery!"

"Screw you!I'm getting out of here!"

"Hey you!come back here young larva!" a queen yelled

"Don't you realize th. . . " but the scared larva didn't finish its sentence

Three nukes landed right where the red dot once shinned, reducing the place to ashes in a blink. The young larva couldn't help but to stare at the scene with horror. Its home was utterly destroyed.

Still over the creep, the larva began to creep towards somewhere. . . anywhere but that place, it didn't feel safe, it felt bleak. The little larva needed help, and fast, hopefully someone (a zerg)would show up later.

Meanwhile, somewhere not so far away from the fleeing larva. . .

"That was awesome" Alpha ghost stated

"We are pretty good at carrying out our orders. Finally I'll get my vacations after I receive my check" Beta ghost said as he stretched "And to think Mengsk himself removed our inhibitors so we could have more freedom, hehehe, he became such a nice guy once he got screwed up by Raynor"

"I think we should thank Raynor someday for that, hahahaha. . . oh what's this?" Gamma ghost muttered. He saw the fleeing larva creeping towards somewhere.

"What?" Alpha ghost asked.

"There is a zerg creeping right there, I think it's a larva" Gamma ghost replied.

"I'll take care of that ugly bastard" Beta ghost mumbled as he prepared to snipe the defenseless larva.

"Guys!Last ship is leaving we gotta aboard it now!" Alpha yelled after checking his communicator.

"Next time. . . damn larva, I'll get you next time" Beta muttered.

Thus the ghost squad began to ran towards the last ship remaining on the planet, letting the lucky larva survive another day.

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