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Chapter 8: The Dance

Arasmus and Kael just finished up getting ready, both wearing similar makeup and clothing as the night before, only Arasmus' shirt was V-necked and was thinly hemmed with red. At the wrists the sleeves were slit on the sides up to his elbows. Foregoing the wrist guards tonight, the skin of his wrists and hands seemed pale in comparison to his mostly black outfit.

Kael wore pretty much the same thing as the night before, only it had green and blood red accents. The boy gently stroked the crest of his new snowy owl, Mystique before turning to look at his cousin. Arasmus hissed softly at his viper, telling it that they would be back probably late. Asthamos hissed back and slithered under his bed.

"You ready?" Kael asked with a smile as Arasmus' black owl, Ebony, got some attention from her master.

Arasmus nodded and the two left the dormitories.

Both sporting black soft hoodies, they met up with Harry, who had his hair tied back in a pony tail and had opted for Gryffindor red eyeliner and matching silk button up shirt. He wore a warm trench-coat over it, black pants, and combat boots.

He gave the boys a smile of appraisal and heard Draco whistle shrilly behind them. All turned to hear the blonde say, "You three are all done up, too. I guess I should have let my inner Goth out, too."

Harry arched an eyebrow at the blonde, who was wearing simple black slacks, tee shirt, and jacket, with biker boots. Draco looked like Draco, only slightly done up. His hair he had let go today, so it had grown past his shoulders in one day. Ron and Hermione came upon the four and grinned.

Hermione was wearing a cute black skirt with matching long sleeved shirt. Her knee high boots were practical, if not logical. The heels made her a bit taller than Harry, but that was ok. Harry normally was considered petite by male standards. Ron had actually brushed his hair and was wearing brown slacks with a white shirt.

"Too? Who else is done up?" Hermione asked with a smile.

Draco put a finger to his lips. "Shhh… you'll see. Come on, let's go eat."

Ron nodded enthusiastically saying, "I am starving!"

That comment made everyone roll their eyes with amusement. As they entered the great hall, the cubs were too busy looking at the enchanted starry ceiling to notice the staff table. Eventually though, they heard the gasps coming from Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Kael was the first to look at the staff table and gaped slightly in shock. Lucius was HOT! And not only was he friggin hot, he looked so gorgeous it was all the boy could do not to bolt up there and tackle him. Kael caught his silver gaze and found himself seeing rock hard lust and amusement. Blinking, he felt Arasmus tug his arm.

"What's wrong, Kael?" Arasmus asked before looking over at the staff table.

He gaped like a fish when he spotted Lucius, but when his eyes turned to Severus, he nearly had a heart attack! Wide eyed, he raked his gaze over the newly 'done up' potions master. He was so beautiful…. And his smell! It wasn't like anything he'd ever smelled before. It was like it was coaxing him to go and accost the man! He smelled so good, the boy's mouth nearly watered and his fangs lengthened slightly.

Oh, Merlin!

Catching his blue black gaze, Arasmus was visibly shocked as a form of electricity went from that look into his nether regions. Severus was looking at him as if he was something that needed to be devoured and possessed, the hungry gaze soon turned slightly amused. Finally, he understood why as he was broken from the incredible eye contact by Kael gently pushing him over to the table shared by his friends.

Lupin and Sirius regarded the whole 'incident' with amused faces. "Hey Moony, do you think we should get makeovers?"

Lupin glowered at his friend with mock horror. "Do I really need to answer that, Padfoot? Besides, we both don't have anyone to impress."

Siri nodded and grinned, not minding it in the least.

Soon the Weasley bunch entered and after introductions of Ron's brothers and sisters to the cubs, they all sat down at the table. Soon that was followed by Dumbledore, McGonagall, Flitwick, Hagrid, and Trelawny. Several cast the new cubs looks with interest, though Albus kept his eyes fixed on Severus and Lucius. Soon all of the teachers gaped at Severus and Lucius. Finally, McGonagall found her voice, "Severus?"

Severus sighed, knowing this would happen. He nodded slowly and was shocked when the witch hugged him with the strength of a lioness. He gulped and gently patted the woman's back. "Dumbledore told me what happened just now. Let me say thank you for saving that cub's life."

Severus flushed a bit, feeling awkward. He nodded as the witch let go of him. She regarded Lucius and him carefully before smiling genuinely, "Since when do you both tune yourselves to muggle gothic styles?"

Severus shared a look with Lucius before both turned back to Minerva and said unanimously, "Draco."

Minerva chuckled and sat down next to Albus. Flitwick, Trelawny, and Hagrid sat down and discussed a few things with the other professors before suddenly Albus asked everyone, including the kids, "I was approached by Mr. Laisren this afternoon about a subject. It is a delicate subject to be sure because it deals with cat culture. Apparently, while researching in the library Mr. Laisren and Mr. Heartstrong found a book that explained soul inclined dancing. Both light and dark cats use this dance for entertainment as well as a bit of fun. Mr. Laisren was just curious if you, Severus, or anyone here who knew of it would show us an example later sometime. I was possibly thinking it would be great fun to see you perform tonight."

Severus' eyebrows shot up. After the initial shock died down, he noted that everyone in the blasted room was staring at him. So, he looked over at Arasmus and said softly, "That's not only it's purpose."

The boy blushed slightly, but kept his stare defiantly. Good boy. He was starting to show a bit of a backbone. "But… I understand that you wish to learn about your culture, and what better way than to start with seeing a cat dance? However, it is a very difficult dance to perform and usually consists of two or more cats."

"I know the cat dance." Lucius murmured quietly.

Looks of astonishment and amusement were shot at him and he cleared his throat uncomfortably. "If you remember, Severus, it was you who taught me the steps years ago before you spelled your heritage away from you."

Severus arched an eyebrow. "You remember all of the steps?"

"Yes." Lucius nodded. "It'd be a bit rough on certain parts, but after a bit, I'd be fine."

"Do you think you two would be able to perform it tonight? Or do you need the week to practice?" Dumbledore asked innocently, eyes twinkling madly.

Ron whispered to Harry, "Snape can dance?"

"Shut up, Weasel." Draco hissed softly.

Snape suddenly smiled, getting an idea. There was no way in Hell's outhouse that he was going to make both himself and Lucius laughingstocks. The dance would be perfect in every way. He just hoped that the two cubs could withstand the thrall of it. "One hour. After dinner, I will go with Lucius to discuss the steps and practice for one hour. I hope you do not mind skipping dessert, Lucius?"

Lucius returned his smile with one of his own and shook his head no.

"Ah, good, then it is settled." Albus smiled at the two and everyone began eating.

After dinner, Snape and Lucius exited and went to the room of requirement. Severus had known all about the secret room, even before Harry had known during DA. Lucius gaped at the room and asked Severus, "How long has this been here?"

"It probably was made during the time that Hogwarts was built. Besides, it will serve as a practice room for now." Severus gave his longtime friend an amused mischievous look.

Lucius' eyebrows shot up to his hairline. He hadn't seen the normally dour potions master this mischievous since they were in school. The boy did have fun pranking people just like Harry's father and friends. The only difference between them was that Severus was a Slytherin, and therefore he made sure that there was no way the pranks could be tagged onto himself. Instead, the Marauders got the credit, but he was thrilled with that.

Sometimes he couldn't believe how stupid people were. Why would the Marauders hex themselves with obscure spells that even themselves didn't know what they were? Severus had been an avid spell and curse maker in fourth and fifth year.

Lucius suddenly wondered what the man was scheming now. "What are you scheming, Severus?"

Severus' eyes turned more determined as he said maliciously, "If Dumbledore wants a cat dance, then we will just have to give them something to make them think twice before trying to force us to make fools of ourselves. So… here is the plan."

"Was that the right thing to do, Albus?" Minerva asked the sneaky Headmaster quietly.

"Whatever do you mean, Minerva?" The sly old man gave her a look of pure innocence.

Lupin explained sharply, "Was it correct of you to tantalize and challenge Severus on the spot like that?"

Siri agreed. "One thing I've learned over the years is that you don't pull a tiger's tail and expect to not get bitten."

Lupin smirked at his friend, "Too bad you didn't know Snape was a cat until recently. If you had, maybe you would have been more lenient?"

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Possibly, though I doubt it. Dogs and Cats just aren't meant to be friends."

Harry countered, "In my experience, Siri, is that they may not be meant to be friends, but they can be occasionally. I mean, look at you and Crookshanks."

At the completely thwarted look on Padfoot's face, everyone chuckled. "Looks like I'm outnumbered, Moony." The dog commented dryly.

"Well, we've always seen worse odds." Moony shrugged.

Arasmus swirled his dessert of apple pie around the plate, not really feeling hungry. He was a bit anxious and nervous. At times he was excited about seeing the older cat dance, and at others he was incredibly conflicted. He had *forgotten* to mention to Dumbledore one tiny detail about cat dances. They were extremely sensual practices meant for securing a mate. Only after they had secured a mate was their dances for entertainment purposes only.

Kael took his distraught friend's hand and squeezed it, providing comfort. He was extremely anxious too about seeing the cat and the Veela dance. When Arasmus had told him about the dance in the library, Kael had briefly thought that it would be nice to see Lucius dance like that. And now here he was, getting ready to watch the gorgeous Veela in action. Oh, he would watch Severus too… for it was a learning experience for both himself and Arasmus, but he couldn't wait to see Draco's father out there on the dance floor in wild abandon, swaying those slender hips.

Mentally shaking himself out of his hormone infested thoughts, he whispered to Arasmus, "I wonder what Draco feels about all this."

Having sensitive Veela senses, Draco heard the cub's question. He smiled slowly. Hermione agreed with Kael. "That is a very good question, Kael." Turning to give Draco a speculative look, Hermione asked, "Well, Draco?"

Draco cleared his throat and shrugged, "I'm just curious. I know my father is an excellent dancer and would make a great feline component to compliment Severus. It'll still be a bit strange seeing my father act the part of the submissive."

"Submissive?" Harry questioned, suddenly very curious.

"My father usually is a dominant wizard, and having Severus being the one to lead the steps means that he is being submissive towards my godfather. Severus is the dominant in the dance because he is the most knowledgeable and is an actual cat. The roles would be reversed if my father ever asked Severus to dance a rite of Veela with him." He regarded Arasmus for a moment before asking softly, "You do know that Severus will be forced to use the feline thrall, correct?"

The cub reddened slightly and nodded. Kael's eyebrows shot up. He had forgotten that detail. Looking over worriedly at Arasmus, he asked, "Maybe we shouldn't have them do this?"

Draco snorted. "Not happening. Once Severus and my father are given a challenge, they follow it through until the end and in effect make whoever challenged them never want to do so again. So, you will have to control your urges Arasmus. And my guess is that my godfather is going to make it extremely hard for you to resist him, just so he can make a point."

Hermione, Harry, and Ron gaped at the blonde. "Bloody Hell…." Ron muttered under his breath.

Draco then turned to Kael, "And since my father is a Veela, he'll want to please his friend, so his own complimenting scent will act like a thrall with you. You might as well face it. Crossing both my father and godfather at the same time wasn't particularly a good idea on your part Arasmus."

"Draco, be nice!" Hermione hissed and managed to swat him over the head.

Draco rubbed his head good-naturedly and grinned. "I am being nice. I am telling them the truth."

Arasmus suddenly felt like crying. Which was utterly ridiculous since he hadn't cried real tears since that… that night. So, instead he glowered at the blonde and gave him such an icy stare that Draco felt a moment of dread before he dropped his eyes. "I didn't plan this, you know."

Harry gave the cub's hand a gentle squeeze. "I know how it feels. You might want to get used to it. Dumbledore tends to manipulate people, thinking in their best interests, but sometimes it makes you feel like everything you do or don't do is taken out of your hands and put in a totally different proportion."

Arasmus nodded and gave him a gentle smile. Draco sighed softly, feeling a bit chastised by Potter's statement. It really wasn't the cub's fault. All the same… he figured Arasmus would learn from it.

The Weasley twins cast Tempus before sighing. "Thirty minutes to go. I wonder what kind of dance this'll be, right Gred?"

Fred nodded, "Yes Forge. I am wondering the exact same thing."

Percy, Bill, and Charlie were having their own discussion with Fleur and their parents, a bit oblivious about the whole new meaning behind the dance. To them, it would just be totally interesting to see the git potions master and former right hand of Voldemort dance.

Eventually Harry asked Hermione, "Is there a way to counter the thralls?"

The bushy haired girl shook her head. "No. If it was meant for someone other than their mates, then yes. But since it isn't, no spell will work." She had said this in a hissed whisper, not wanting the two disgruntled cubs to hear her.

Harry nodded and rubbed his arm. It still felt raw where Voldemort had forced him to take the mark. Even if the mark was now just a scar, it still bothered him from time to time. Harry was just glad that he'd been able to kill the man through the mark after the snake like man had laughed gleefully and thought he had won.

Hermione saw the action and gently took her friend's hand. They all had been through so much in their young lives. It pained them all to see that the two cubs had had way more pain in their lives than they had in theirs.

Eventually, dessert was taken away by the House elves and they all discussed other things for a few minutes.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed and only a few candles lit the whole room. The large tables had disappeared, leaving the only piece of furniture in the place the table and chairs that everyone was sitting in. A great deal of mist surrounded them as they watched, interested.

The whole hall went silent as the music began to play. It was a soft haunting tune with flute and violin, dedicated to put the audience at ease as well as intended to keep their interest. It made several think of Celtic folk music, and with others it made them think of the ocean and sea.

And then Lucius appeared, wearing everything he had on before except for his trench coat. He stood at one end, the mist billowing around him, cloaking him in a mixture of white and grey. It made the Veela look more like an elf, some of the mist clinging to his hair like dew.

Kael's gaze along with everyone else's was riveted to the blonde as he slowly looked around. Spotting him watching, the Veela gave him a small sly smile and winked before turning his attention to what was in front of him. The boy blushed hotly as he felt the molten heat settle within desirable places. Kael relaxed his hold on Arasmus as the other cub gasped. Severus entered the scene with a flash of light. He was also wearing the same clothes as before, only without his jacket. Confidently striding to the middle of the room, he sniffed the air, as if looking for something.

Soon his eyes closed as he felt everyone watching him, including an aroused male carrier cat. Lifting his head up, the music started coursing through his veins, making him feel the call of the dance. He turned his head and opened his eyes, spotting Lucius, standing and waiting, attention on the dark cat.

Severus then gave him a small tense stare before reaching out with one hand, as if to beckon the blonde. Lucius stared defiantly and shook his head, as if to say, 'you'll have to work for it, bitch'. So, Severus nodded and thus started the dance. First Severus started moving, and each time he swayed his hips to the faster beat of the song, Lucius modeled it by coming closer and swaying his own hips.

Everyone in the audience was drawn to the pair as they bowed and moved to the beat. Eventually, Severus tried to tease the blonde by coming up close and nuzzling his shoulder. Lucius would then sigh exasperatedly and move away, thus starting up the dance again. Again Severus did this, coming closer each time and nuzzling or stroking the blonde hair playfully, hips swaying and feet gliding on the ground.

Eventually, Lucius would try and get the teases to last, briefly baring his neck for Severus, or purring softly under his breath. Ignoring him completely with a wry smile, Severus would then back away slowly and purr. Soon, the beat changed and the pair started dancing in faster movements, Severus getting more possessive in his pursuit of Lucius. This time he would nip at the man's ear lobe or shoulder blade, always behind the blonde. And then the blonde would whirl and chase after the other male, coyly sending off his Veela scent.

Kael at that point was sweating and trying hard not to moan at the erotic sight before him. He had his hands together, letting his nails dig into the skin of one, trying hard to control his lust and want.

Arasmus was faring no better, smelling Severus' exotic possessive scent. It was causing his mouth to water and fangs to lengthen. He couldn't contain a small whimper when Severus seductively pinned the blonde against him and nuzzled his blonde hair, staring straight at the boy. His thrall in place, Severus watched as the cub leaned further onto the edge of his seat, enraptured.

Lucius bared his neck even more and tried in vain to push the other male away. Finally, he submitted by growling low in his throat and relaxing against the other male. Severus answered the growl with one of his own and stroked the blonde hair. And then both of them started dancing as one being, Severus leading, Lucius following. Their steps matched one another's and they didn't move very far from one another.

Eventually, the song rose to its peak and Severus and Lucius bared their teeth at one another in a last battle for dominance. Severus questing, Lucius pushing away. Until, finally, the music stopped as Severus won the battle, sinking his teeth into Lucius' neck. The marking (though really not marking *snort* it's not a LM/SS fic afterall) caused Arasmus to fall out of his chair and all but drool. Kael was going through similar feelings, only he was taking out his frustrations on his hands and nails.

Lucius drifted his eyes closed as pleasure overtook him. Being a Veela, things like this of any sort, no matter the sex of the individual doing this to him, made him feel intense sensations. He opened his eyes and swayed to the ground gracefully, Severus gently stroking his hair.

Finally the blonde was laying in Severus' arms and both of them topped everything off by pecking each other on the lips. The erotic display caught everyone's attention. Even the adults were having a hard time coping with it. Siri was carefully crossing his legs to keep from being obviously aroused. Lupin was doing the same.

Ron hissed out, "If that's just for bloody entertainment, then I fear to wonder what cats do when they are in front of their mates!"

Draco snorted, not believing that the red head was that dense. He'd make a block of wood seem smarter.

*Never meddle in the affairs of cat dragons or Veelas, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.*