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Chapter 10: My Favorite Things

Danny walked into the Five-O bullpen at his usual time to find it deserted, but the light was on in McGarrett's office. This wasn't anything new; Steve practically lived in his office. They had been swamped since the day that would go down in Williams's history as the worst day ever lived through but it was behind them now. Danny had been spending every free moment he had with Grace, at Rachel's request, and Stanley stayed away whenever the Alpha Williams was around. But on this morning, Danny found Steve looking gaunt and haggard as he sat at his desk sleepily thumbing through paperwork.

"You haven't been here all night have you?" Danny asked as he fell into one of the chaired in front of Steve's desk, "I swear this is how I left you last night."

"No, I've been here since about 7:30," Steve answered and pushed a stack of paperwork out of his way, "how is Grace?" he asked trying to change the subject.

"She's getting on, not back at school yet, but she's talking about going back now. She's having some nightmares and Rachel wants her to see the doctor and a physiatrist again before she sends her back, but other then that, she's getting back to normal." Danny explained.

"And you?" Steve asked effectively turning the conversation totally around on Danny.

"I feel like I'm fifty years older, but it would seem like you are a better judge of my character then your own. You look like hell. Do you think I'm back to my old ways, or am I a Super SEAL still?" he asked and jokingly flexed his muscles for Steve.

"Definitely not a SEAL anymore," Steve laughed, "but not quite the good old Danno either." He admitted.

Danny nodded his agreement.

"I do want to know one thing before I let you get back to your mountains of paperwork," Danny stated after a long silence had fallen between them.

"Anything partner," Steve smiled, "anything to distract me from the mountain."

"Why was it, that under the worst of circumstances, you were able to work by the book, even call in all that back up, but when it's just you and me, it's like pulling teeth to get you to call for help?"

Steve laughed a little to himself and then just smiled.

"I don't like that look," Danny stated.

"There's the old Danno," Steve laughed and pointed at his partner.

"Stop deflecting!" Danny scolded shaking a finger at Steve.

"Danny, I know you are completely capable of covering my six when I need you to. I know you're loyal and I know that you know what you're doing. I trust you and I'll always trust you. Why can't you just trust me some times?" Steve asked.

"I do trust you. I trust you to keep us safe," Danny retorted.

"And under the most dire circumstances, like when my Ohana is threatened, I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect them. If that means I have to be by the books because my partner, who is usually the books man, needs me to be, then I will be. This was a very special case, you weren't yourself, Grace was in danger, and we couldn't screw up anything. I needed to be extra careful because I was trying to keep you grounded enough to not fly off the handle, to get the job done and but the whole horrible ordeal behind us." Steve explained. "At the same time, I needed Danno on this case because without you and the things you've taught your brilliant little girl, we would have never found her."

"Because I wasn't by the books, I shouldn't have even been on that case," Danny sighed, almost scolded his partner again for the recklessness that he had allowed.

"This was an extenuating circumstance, it was Grace and it was you," Steve said sympathetically, "you get a free pass on something like that."

"Thank you Steven," Danny smiled, "I mean it, and your levelheadedness and your leadership saved Gracie's life…"

"We did it together," Steve stated throwing his hands out to stop Danny.

"Alright, believe what you want, but you'll never convince me other wise," Danny smiled and turned to leave the office.

"I did it for my family, Danny," Steve said before his partner could leave. "And family always comes first."

Danny smiled and nodded his agreement, then turned and walked across the bullpen to his own office.


Rachel knew that Grace would not rest until she was back with the people that had worked so hard and never gave up on saving her life. She asked about Kono and Chin and Steve with every day that passed between the end of the horror and the following weekend when she knew she would be able to spend all of her time with them. Danny had been present, with his ex-wife and daughter, through the over night hospital stay and ever night after that. He wasn't letting his child out of his sight and he held her tightly any time he could. Rachel knew that it wouldn't be right, not after what had happened, to keep Grace away from her family, and so as Friday morning wore on to afternoon, and Grace had not yet returned to school, Rachel agreed to heading to the Palace for a visit before she and Danny took an early dinner with their daughter and the first separation of mother and child would occur.

Grace rushed into the Five-O bullpen and found Kono leaning over the Smart Table as always, "Kono," she squealed gleefully and ran into the woman's outstretched arms.

Danny heard the commotion from his office and came out in time to see Kono swinging Grace in a circle, both of them giggling uncontrollably.

"They love her so much," Rachel whispered as she felt Danny's presence beside her.

"What's not to love?" Danny asked.

"She begged to come here you know, like she belongs in this office. Under normal circumstances, I'd say it wasn't healthy, but after what she did and how much she has leaned from this team, I couldn't keep her away." Rachel waved at her daughter as she pulled the little step out from under the Smart Table and started chatting casually with Kono about whatever she found there.

Danny placed his right hand on the small of his Ex-wife's back and steered her toward his office, "she'll be alright with Kono," he said and Rachel gave in easily to his will.

Once in the office the door shut behind them, Rachel and Danny sat down on the sofa and they were silent for a long moment, until laughter from the bullpen could be heard loudly through the glass.

"You're not going to try and take her from me are you?" Danny asked pain on his voice as he broke the silence and voiced his greatest fears.

"I wouldn't dream of that, Daniel, not after what I saw," Rachel stated tears in her eyes, "I don't know what I'm going to do now, but it's not that."

"What are you afraid of? Let me help you," Danny whispered as he watched Rachel ring her hands together.

"I'm afraid of Stanley. I'm afraid of what he's always been keeping from me and I'm afraid that I've made the worst mistake," Rachel stated as she began to cry, "I can't stay with him, Daniel, not with this fear."

"Then don't," Danny whispered and kissed a tear off his ex-wife's cheek.


Steve sat at his desk, mountains of paper work in front of him. The case against Hoffman was growing by leaps and bound and with every raid of an alleged drug house, or arrest of a clan within the community, the mountain of paper work got bigger. He was happy that everything with Grace and Liliana had ended, that their little girl was back with them and that Liliana would recover. He had received many thank you from Malia and Rachel, though the relationship between Rachel and her husband had been strained to the point of distrust, and anger was still fresh between both of them, Grace was getting back to her usually bubbly and intuitive self. Steve leaned back in his chair and massaged at his temples as the glass door to his office opened slowly and the little girl that had captured his thoughts stood in the small opening.

"Are you busy Uncle?" Grace asked a shy smile on her face.

"Never too busy for you monkey," Steve smiled, laughed at himself for using Danny's pet name, and watched as Grace raced around the desk and jumped into his arms.

He hoisted her up into his lap and held onto her tightly smelling the bubblegum scented shampoo in her hair.

Grace leaned her head back on Steve chest as she held tightly to his arms, "thank you," she whispered softly.

"For what?" he asked and leaned in to look into her face.

"For saving my life," Grace said a tear glistening in her eyes as she pulled at his arms to wrap them tighter around her. "I was so scared, but I knew you and Daddy would come for me. I knew Kono and Chin would put all the pieces together and I knew you'd come, like a superhero, to save me."

Steve kissed the side of Grace's head and held her tighter, "I wasn't going to rest until you were back with us." He whispered sadness on his voice. "I was so scared too."

"You were scared?" She asked almost shocked at the idea.

"I was terrified," he said. "You are my family, it's my job to protect you and be there for you if your Danno can't be. It's my job to love you as much as your parents because you believe in me. And I felt like I had failed, that under my watch you were taken and because of me, because of this group of people and our jobs, you got caught up in it. I was scared that you wouldn't forgive me for what happened. I was scared that they were going to hurt you. I was scared that Danno would hate me forever if they harmed one single hair on your head."

"It wasn't your fault I was taken," Grace whispered.

"I know, but I still felt like it shouldn't have happened, not while I was around."

"But I'm ok now, and I would never be mad at you," Grace smiled.

"And you were so awesome, with your pictures and your memory and all the things you were able to tell us. It was like you were one of the team. Detective Grace Williams Five-O. You gave us so much information and in the end, even with all of Kono and Chin's research, you were the one that broke the case for us." Steve said praiseful of the little girl.

"Oh, that's just what Danno taught me," Grace blushed and giggled as Steve kissed her cheek again.

"It was the hope we all needed to find you," Steve whispered.

"I knew you'd come," she whispered back and rested her head on his chest once again.


Chin walked into the hospital, flowers in his hand to hide his nervousness, but he was determined all the same. The lobby was busy, people recognized him from the news reports and the wild fire that Five-O had caused, but he walked on determined to visit Liliana and get an update for the rest of the team. He hit the elevator button and waited for one of the two side by side cars to open up and admit him. Finally the left most car door slid open and he stepped in, once inside he realized who was there with him.

"Hello Chin," Malia said softly as the door closed before them.

"Oh, hi," Chin smiled as he realized she was there. "How's Liliana doing?"

"She's recovering," Malia smiled and blushed, "she's her ever excited and effervescent self. She's been sneaking out of her room and finding her way to the pediatric oncology ward where she's been running language and history lessons with all the children there. She even assigns them homework."

"So she wants to get back to work?" Chin laughed.

"Well, sorta, she would like to stay on at the hospital actually and run classes for the sick kids." Malia said as she looked up at the numbers as they flashed.

"Can she do that?" Chin asked.

"We have tutors for most of the kids, but they have all really taken to Liliana and I doubt that she'll be able to leave them now, though she should stay in her room and let her body heal." The doctor grumbled but the eyes of a sister sparkled happily. "I'll take you to the oncology ward; you'll more then likely find Lili wandering around there. You can give her those flowers."

"Oh these…" he stumbled for words, ran his hands through his hair nervously as the door opened on the assigned floor for the patient he was seeking, "these are for you, actually." He said when the door had closed without anyone getting off the elevator.

"Oh," Malia blushed.

"I was hoping that… maybe you'd like to… if you're not too busy with patients…could I take you out for dinner?" he asked handing the flowers to the beautifully blushing doctor.

"I'd like that," Malia smiled as the door opened again and she stepped out onto the ward floor.

"Good," Chin smiled and followed her.


"There you are," Danny stated as he walked into Steve's office and found his partner and his daughter behind the big mahogany desk. Steve's head resting on Grace's shoulder as she wrote something down in a notebook before her on the desk, "what are you teaching her?"

"Navigational skills," Grace stated and held up the book and the map of the Palace. "There are 18 steps to this floor, then if you take natural strides there are about 20 of those before you get to the Five-O office," she stated and showed her way through the map. "Cool isn't it?"

"Oh yeah, very cool, next thing you know he'll be showing you how to do that in the dark with night vision goggles," Danny stated jokingly.

"Really?" Graced asked her eyes getting wider.

"Sure," Steve smiled.

"That backfired," Danny sighed and sat down in the chair in front of the desk.

"What's up Danno?" Steve asked as Grace leaned on the desk and tented her finger before her.

"I feel like I'm, all of a sudden, in one of your interrogations," Danny stated.

"You can call me Detective Williams," Grace said proudly.

"But I'm Detective Williams." Danny laughed.

"Not in this interrogation you're not," Steve smiled. "What's up?"

"Well, I need to know two things, one; Grace would you mind if your mother and I went out for dinner together tonight alone?" Danny asked.

"That sounds fine, but do I have to stay with Stan then?" Grace asked.

"No, that was going to me my second questions. Steve, are you busy, would you mind watching Grace for a couple of hours?"

"I'm not busy and I'd never mind watching Gracie," Steve smiled, "we can have pizza."

"With pineapple?" Grace asked.

"Of course," Steve stated, "is there any other kind?"

"This is going to be awesome!" Grace cheered.

"Then when it get's dark, we'll map my back yard with the night vision goggles," Steve stated.

Grace's jaw dropped open and Steve nodded that he was serious.

"Are you two going to make it so I regret this idea?" Danny asked as he saw the excitement in both of their faces.

"We'll be good, we promise," Grace smiled.

"Ok, I'll pick you up at 11pm," Danny said as he pointed at Grace. "As for you, take good care of my baby girl, you know I wouldn't trust her to anyone else."

"I've got her," Steve smiled and hugged Grace tightly once more.

"Good," Danny stated and walked out of the office.

The End