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Blaine wasn't sure what it was about Kurt that made his knees turn to jelly and butterflies flutter in his stomach.

Maybe it was his voice. His perfect, soft, melodious voice. Whenever Blaine heard Kurt sing, his heart beat just a little bit faster. He would get tingles down his spine and his skin would raise in little goosebumps when Kurt would hit a perfect high note. Yes, Blaine loved Kurt's voice.

But then again, maybe it was his hands. Kurt had perfect, small, thin hands, that fit perfectly into Blaine's. They were soft and warm. When Blaine curled his fingers around Kurt's, Kurt would squeeze ever so gently, letting Blaine know that those perfectly shaped hands would always be there to hold.

Of course, there was no denying that Blaine loved Kurt's eyes. Kurt's eyes were a captivating steel gray. In the sunlight, they would sparkle like ice.

Blaine also loved Kurt's petite body. He liked the way that he could wrap his arm around Kurt's waist and hold him tight. He liked how when he danced with Kurt, their body's fit just right together. He liked how Kurt could nestle his head into the crook of his neck.

Kurt also had the most wonderful skin. It was so soft, and Blaine just loved placing his hand on the side of Kurt's face, and rubbing his thumb against the silky smoothness of his skin. He loved placed a loving hand against Kurt's arm and feeling his cool, soft skin beneath his fingertips.

Maybe it was Kurt's innocence, the way he'd blush when Blaine complimented him, or the way he'd smile when Blaine asked him on a date. When they held hands, Kurt still seemed a bit shy. It was simply adorable.

He also loved Kurt's hair. Kurt's dark locks were always perfectly placed. Once, Blaine had kissed the top of Kurt's head, and found that his hair wasn't stiff with product. Instead, it was soft, and smelled delicious.

And speaking of smell, Kurt smelled absolutely amazing, all the time. He was the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. His lip gloss was watermelon, giving him a fruity smell, and he always mixed a light musky cologne with something that smelled a bit like Victoria's Secret perfume. In fact, Blaine was fairly certain it was Victoria Secret perfume.

And then there were the lips. Oh, Kurt had perfect lips. They were thin, but most of the time always carried the hint of a smile. And they were so soft, and gentle.

There was no way to figure out what it was that Blaine loved best about Kurt, because he loved it all.

Kurt glanced up from his book at Blaine, and Blaine realized with a start that he had been openly staring at Kurt in the library for the past five minutes.

"What?" whispered Kurt, cocking one of his perfectly shaped eyebrows. His flawless lips curled up at the sides in a tiny smile.

"I just think you're amazing, that's all," Blaine whispered back with a smile.

Kurt blushed and looked away. Blaine stared for a moment longer, thinking of how lucky he was, then looked back at his book and tried to concentrate on his homework.