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Chap 1. The Orange Sky, Luche

Reborn's POV
Today, some people invited me to a party, sort of. Well, I won't call it a party since it's only 7 of us who attended it. We're locked inside a room. None of us could even talk with each other. Except for one person. Yeah, she's a woman, and she's pregnant. Why is she even here? Why are we even here?

"Here, have some.." she told me as she offered her cookies while smiling really brightly. I think they're homemade. In the whole room, the only person who accepted her offer is the guy in the red Chinese clothes. And I, knowing how cautious I am, of course I won't accept an offer from a stranger I just met today. I shut myself, not letting my eyes off my gun.

She smiled on me, and as if she knows what I'm thinking, she told me that she didn't put any strange things inside the cookies. But I still won't eat the cookies, I don't like sweet things.

"If you don't want to eat something sweet, I could make you an espresso.." she said while smiling again. Seriously, why is she always smiling?

"Don't put anything in it. Since I don't like sweet things.." I said. Well, maybe it's not bad to believe in stranger just this once.

Her smile became brighter. "Of course. I make quite a good espresso!" she said happily. She began to make the espresso.

All I can think of right now is why are we here? Specifically, I really wanted to know why us? Are we some kind of chosen people? But.. for what? For what are we being chosen?

"Reborn-san!" one of my acquaintance called for me.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Today we're going to visit the GiglioNero Family.." he said.

GiglioNero Family? The family that holds almost the same level as Vongola? Of course I'll be honored to be able to pay a visit. As the most trusted hitman in the Vongola Family, I would represent the best in front of the GiglioNero Family's Boss.

End of Reborn's POV

"Sorry for the wait, Reborn-san. This is our Boss, Luche GiglioNero.." a man said as he entered the room, followed b a woman in white dress. She used a really big white cap.

"You!" Reborn said. A little surprised to see the same woman as he saw a few days ago. He even stood up from his seat. What's really shocking is.. she's a mafia Boss! With that bright look and those holy outfits?

"Ara.. You're the one from before.." Luche said with a smile as she approached Reborn and offer him a hand. Reborn took her hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Vongola's most trusted hitman, Reborn.." Luche said while smiling brightly. "Make yourself at home.." she said while offering him a seat.

"What would you like to drink, Reborn-san?" she asked.

"Anything is fine.." Reborn said calmly. One of the maid went outside the room after he said that. He then looked at Luche who's still staring at him while smiling.

"Why are you staring at me?" Reborn asked.

"Your sideburns.." she said while pointing at her side of face. She smiled and continued. "They're really attractive.."

Reborn's eyes widened a bit. No one has ever said that his sideburns are attractive. Well, no one says it's ridiculous, though. But maybe no one could say that because they're afraid of him.

Trying to change the topic, Reborn finally spoke. "Do you know why were we gathered together the other day?" he asked. Well, he's been curious about that since the beginning and no one could explain it either.

Luche actually knows about it, but decided not to tell. "There are some things in this world.. that we're forbidden to knew before it happen.." she said with a bit saddened face. Making Reborn confused and mad at the same time. He's really curious and this is the answer he got.

"Is it something terrible? Are you hiding it because it's a really terrible thing?" Reborn asked again. He wanted to make sure what event would come after that mysterious gather. But Luche shook her head.

"It's not a terrible thing, Reborn-san. Only.. your life would change almost entirely. But don't consider all changes as bad occasion. I beg you.." Luche walked slowly to Reborn and put her hands on the sides of his face. Revealing a sad face. "Just try to live your life to the fullest. Try to be useful even though you changed. Maybe the world is just testing you, to teach you how to see through a different point of view. And I believe, if it's you, you can do it.." she whispered while pressing her forehead on his and she closed her eyes.

Warm. So warm. For Reborn who has been abandoning his normal peaceful life because of a certain accident and decided to be a hitman afterwards, has never been experiencing warmth like this for a long time. No actual family for him. No place for him to pour his sadness. Suddenly his heart felt at ease. Unconsciously, a tear fell from his eyes. He's quite surprised to see that.

"You're a lonely child.." Luche said when she finally push herself away. "..But from now on, we are friends.." Luche said with a smile while offering a hand to Reborn.

"You're a Boss of a mafia Family and yet you act like a little girl.." Reborn chuckled. He got up and took her hand.

"You're complaining so much and yet you took my offer.." Luche chuckled.

"I guess I can't win against you, GiglioNero.." Reborn said with a small smile when suddenly Luche put her finger on his lips.

"It's not GiglioNero. It's Luche, means 'light', Vongola's most trusted hitman, Reborn-san.." Luche said with a bright smile.

Reborn could not help but chuckle a bit. "It's just Reborn, Luche.." he said.

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Chap 2. Teacher and Student

"I told you not to address me as you please and I won't ever let you take a break even for a second, especially if it's YOU, Colonello!" Lal yelled. Well, even though it's still in the middle of the morning, Lal's voice won't wake anyone. Because here in COMSUBIN, everyone must be awake in this hour.

"Um.. Do I know you?" Reborn tried to confirm if it's Luche or not. Since she's not using her usual outfit. I mean, that fancy outfit that would make everyone look at her if she take a walk using that.
"Don't play dumb, Reborn. It's me, Luche. We just had a conversation several days ago and now you forgot about me already? How rude.." she pouted a little.

"I can't read maps either.." Luche said with a smile on her face. A reeaallyy bright smile and without even a little bit trace of guilt on it.
"Why you!" Reborn finally explode. Much to Luche's amusement. She laughed. "You're..so..funny!" she said in the middle of her laugh.

"COLONELLO! I told you to do the push up like the others! Why won't you listen, you blond-bastard?" Lal yelled on the top of her lung.

"I've had enough! Take THAT Colonello out of my troupe! If you insist in making him enter my troupe, it's only a matter of time before I got crazy!" Lal yelled.

"Flirting with teacher. Is it legal? How do you think about it, Luche?" Reborn said with his fingers under his chin.
"I think they're shameless to do it in front of people, Reborn.." Luche replied with a smile.

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