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Chap 15. Arcobaleno: When The Rainbow Is Complete

"Rise and shine, everyone!" Luche said as she entered everyone's room and opened the curtains so the morning sunlight could meet their lazy morning bodies.

Lal, remembering she is the formerly in the military, she doesn't have any problem in waking up. How to say it.. she's a morning person. Fong and Reborn also have no problem in waking up. Verde doesn't even sleep all night long. While Viper and Skull are the only ones with the wake-up.

"Luche, what are these?" Reborn asked when Luche showed them seven rings.

"These are the Mare Rings. Along with the Arcobaleno pacifiers we'll receive soon and seven Vongola Rings, this makes the Trinisette.." Luche explained. Everyone nodded. "..That's what everyone knows. But I'll tell all of you a secret. There is one more set of trinisette.." Luche said with a smile.

"EH?" all of them shouted in unison.

"That's impossible! I mean, it's trinisette, right? It means three sets of seven! Then why there's more?" Lal asked.

"Sore wa ne.. the other set of seven was made for the sake of protecting the trinisette. They're hidden in the shadow. And they'll appear when the trinisette is in trouble, like.. they're stolen by bad guys for example. And when the situation is like.. there's no hopes left! It's something like that..." Luche explained again.

"Oh, I see.." all of them said in unison.

"By the way, I have one of the other set of seven!" Luche said while showing a necklace. The necklace is decorated with a black rock in the middle as the accessories and a flower-pattern diamonds with the form of six petals and one center. The diamonds are orange in color.

"This is the sky attribute one.." Luche said.

"WHOA! Where did you get this?" all of them asked out of pure curiousity.

"I accidentally found it when I had a vacation to Pompeii last year.." Luche said.

"Pompeii? That abandoned town? Why would someone went there for a vacation?" Lal asked. "Forget about the detail!" Luche said while smiling brightly.

"Oh.. So that wasn't a vacation huh?" Lal murmured to herself.

"L-like I said, we should just forget about the detail! Anyway, I have to return this necklace to its owner or she'll be mad!" Luche said.

"Owner? Who?" Skull asked.

"Her name is Shiva. I took her from Pompeii. But it's our secret. None of my Family members know about this. Don't tell anyone, okay?" Luche said. All of them nodded.

"Good. Well, the last set of seven have to be hidden in the shadow so that no one could see them after all.." she whispered.

"Okay! Cheese!" Luche said before she ran slowly towards the group. They're taking a picture. As proof of their friendship in case they're separated.

"Even if we're separated, we'll always remember each other, right?" Luche said with a smile. All of them nodded in return. "Okay then, shall we start our journey to the sacred mountain?" Luche said while clapping her hands together. All of them hesitated at first but nodded afterwards.

Unknown by any of them, Colonello has been listening to their every word. Well, he's a skillful military so it's expected that no one realized he's here.

"Ta-da!" Luche showed her new outfit.

"Whoa! What's with the color, Luche?" Lal asked while pointing at her clothes. It's her usual clothes but it's black in color. After Lal asked, all of them turned their attention to Luche, and her new clothes of course.

"Ehe.. Today is a special day, so my outfit has to be special too.." Luche said.

"Well, well. You look so much better today.." Reborn said, realizing that she has been more cheerful today, not to mention she cried yesterday.

"I've always been cheerful, am I not?" Luche said with a smile. "..Anyway, let's go!" Luche said again while raised up her hand.

Reborn could spot a darker part of her sleeve around her wristband. 'It's wet..?' he asked in his mind. He frowned afterwards. 'So she did cried..' he said in mind.

I wonder.. what will happen to us once we receive the curse..

The journey in the sacred mountain is filled with silence. No one talked all the way, they walked silently towards their destination. Until suddenly, Reborn stopped his pace and turned around. All of them stopped and turned around too.

"How far do you intend on following us?" he asked while pointing up his gun. Lal looked at him curiously.

"Che! Busted, huh?" the tall figure of a blond man appeared from behind one of the rocks. It's Colonello..

"Co-Colonelo! What are you doing here?" Lal shouted at him. He showed her a smirk and she could only stand there nervously. "I come to take your place.." he finally said.

Lal's eyes immediately widened in surprise. He came to take her place? What kind of sick joke was that? Who the hell in this world could take her place in this ritual?

Colonello took out a piece of paper and showed it to Lal. "I've graduated from COMSUBIN as the best student. I've surpassed you, sensei.." he said playfully. Lal took the paper as fast as lightning and read it. It's real! Most of his skills have surpassed hers! Does it means.. he could really take her place?

"Don't joke around. How the hell could someone like you replace Lal?" Reborn said coldly.

"I've surpassed her. There's no reason for you to use someone weaker than me as the person to receive the curse.." Colonello said.

"Weaker?" Lal said as a small vein popped out on her head and she almost torn the paper apart.

"Eh?" Colonello sweated.

"O-ho? When did you learn to say something like that to your former respectful teacher, Colonello bastard?" Lal asked while loading her gun.

"W-well, it's not like that, Lal! Please forgive me! I understand that you don't want me to take your place, I get it! But please let me walk with you guys until you arrived to your destination! Please!" Colonello said as he kneeled down and worshipped her.

"Hmph! Letting you walk with us is not a bad idea, I guess.." Lal said while crossing her arms.

"Well I think it's a great idea, though.." Luche said with a smile.

"We arrived, everybody~" Luche said.

"What's that? There are the same rocks everywhere. What makes this place different?" Viper asked.

"Believe in my intuition!" Luche said with a wink. Viper sweatdropped but then he nodded too.

"Well then, everyone. Let's form a circle. First, Lal stood there. Then Viper, Skull, Verde, Reborn, Fong, and me.." Luche arranged.

"So?" they asked.

Luche clapped her hands and intertwined her fingers, then she began to pray. A light appear above them, in the middle of the circle they made. Then all of them looked up to the light.

Colonello, who is watching from a near place, quickly ran towards them. Hoping that he's not late to rescue his precious former Commander.


Reborn looked at his now tiny hand. Then his fingers formed a fist and he gritted his teeth. No one has expected this.. they turned into.. babies. You know what I mean. Babies.. a creature with the most natural cuteness and pure eyes. But remembering that they were former adults, it doesn't make them pure anymore, huh?

No one in that place know something like this would happen, unless Luche who's prepared herself for whatever coming. But somehow.. Luche is the saddest one.

"You're not crying?" Colonello asked playfully.

"Idiot! In this kind of situation, how the hell tears could flow?" Lal answered roughly.

"Haha.. I'm sorry, I should have rescued you in a much cooler way.." Colonello said.

"Your plans are always naïve!" Lal replied.

"I guess you're right.." Colonello said with a grin.

"What do you plan to do from now on?" Lal asked. 'In that kind of form..'

"Right.. From now on.." he think for a while before answering her, "..I'll live.."

Lal's eyes widened. Colonello placed his tiny hand on Lal's puffy cheek. "Will you come with me?" he asked. Lal stared at him while her eyes still widened and she's blushing lightly. Then she snapped out from her daydream.

"Wh-why would I- with someone like you-" Lal said nervously. Colonello chuckled.

"I was joking.." he said. "But at least now you don't have any worries anymore, right?" he said as he turned around and walked away. Lal's eyes widened. She really wanted to stop him. "Live your life without worry and turn to be a little lady-like, won't you?"

"Take care, Lal.."

"Reborn.." Luche called.

"Luche.." he turned to see her. "What is it?" he asked. He's been trying to hide his emotion and tried to keep his facial expression remain the same.

"This is going to be our last meeting. From today on, as the keeper of the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, we should live our lives in different paths from each other. All of us.." she said with a sad smile.

"Wh-why?" Reborn asked. His eyes widened. Luche held his hands and smiled.

"Don't worry. I'm sure.. someday our paths will cross each other's. And when that time comes.. let's talk about our lives.." she said with a really warm smile. Reborn hesitated at first, he doesn't want to let go but.. he has to. Now, at this very moment, a Reborn has to let go.

Luche let go of his hands and then walked away. "Let's talk about our personal lives again when we met. It's a promise!" Luche said while waving at him and ran away slowly.

That was the last time the Sun Arcobaleno saw the Sky Arcobaleno. He did promise to walk on the different path from hers but, the next day, he couldn't help but to visit her mansion just to realize that the whole mansion is gone. He doesn't know what happened. He could only stand there, remembering all he could. The memories of them together..

And from that day on.. th Sky Arcobaleno is said 'missing'..


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