Hello dear readers!

This is Who saying: I'M BACK, BABY! WOOHOO!

College life is kinda tough but I'm making some space on my schedule for new stories. Gosh, I was missing this! All the one-shots and little stories I posted? Well, I had written them a few months ago. I had to get rid of them before I forgot them for good, hehe.

So, here's a new story! Brotherly time is back to WhoTown! Yay!

Now, some people have told me I love L/R brotherly times and it's true. But that doesn't mean I'm a Raph-fan too. I'm only a Leo-fan! (Sorry Raph and all Raph-fangirls. Love ya, all of you )

This story has brotherly love, typical and traditional Leo-Raph fights, some torture and blood (I'm a doc obsessed with blood, so what!)

But most important than blood (mmm, blood~) we will see how far can a turtle go to save the life of his "brother by bond"

Now, I ask you: Would you give up your life to save someone who's not your real brother?

Enjoy and review.


Blood brother.

The definition of this word says it's a male with the same parents as someone else, sharing almost the same physical characteristics, DNA and blood type in most of the cases.

But what happens with a person who doesn't have the same parents as you, who doesn't looks like you at all, who doesn't share your same DNA and maybe that person doesn't even has your same blood type?

Would you take care of him?

Would you worry about him?

Would you share your deepest secrets and dreams with that person?

Would you love him?

Would you call him "brother"?



If your answer is "no"… you better stop reading this and forget I even mentioned it.

But if you said "yes"… then, keep reading.

There are people that have real brothers or sisters; sometimes they love each other, sometimes they hate each other. But still… they are and will be real brothers and sisters no matter how many differences they have. These are brothers or sisters by blood.

Some people have half brothers or adopted brothers and some people share a strong friendship and they call each other "brothers" or "sisters".

Or in some rare cases some children grow up together, raised up by the same father. They're not related in any way but still they have been taught to love, care and respect each other like if they were one. These are brothers or sisters by bond.


My name is Leonardo and the last case I mentioned… is my case.


Here's the deal: four baby turtles in a pet shop, ready to be sold to some little kid. There is no possibility to know if they're related.

First of all, when humans buy a pet, they don't care if they have brothers or not; they're just there for a pet, not to know about the pet's family tree.

Second, it's impossible to know with animals; their life style is a complicated when it comes to mating and breeding. Who knows if just two of us had the same parents, or maybe all of us had the same parents. Or… maybe none of us had the same parents. Like I said before, that's impossible to know and say.

Now, the ooze; that changed our lives. We weren't pets anymore.

The four baby turtles had become mutants. With the time, the mutant turtles grew up and became teenagers and with their sensei's training, they became ninjas.

With the years, the baby turtles that shared a jar with me in that pet shop became my best friends, my reasons to be the leader I am and my reasons to be even better for them.

They became my brothers.

Now you may ask: "Hey! But if you're not sure if you were born together then, how can you call them brothers?"

Well, we may are not brothers by blood… but we share a bond. A bond even stronger and powerful than death itself.

If you don't believe that statement is true… well, I could bet my life for it just to prove you wrong. It's true that we argue, fight, disagree in some things; but that's normal! That is what happens in normal families!

Blood brothers? Who cares!

I don't care if we're not related; I will always love my brothers.

And I could give my life for all of them without exceptions.