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Thompson decided it was time to leave New York and go back to London where he and his family came from. His patients, Leo and Raph, would be ok now they were home.

"I can't thank you enough for saving my family and myself from that… heartless monster, Bishop" Thompson said.

"Your nightmare is over, Dr. Thompson" Splinter bowed.

"But… he could be able to track us, father!" Regina said.

"Don't worry, my dear. If Bishop dares to get near us, he will have to deal with some of my lawyers and let me tell you… the last thing Bishop would want now is to go to trial and lose the government's resources he use for his… mad proposes" Thompson chuckled. Thompson's family felt a little relieved for the news.

"What about… you know…" Don said referring to Thompson's investigation about them.

"Donatello, your secret is safe with me. And I believe this… belongs to you now" Thompson said handing Don a disk.

"All my investigation is there. I won't need it anymore… besides, I have a good memory" Thompson said.

"Thanks, doc. I hope we can stay in touch" Mikey smiled.

"I hope so too, my friends. Good bye" The Thompson family moved to the airport entry while Don, Mikey and Splinter moved to the next manhole and disappeared inside it.

Back to the lair; the hours passed slowly for the red masked turtle. It was now 2 am and he had woken up like 7 times now because of his insomnia but mostly because Leo hadn't showed any sign of consciousness yet. The red masked turtle felt a little recovered from the transfusion but was still cold; he didn't care about that though.

"Raphael, Dr. Thompson said you must sleep" Splinter said entering into the lab.

"I can't, sensei. Not now" Raph sighed.

"Leonardo had been through worse than that, my son. And he had survived"

"I know but… I… I need to talk to him. He needs to know I didn't mean what I said in that interview" Raph said.

"Interview, my son?" Splinter asked.

"Long story, sensei. I said so many stupid things. I-I denied him as my brother when he was defending me all this time… like he always does" Raph answered, the grip on his brother's hand tightening a little.

"I see. I believe that after knowing you and Leonardo are not related, you let your fears to control you, Raphael. And broken spirit is very vulnerable to anything" Splinter commented.

"What can I do now?" Raph asked, his eyes still focused on Leo's unconscious form.

"You and Leonardo shared a bond stronger than anything in this world. You must remember those moments and decide, Raphael. You can let go the past, keep the happy memories and embrace the future or live being haunted by the ghosts of doubt" Splinter said and left Raph alone. He had a lot to think now.

Raph analyzed his father's words. Leo and he did have had happy moments together, especially in their childhood. They always teamed up in their games, they were the first ones who Splinter allowed to go to the surface with him, and they had been punished together because of a prank both of them pulled for one of the youngest brothers. So many memories and happy moments… Raph asked himself… why? Why he forgot all that? He couldn't blame anyone but himself. He let a simple paper to control him, to forget who he really was to Leo's eyes: He was his brother. Related or not, Leo was sure of that. Why? Because Leo made his memories to prevail, he followed his heart instead of his mind; he closed his eyes to the logic and science.

"I failed you. Even when I promised you so many times I wouldn't let you down… I ended up letting you down" Raph said.

"Leo… I know you can hear me. Please, please… forget that stupid interview, forget everything I said" Raph continued.

When Leo was hurt but conscious and Raph made him some company or stayed there because he was too worried to go to sleep, he used to press his palm into Raph's face and smile to calm him down. Although Raph always hated "corny" signs of affection, he never refused this simple but soothing touch. How badly Raph needed to feel his brother's hand and saw his smile in that moment!

"I'm sorry I was so blind. I'm so sorry I hurt you… and let Bishop hurt you. You're my brother, Leonardo. You're my brother… always" the red masked ninja squeezed his brother's hand pressing it into his face.

"…just… n-needed to hear t-that…" a weak voice said squeezing Raph's hand back.

"Leo!" Raph's eyes met Leo's fluttering ones.

"H-hey bro" Leo said weakly feeling a little dizzy.

"You ok? Something hurts? Need Donnie here? Or maybe more…" Raph asked nervously and excited, a mixture of feelings overwhelming him.

"Raph, stop" Leo chuckled and sat up with Raph's help.

"I'm ok now I heard what I needed to, little brother" the blue masked ninja smiled. Raph sighed in relief, seeing his brother "back from death" calmed him but… he still needed to apologize.

"I was so stupid, Leo. You were right since the beginning… we're bros no matter what. And yet… I…" Raph said.

"It's ok; it's not bad to doubt sometimes. I'm glad you made the right decision and accepted me" Leo commented.

"I never denied you" Raph replied.

"Felt like that to me" Leo shrugged. Raph chuckled.

"Where's Dr. Thompson?" Leo asked.

"He left already but we'll stay in touch. Heh, I guess we're in debt with him; he saved your life" Raph said.

"You know what else?"

"Hmmm?" Raph raised a brow.

"He gave me my brother back" Leo smiled warmly. To his surprise, Leo found himself surrounded for a pair of strong arms that pulled him into a bear hug.

"Love you, bro" Raph muttered.

"Love you too" Leo said returning the embrace.

Splinter watched their sons from outside the lab and smiled proudly. The bonds that united his family would never be destroyed now. Blood or not… they were Hamatos, they were family.

No matter what.