Katara emerged from the tent she shared with Aang. She had left him sleeping peacefully. This was the first time in a long while she had woken up before him. The wonderful morning sun had just reached the horizon, making the sky appear like it was ablaze. She seemed restless this morning and couldn't sleep throughout the night. She didn't tell Aang; he would have stayed awake with her, and she didn't want him to lose sleep as well.

She decided to do her daily yoga stretches. A voice made her jump. "Katara." It was only Toph, who was stood behind her with her arms folded. Her face was happy yet still somewhat stern. "You scared me." Said Katara, smiling in relief. Toph began tapping her foot lightly, which Katara thought it unusual, as often when Toph tapped her feet, she would be doing her earthbending. Katara waited for the ground to respond to the tapping, but nothing did. It seemed Toph was tapping her foot for the same reason anyone else would: to show annoyance. "What's wrong?" Asked Katara curiously. Toph smiled slightly.

"You don't know?" She said.

"Know what Toph?" Asked Katara, intrigued.

"Why you can't sleep well lately." Toph replied, as an innocent smile spread across her face. Katara seemed confused. Toph certainly knew something she didn't. She shrugged, gesturing for Toph to tell her. Toph stopped tapping her foot and came closer to Katara. She unfolded her arms, and, leaning close, whispered into her ear. "You're pregnant." Katara was immediately shocked. She looked over at her and Aang's tent, then back at Toph. She struggled to say anything. "But…how do you know?" She asked worryingly. Toph reached out a hand and put it on Katara's currently flat stomach. She smiled at Katara. "If I can tell whether Sokka has toe jam then I can certainly tell whether you're pregnant!" Toph's small joke about Sokka refused to reach Katara. She instead questioned Toph's opinion in disbelief. "But there could be other reasons why I can't sleep. It could be that we're sleeping in tents while we travel to the Fire Nation." Toph shook her head.

"I know what I can feel." She said. "Being the best earthbender in the world can be useful for these sorts of situations. I can just feel it about you. A second heartbeat…" Toph said, smiling once again. Katara looked back at her tent once again. Aang would be awake soon. "I have to go. I have to get a second opinion." She ran over to Appa, who had heard the conversation and stood up, rearing to go. Toph didn't understand. "Go where?" She asked.

"To Aunt Wu, in the Earth Kingdom. We met her before you joined the group. She'll be able to give me a definite answer." Katara said, careful not to wake the others. She climbed onto Appa's head. Before leaving she said one last thing to Toph. "Don't tell Aang." And with that and a quiet "Yip yip", Appa lifted himself from the group and up into the skies.

A few seconds later Aang emerged from their tent and stretched. "Morning Toph. Where's Katara? I thought I heard Appa take off." Toph smiled at Aang as he approached her. He scratched his bare chest a little and waited for an answer. "Who? I don't know anything." Toph babbled. Aang smiled kindly. "Come on Toph. Don't lie to me." Toph lowered her head, nudging a stone embedded in the ground with her toe. She sighed. "Katara took Appa and went to see someone called Aunt Wu." She whispered. Aang stroked the back of his head.

"Aunt Wu? I wonder what Katara's gone to see her for." Aang asked himself softly. Toph shrugged and bounded off in the direction of where she'd stored her stuff. "Don't ask me!" She shouted behind her. Aang rolled his eyes and picked up his staff from the ground. He wiped the light dust off of it and opened his glider, much to the surprise of Toph. "And where are you going?" She asked in the most whining voice she could manage.

"I'm going to find Katara." Aang said concentrating on his open glider mechanism.

"But you'll never catch up to Appa at the speed he flies..." Toph said.

"No, but maybe I'll find her while she's still with Aunt Wu." Aang smiled. He took a short run up and flew away in the direction of where Katara and Appa had gone. Toph facepalmed, ashamed with herself.

A few hours later, Katara had arrived at the Earth Kingdom village where Aunt Wu lived. She let Appa in one of the surrounding fields to rest whilst she got her reading. As she entered the building someone instantly recognised her. "Katara! I have seen you in four years!" Katara smiled. It was Aunt Wu. She appeared frailer since her last visit.

Katara nodded kindly and followed Aunt Wu into her back room where she did the readings. As they both sat around the crackling fire, Aunt Wu turned to Katara. "I know why you're here." Katara didn't say a word, and continued to stare into the flames. Aunt Wu continued. "Why do you come to me?" She asked.

"Because your readings bring me comfort." Katara whispered.

"I don't know why they should. Last time you were here you all proved me wrong…the incident with the volcano?" Said Aunt Wu. Katara smiled, remembering her younger self. "I suppose I need a second opinion. Toph said she could feel it, but I just wanted to be sure." Katara said, now looking in the direction of Aunt Wu, who nodded.

"Your friend was right. You are pregnant…with Aang's baby, I presume?" Katara nodded. "But, how did you know it's Aang's?" Asked Katara. Aunt Wu smiled happily. "I don't need powers to know how much you love each other." She whispered. The crackling of the fire had died down. Katara smiled. Aunt Wu was right. She stood up, thanked the elderly woman and left the building. She greeted Appa, who let out a happy noise when he saw his master. Aang landed on the ground and closed his glider. He ran up to Katara and hugged her tightly. "What did you want from Aunt Wu?" He asked once he released her from his loving embrace. Toph must have told him. She sighed in annoyance. "What did Toph say?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"Just that you'd come here. Nothing else." Aang replied. Katara breathed a small sigh of relief. "So, what did you ask her?" Repeated Aang. Katara hesitated. She didn't want to tell him yet. "Errr…" She swallowed. "I just wanted to ask Aunt Wu whether I should eat a papaya today." Said Katara. Aang chuckled.

"You and your papayas!" He said, recalling the last time they'd encountered Wu several years ago. "Seems a long way to go just to ask that, though."

"Yeah, I suppose." Katara replied nervously. The pair mounted Appa and returned to where they'd set up camp. During the journey home Katara seemed distant and unresponsive, wich caught Aang's attention. He decided to give her her space to take her time to tell him, if she chose to. Seeing the love of his life in emotional pain hurt him so.

By now everyone was awake and enjoying a late lunch. Katara held Aang's arm as he went to get some food. He turned. "Aang, can we talk for a minute?" She asked.

"Sure." He replied. She led him into the field across from the camp, much to the disbelief of the others. "I wonder what they're talking about." Asked Sokka. Toph's eyes shifted from left to right. "Don't look at me!" She babbled. The group watched as Katara was talking to Aang. They were too far away to hear their conversation. Then they watched as Aang picked up and hugged her tightly. They kissed and stood close as the sun shone high in the sky. "Probably found us some food for once." Said Sokka.