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Billy & Mandy Vs The Army of Darkness: Dead by Dawn


It was night in Endsville, a chilling breeze blew that night, rustling the leaves in trees, and the moon was full casting a pale light on the town through the very thick smog. The sound of a wolf could be heard breaking the silence.

At an ordinary seeming neighborhood, in an ordinary looking house was a boy sitting on the floor in front of a large TV, the boy had a large nose, a baseball cap, a white t-shirt, blue pants and sneakers.

He sat on the floor with both of his hands covering his eyes; he was watching a horror movie. The sounds of a chainsaw can be heard as it cut an object, he let out a frightened scream and covered his eyes, he uncovered his eyes slightly seeing a large figure with a chainsaw chopping things to bits, frightened he screamed again and he dived behind a green couch.

The boy peeked at the TV from behind his couch watching the TV, in reality it wasn't a horror film at all it was just an advertisement for a new chainsaw "Oh crazy chopper Charlie please don't come knocking at my door" he squeaked, praying that the chainsaw wielding lumber-jack won't come knocking down his front door and chopping him to bit-size pieces.

But there was a knock at the door, he walked over and opened the door "Who are you?" he said quickly, the light from the moon revealed, standing on his porch was a blond girl who was his age, dressed in a medieval costume holding a skull "I'm Hamlet" she said in monotone, the skeleton then said in a Jamaican accent "To be or not to be, that is the question" the boy was quiet for a moment then let out a frightened screech and slammed the door, the girl sighed and opened the mail slot "Billy, it us".

Billy opened the door, realizing that it was his friend Mandy and she was holding Grim's skull "But-" he began

"It's a costume" she said finishing his thought, he was quiet for a second then said confused "I don't get it".

Mandy and Grim were quiet then Grim said loudly like he was explaining the most obvious thing in the world to a complete idiot "It's Halloween you idiot!" the crickets were chirping for a second then Billy exclaimed "Halloween?" he ran back inside quickly and threw on a grey cloak and grabbed a scythe and returned to the front door "Ta-da! I'm the grim reaper!" said Billy and he laughed a little

"Grim I'm going to borrow your scythe for tonight" "Just be careful you twirp" said Grim "Oh I'll be careful" said Billy but he tripped over his robe and almost cut his head off with the scythe "What did I tell you about my scythe?" growled Grim

Billy scratched his nose and said "Not to pick my nose with it" Grim nodded "and he who wields it can-" "Can unleash unspeakable chaos" interrupted Billy. Grim was quiet then said "Uh well yes" "Alright you love birds, lets go Halloween comes only once a year, we'll go get Irwin and meet some guy your dad asked us to meet" said Mandy walking past Billy carrying Grim's skull.

A block away at a house surrounded by dead trees, a dark haired man was sitting in a reclining chair in his house, the house had a dark black roof and was grey colored. The man wore a dark blue shirt, jeans and odd enough his right hand was a metal replacement, his name was Ashley J. Williams but everyone calls him Ash.

Ash was transferred to the Endsville branch of S-Mart a year ago because it had very few employees, when he's not working in the housewares department he slays Deadites and prevent the end of mankind. He sipped some beer from a bottle in his living room with a duffle bag at his feet, he packed some things in a duffle bag readying for going out for a night on the town and in case they get attacked by Deadites.

His neighbor Harold asked him to watch his kids while they go trick or treating, while he ran out and did some errands, at first declined then Harold was on his knees begging, it was rather embarrassing seeing a grown man on his knees begging in public so he agreed to in order to stop his blubbering.

The doorbell rang, he got up from his chair picked up his shotgun in one hand and he opened the door slowly and saw it was a bunch of kids he sighed and he put away his shotgun. He opened the door a little more, standing on his porch was a blond girl with scowl on her face holding a skull, she was dressed as hamlet, next to her was a big nosed kid who resembled Harold, he was dressed in a grey cloak and carried a scythe, and behind them was a kid dressed as a vampire, he had glasses and false vampire teeth

"Yeah what do you want?" asked Ash "Trick or Treat!" screamed Billy holding out a bag expecting candy, the blond girl just shoved the big nosed kid aside "Are you Mr. Ashley J Williams? We were supposed to meet him" asked Mandy Ash nodded "Yeah that's me but call me Ash"

Mandy nodded "Sure" "I'd call myself something else too if I had a girl's name to yo" said Irwin "Duhhahaha yeah" laughed Billy picking himself off of the ground,

Ash walked out of the house carrying his bag, he locked the door "Hey! You didn't give us candy" said Billy Ash searched his pockets and gave Billy a packet of breath mints "here you go happy Halloween" he grumbled

"Alright!" shouted Billy victoriously, "Alright lets go" said Mandy leading the group down the street towards more houses.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of Endsville, in a old rundown cabin on a cliff overlooking the city, a dozen nerdy teens in red robes were inside sitting on the wooden floor, candles lighting the room, they were chanting something in a made up language then the leader began, his voice was rather nasally "Finally after many months of preparing, We the Secret Snake club" everyone hissed like a snake and the leader continued

"Shall begin our secret meeting, first order of business is…" but he was interrupted by a nerd next to him "Uh why are we here again?" The leader, also known as "Wiggly", sighed then said "I told you before Viper, we're here because there wasn't enough room in your mom's basement for all of us and besides no one would think that we would hold our meetings here" said Wiggly,

the other members looked around the abandoned cabin nervously, the cold evening air whistling through the floorboards and bordered up windows sounding like howling of tormented souls causing the candles to flicker slightly but they remained lit.

They continued the meeting as per usual, discussing science fiction, plotting revenge on jocks and bullies, and the usual plan of getting out of PE. One member got up and walked around the cabin looking for the restroom till his foot went through a floor board and his foot became stuck

"Help!" he called to his friends, they came and they tried pulling his leg out but it was stuck really tightly, so they called for the others, all the members of the secret snake club were trying to pull his leg free but it was still stuck.

"On the count of three" commanded Wiggly "One, Two, Three!" they all pulled and the boy's leg came free from the floor board but pulled up a large chunk of the floor up revealing a secret hiding hole. Inside the hole was a rusted black box "Hm what's this?" said one member aloud they all looked and saw the box, they pulled the box from it's hiding place and they carried it back to the main room, they set the box on the ground gently and brushed off dust off the lid they were all silently staring at the box.

"What do you think it is?" asked one boy to no one in particular some others were muttering things but no one answered, "I say we open it" said Wiggly "Are you crazy! That thing could have spiders or some dead guy's head or something", said Viper and the others nodded in agreement "well who's going to open it then? You?" asked Wiggly,

Viper became quiet, Wiggly looked around then sighed, "Fine I'll open it" he opened it, the lid creaked and they looked in the box and saw it contained an object wrapped in black cloth and an old dusty tape recorder. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, one member pulled out the tape recorder and Wiggly pulled out the object in black, he unwrapped it and all the nerds gapped at the sight of the object,

it was a brown book that has a face and the face is shriveled up "Whoa freaky" whispered Viper "What is it?" asked someone but Wiggly just shrugged "I don't know" he placed the book aside

"Play the tape maybe it will tell us something" they gathered around the tape recorder and pushed the play button, the button clicked and the tape squeaked to life, the sound was grainy but clear, the sound of a man his voice was hollow and empty of emotion

"It has been many years since I began excavating the ruins of Candar with a group of my colleges now it is just me continuing my research on the outskirts of Endsville in solitude undisturbed from simple distractions of the city below. I believe I have made a significant find in the Candarian ruins. A volume of Sumarian burial practices. It is called the Morturom Demonto roughly translated the book of the dead but I believe it is also known as The Necronomicon. The book is bound in human flesh and inked in blood. It deals with demons and demon resurrection and those forces that dwell in the forests and dark bowers of man's domain. The first few pages warn that these enduring creatures may lie dormant but are never truly dead. They may be recalled to active life through the incantations presented in this book. It is through recitation of these passages that the demons are given license to possess the living."

Then Viper turned off the tape recorder "ok this is getting freaky" "Aw come on it was getting to the best part" complained Wiggly "I think we should put this thing back to where we found it" "Are you scared?" said Wiggly

Viper shook his head "No i-it's just getting late that's all" "Come on what's the harm in listening to the rest of it?" asked Wiggly

Viper muttered something and they switched the recorder back on, the man was now chanting in some bizarre dialect, the air got colder and colder, the wind howled outside and the floor boards shuddered, about a dozen grey rotting fists punched out from beneath the floor boards.

The floor boards split open, revealing rotting corpses with milk white eyes and missing teeth rose from beneath the floor, the secret snake club all cowered in the corner, the undead walked slowly towards the cowering nerds, Wiggly's last words were "This is Awesome!" then their screams of terror shattered the silence over Endsville.

End of chapter 1

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