Faleron wasn't sure when his feelings for Kel had evolved to more than that of a friend, he couldn't remember if his feelings for Kel had ever been that of a friend. One thing he did remember was that certain occurrences had forced him to acknowledge that fact that he was falling for the girl page. By the time he had realized, he had fallen too far to ever have a hope of crawling back up.

One such incident was at then end of her probationary year, Faleron was the second person she ran to, to tell her news. She had jumped up and hugged him around the shoulders, as he laughed and spun her around he felt weak at the knees and shivery. At the time he had not spent much thought on the matter - summer flu it must be, he had thought.

In her second year when Faleron had accidentally struck her in staff practice he had become almost crazy with worry, when Ezeko had forbidden Neal to help.. well the only thing stopping him from snapping at the sergeant was Kel, leaning against his body. A warm presence by his side, it was then that he realized his predicament, he was in love with the lady page. Later that day in the stables, when Garvey had insulted his Kel, HIS Kel where did that come from? Faleron had stayed in Garvey's stall for longer than necessary - enjoying the feel of Kel hugging his arm against her chest, only Garvey could see the small smile tugging at the corners of his lips and he was smart enough not to say anything. Faleron remembered cold winter nights spent in front of the fire in his room when she tutored him for maths, her leaning against his legs when the stump was explaining something particularly long and tiresome. Next to Neal he was her best friend.

When the bandits attacked in her third year, Faleron had frozen. Kel had grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the cliff face, pushing him before her to the cave, forcing him out of the way to take an arrow for him. He remembered tending her filled with guilt.

When Owen ( that boy had no tact) had drawn attention to Kel's growing chest in her last year as a page, Both Kel and Faleron had both blushed, neither had wanted the other boys attention on it. Faleron noticed Neal watching him with interest and hurried away to bid Kel farewell before departing the palace with his knight master, Sir Sacherall. When Kel had not shown up for her big exams, Faleron had found out from her old manservant Gower that she was looking for her maid and the mutt dog, Jump. Faleron was the one who told the palace guards to look up the needle - after all the whole court knew of Kel's fear.

It was only in her first year as a squire though that Faleron had noticed that only he, of all her friends even Neal, could see through her mask.

With the rest of her squire years came no great revelations for Faleron, he knew that he was irreversibly in love with her. He was jealous, possessive, moody and worried when she was away. Jealous of Cleon and their relationship. He was possessive, after all, that oaf was touching his Kel. Moody, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder in Faleron's case it just made him moody and recessive. Worried, after all her knightmaster was the knight commander of the kings own, one of the most dangerous positions in Tortall.

Faleron remembered her staggering out of the chamber of the ordeal, Her beautiful face set and determined in the task that she had been assigned. Faleron remembered watching from the trees as she crossed back across the Vassa seeming resigned, to what? He watched as her expression changed to shock and acceptance. Kel looked up and smiled straight a Faleron, a heart-stopping smile for him and him alone.


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