Taking a short break from the writer's block that is hanging around 'Day In, Day Out' soooo…

Quick drabble!

I'm sure I promised someone, somewhere, some properish NaruHina. Lol, its tiny. But amazingly, not the shortest thing I've written.

Omg Naruto Shippuden episode 166 killed me (have just re-re-re-re-re-rewatched it).Anyway, so amazing T.T (and I don't even ship NaruHina.)

I wanted to write more of this part but I don't think I could actually go any further because I don't feel like I could capture how… how…. *insert appropriate word here* Hinata was.. Especially with the crawling and everything! Baaawww!

Bittersweet Devotion



Naruto hadn't seen bravery like that in a long time. She was beautiful and terrifying at the same time, the way she leapt out before him.

In that one second before Hinata slammed her hand into the ground, in that one second before his vision was filled with dust, she was long and lean, her hair billowing out behind her, her mouth turned down in a very certain frown of grim determination; so different to the one he had seen her wear all those years ago against Neji. This face knew the outcome.

A sudden bubble of panic started at the back of his throat when her sandals clacked onto the dry ground, the noise triggering the horrifying realization of the truth and he felt the overwhelming urge to jump and grab for her, to pull her from her offensive stance, to take her from the battlefield in his arms. He didn't even need to be pretty about it. Dragging her up and away in a clumsy, dead-last sort of way would do.

But he couldn't move. Even if he wasn't being held down, he couldn't have moved.

She was…

"I won't let you hurt Naruto kun anymore!" Her voice rang out strong and clear, not a hint of that stutter she always seemed to have when they were near each other.

Pein muttered something but all Naruto could think about was how shiny and new, how clean and pale Hinata looked. The way her hair fell between her shoulder blades. The soft look to her tiny hands.

She was so beautiful. ..

So why?

He was angry, confused.


"Why did you come out here? Get away quickly, you're no match-!"

"I know. I'm just being selfish"

"What are you talking about!"

She had to run. Right now!

She, so small and perfect, just couldn't be here. A desperateness flared in his chest

"Don't put yourself in danger like this!"

But Hinata just stood without looking at him, him in his pathetic situation, unable to do anything. He had no power to take her by the shoulders and shake sense into her. To turn her back and tell her that he'd take care of it, that he never went back on his word. He was useless while she stood strong and tall. But at the same time weak and so small before Pein. It terrified him.


"I'm here because I want to be. This time, I'm going to save you Naruto kun."

The horrifically determined look on Hinata's face had Naruto's heart racing, the panicked beat pounding under his cheeks, his hands tingling. Everything she was saying became dull against his ears, her voice like a low hum as he blinked, trying to erase her presence.

She can't be here. Say she's not here. Not Hinata, not Hinata!

"Your smile is what saved me..."

"You changed me…"

"That's why I'm not afraid to die…" The edges of his vision burnt as he watched her with his wide disbelieving eyes. She couldn't be here.

"…if it means I can protect you!"

The tiny little smile that graced her pale pink lips was simply heartbreaking. Her eyes, so light and strange were warm. She didn't look to him as her mouth parted into the words:

"Because… I love you Naruto kun."

He couldn't speak. There were no words. His blood was cold, the sweat on his body icy. He didn't even breathe, just stared.

She then took her fighting stance and it begun.

And all he could do was watch.