Her father was sick for ages, days, weeks at least that was how Morgan had seen it. Everyone tried to help, best doctors from the far villages came to cure him but none of them was successful. When finally king called for Merlin.

Morgan was 10 years old that time, her father meant everything for her but then he came. Tall, dark, handsome, the prince charming, the one she has been hearing about since she was a little child.

They told her to go back to her chamber but she didn't, she watched Merlin curing her father, for the first time in her life she was a witness of something special, something magical. She watched him with her open eyes, saying spells, his hands like stones, her father trying not to say a word, in pain, she wanted to run to him but her legs weren't able to move. She run away to her chamber, not saying anyone a word, that night was full of imagination, fantasies done by 10 years old. "What has she seen? what was the man doing? who is he?"

But next morning as soon as she could she run to her father's room. He has been already woken up, cheerfully eating apples, wine, whatever was brought to him, he was once again strong, full of life.

"Morgan?" he asked her, curious why his daughter is not asleep.

She was stoned. Wanted to hug him so badly, smile and dance with him just like she has seen other kids do with their father but her father wasn't this kind of man. She noticed Merlin standing next to him, smiling, chatting about something, giving the king advices, nodding to his opinions.

The day was spent just like any other, with servants, with teachers but she wasn't really there. Merlin was the only person who was in her head.

Later the day when her father was alone she came to him and with the serious voice she told him her decision.

"Father, I will marry Merlin"

he chuckled at her, laughed, not taking a child seriously, kneeled down and looked into her eyes

"Marry Merlin and everything will be yours... except your soul"