'Hey Mom,' I chucked my bag on the floor in the hallway as I walked through the kitchen to find my mom. She was at the sink peeling potatoes, still wearing the hideous green polo shirt she has to for her job, seriously it's a disgusting colour somewhere between bogey and pus green.

'Hey baby, dinner's going to be about half an hour so I suggest you get some of your homework out the way until it's ready.' I scowl and she chuckles as I huff back out of the kitchen and up to my room.

Everyone thinks it's so cool to have a young mom, assuming she lets me get away with stuff but she is actually pretty strict. She wants me to do well in school so I have 'options', that's always her favourite phrase. In some ways she is cool, I really feel I can talk to her about sex stuff, she's very open and honest and admits as much as she would like to think I'm saving myself she knows that's not going to happen.

Mom was barely seventeen when she had me, I know she had big plans for her life but she's never made me feel unwanted, in fact she's very keen on stressing that I am the best thing that ever happened to her. I have only ever seen my dad a few times; the last time was when he turned up a few years ago with his new wife on my birthday. I hate to say this about my flesh and blood but the guy's a douche.

Victoria, his third or fourth wife I'm not quite sure, she looked, to put it politely like a whore. Even mom frowned a little at her fake red hair extensions and the fact she wore more slap than a Doris Day convention. James, my father sat on the couch and just fondled Vicwhoria practically the whole visit before wishing me a happy birthday and leaving. Mom had said if she wanted to see cheap porn there was better stuff on the internet.

I get a cheque every Christmas and birthday so I can't complain. I often wonder what dad was like when he was younger, what mom ever saw in him but she just shrugs and says he was cute and sweet until she told him she was pregnant. Poor mom they had used protection but apparently she was one of the unlucky four percent that it fails on.

Thankfully I have plenty of lovely male role models in my life. Jasper is a cool guy; he's married to mom's best friend Alice. Coach McCarty is also fun, he and mom dated for a little while but it never took, culminating in the time he tried to teach her to wrestle and broke three of her ribs. They are still friends though, I learn a lot of funny words from Emmett that mom most definitely does not approve of.

I dig out my calculus book and sigh over the amazingly hot new teacher I have for the subject this year. Mr Cullen. As soon as he walked in the room there was a collective sigh from the female students, and maybe even some of the males. The guy was just sex on legs, I mean really it's hard enough to concentrate in school without giving us an amazingly hot teacher.

Scribbling away in my book, I hear my phone ringing from my bag, She Wolf blares from my phone and I giggle. Jake hates the fact that I assigned that ring tone to him and I love the fact it annoys him so. Last summer he got drunk at the big annual bonfire at La Push and started singing that song. I will never forget the sight of big, muscled Jacob prancing around singing 'There's a she wolf in the closet. Open up and set her free. There's a she wolf in your closet. Let it out so it can breathe.' This rendition was complete with howling and everything.

God that shit was priceless.

'Hi Jake,' I try to make my voice all low and sexy.

'Ness are you all right? Do you have a cold or something? So much for sexy.

'I'm fine,' I now use my normal voice. 'What's up?

I have had a crush on Jake for as long as I can remember, it's sad and demoralising because he just sees me as a sister but what can I do? The guy is gorgeous, tall, strong with beautiful chiselled cheekbones and lips that look firm yet soft. Damn I sound like those corny romance novels mom is always reading. Jake is beautiful there are no two ways about it, he used to have long, black hair but now he's cut it short, making his features more defined and somehow more manly.

I think I let out a sigh and quickly try to turn it into a cough.

'I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me in Port Angeles on Saturday?'

My heart is beating nineteen to the dozen. Holy shit he is asking me out on a date.

'A bunch of us are going, so what do you think?' and just like that my hopes deflate. Silently I curse myself and my stupid reactions as I agree to come. Sitting next to Jake in a dark theatre is about as close as I'm ever likely to get to him.

'Dinner's ready.' I trudge slowly downstairs and mom notices my funky mood.

'Is everything okay sweetie?' I tell mom most things but this little obsession of mine I keep to myself. I don't want the pity or the assurances that I will grow out of it.

'Damn calculus, you know how much I hate the subject.' Mom seems to accept my excuse.

'I hated that subject too at school. Ugh we had the most boring teacher imaginable.' She pulls a face and I laugh.

'Ah well my teacher is hot with a capital H.' I grin at her and she rolls her eyes.

'He's new,' I continue. 'Mr Cullen has certainly got the girls at Forks highs panties in a twist.'

Mom shakes her head and goes back to eating. Looking over at her I can see she looks tired. Grandpa died a few months ago from cancer, mom pretty much looked after him constantly in those last months, we couldn't exactly afford respite care.

Grandpa Charlie left us the house and some money but things are still tight and with only a high school education mom has to work at Newton's Outfitter's. I know she needs a break, the circles under her dark brown eyes so like my own are becoming more pronounced. Mom and Charlie were so close and I don't think she has taken time to grieve properly; sometimes I will catch her gazing at the chair he used to sit in looking lost and lonely.

Maybe mom needs a man but in this town decent men are hard to come by. I mentally go through the men around mom's age. Well there's stinky Pete but I think mom would require a certain level of hygiene. Most of the guy's at the lumberyard are married so they are out. Mom can look really pretty when she makes the effort, she has beautiful long mahogany coloured hair and her skin is really clear and fresh looking, in fact she could probably pass for under thirty. She's small like me, although not as small as aunt Alice, who is like woodland creature small, and I guess she has a pretty decent figure, it's curvy in all the right places.

Then inspiration strikes. Ness you are a genius. Silently I pat myself on the back, now I just need to formulate a plan. By my reckoning mom hasn't had a date in like three years, she's being out of the game so long, which makes things harder but not impossible.

'What are you up to?' Damn it I hadn't realised I was grinning, mom is eyeing me suspiciously as if she knows exactly what I'm thinking.

'Nothing,' I hedge.

'You look mighty pleased with yourself.'

'Do I?'

'Renessme Swan I know you are up to something.' I shake my head at the use of my ridiculous name, I'm pretty sure they gave her too many drugs while she was in labour, that's the only explanation for the name I got stuck with.

'I'm not up to anything. By the way is it okay if I go to the movies with Jake, Leah and Seth on Saturday?'

'I don't see why not.' She's still watching me warily but I lower my head and shovel mashed potato in my mouth.

Getting ready for school the next day I pull on my usual jeans and thick sweater, I don't bother with make up as fortunately I inherited mom's clear skin. My hair is not like hers at all though, it's very fair with red highlights and abominably wavy, which I hate, I long for smooth, straight hair instead of the bird's nest I am cursed with.

At school I catch sight of Mike Newton, he's with his stupid jock buddies and as I pass by he yells something about my mom being a milf. I flip him off and carry on to my first class, which happens to be calculus.

Mr Cullen is sat at his desk, his coppery hair all sexily dishevelled as he runs his fingers through it.

He looks up as I enter and I offer a weak smile, his full lips stretch into a smile and the cutest dimple appears in his square jaw. Oh yeah he is gorgeous.

Mr Cullen asks me a question during the lesson that I know the answer to but pretend not to, I see him frown but he passes on to another student. We are supposed to hand in our homework on the way out of class; I hang back and go to walk out of the door even though I have done the work.

'Homework Miss Swan?' I look back at Mr Cullen and say 'sorry I didn't finish it.'

'Is everything okay, you're usually very punctual at handing in your work.' I don't meet his eye, which I know will set alarm bells ringing and nod my head not very convincing.

'If you're sure..' he trails off. 'Get it to me tomorrow and I will over look it this time.' I nod again; hoping mom appreciates my efforts on her behalf.

Operation find mom a man is underway and Mr Cullen won't know what's hit him.