Things Left Unsaid

By: Thessaly Corgin (Corgin)

Chapter 1: An Unwanted Guest


"Jane... Jane... Jane... JANE."

Darcy barged through the doors of the research facility and began to frantically look for her boss. Various late night researchers turned around at the loud yelps as she stormed through the corridors. She was no light footed girl and her frantic run was by no means graceful, evoking various smiles and eye rolls from the other employees - they were used to her eccentric antics.

Oh god oh god... always me...I never wanted to be a part of this scary shit... I just wanted university credits...


Jane, who was as usual relentlessly working, heard Darcy's yelling came and upstairs from her basement office, a look of concern on her face. It was obvious that she hadn't been sleeping as she appeared tired and disjointed, her hair frizzing and falling out of her ponytail.

"Jesus Darcy it's what… eleven? What's wrong, why aren't you at the crash site?"

Darcy just looked up at Jane like a possum in the headlights, her mouth half open and blue eyes wide. She tried a few times to start a sentence, each time stopping and taking a second to reorganize her thoughts. Finally Jane cut in, impatient.

"Is it... Thor?"

Darcy shook her head quickly, ignoring the disappointment that Jane was trying to hide. Jane sighed and turned Darcy around, pushing her towards the door, "Come outside, I don't want to talk about it around everyone, they're eavesdropping. If someone passes on anything we'll have Stark and SHIELD knocking on our door by morning."

The other staff - some of whom had stopped typing - suddenly got back to work as Jane and Darcy swiftly paced away. The evening air outside of the facilities were slightly more calming than the blaring lights inside, allowing Darcy's heart rate to start dropping back to normal. They walked over to the car and Darcy took a few deep breaths as Jane continued to talk at her.

"Darcy you've been watching that crash site for 6 months and obviously something just happened... are you going to tell me exactly what you saw or are you going to scream my name a couple more times?"

Darcy held up her hand to signal that she just needed a few more seconds, and Jane leaned against the pick up truck. Since the disappearance of Thor, Jane had become regretfully grumpy. She was always up late, supposedly living on coffee, and Darcy started to wonder if she'd ever return to normal again. The Jane she knew was perky and funny, always laughing and having a good time. Over the months since the incident she had turned to stone. Taking a final breath Darcy started to recount what she had seen that spooked her so badly,


An hour prior…

Ugh, I always get the worst jobs… Darcy blew another bubble with her gum as she stared up at the sky. She loved the sky because she always found it fairly reliable: sure, sometimes there were clouds and sometimes it would rain, but every time it cleared she would always be greeted with the same shining stars. The stars were slightly different in Alberquerque than they were in New York, but she'd seen them for six consecutive months, every single night as she guarded the patch of sand which once functioned as the Bifrost.

For the first few months Jane was diligent and lovestruck, sitting there herself every single moment she had to spare. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and eventually Jane's undying hope faded only to be replaced with a sense of bitter abandonment. SHIELD had begun to load her up with work, and soon enough Jane ceased to watch the spot herself.

Darcy had laughed when Jane passed on the task to her - it was the story of her life: something gets too boring, so they make Darcy do it. So what had happened in her months of being guardian of the great sand? Nothing - she had seen a rattlesnake once, though. Every time she checked her Facebook on her phone she'd see a stream of pictures that her friends had put up about the 'awesome parties' she was missing. I'm in my twenties and it's a Friday... she thought to herself, I should be drunk or something like that. She noted to herself that she should make Jane throw a party at the research facility - nothing was more fun than drunk suits.

Darcy looked up to see a single shooting star invading her usually familiar sky. Well would you look at that? The first insignificantly interesting thing to happen in a while... She checked her watch - the night was still young and she still had a long time yet to wait in the cold. She pulled her scarf closer and wished that it would start getting warmer - it was almost May after all, summer should be right around the bend. The star that had shot across the sky appeared to be curving at the horizon and turning around. It took Darcy a few seconds to realize, but whatever it was it was heading straight for her.

"Oh come on, are you serious?"

She said to no one in particular, running for the pick up truck. She got in and fumbled with the keys, trying to get it started. The falling star continued it's journey, right towards the all too familiar crash site. Finally, getting the truck started and Darcy scurried down the road, seeing the ball of light in the mirror plummeting down behind her. She pushed the accelerator, edging the truck away from the potential danger.

She was both excited and nervous - finally she was going to have something to show Jane when she got back to headquarters. No more empty reports or disappointed looks, just a happy Jane and her eye-candy friend Thor walking around the place. It is Thor, right? The comet touched down behind her, causing the ground to shake.

The second she possibly could she jumped out of the car, running over to the crash site as fast as she possibly could. She found it odd that Thor - or whoever it was - hadn't taken the usually tranquil Bifrost mode of transport, and instead really crash landed. She approached the crater slowly, edging down and standing over the smoking green cloaked figure.

"Who are you?" She asked the mysterious form. She walked a circle around to see his face. He was shivering, and appeared weak and crippled. His green eyes shone like gateways into the gears of a clock - he wasn't moving but wheels were turning within his head.

"Help me up?" He said with a pleasant smile.

His black hair was smoldering in places and his skin burnt in patches... his armor was unmistakable though - he was from Asgard. Darcy bent down to touch him, placing her hand on his cheek. He looked up at her until she quickly pulled her hand away with a squeak.

"You're... freezing. You're freezing cold. How is that possible?"

Darcy stood up and began to run back up to her pick up truck.

"Just help me up? Come back!" He yelled weakly behind her.

Darcy got into the truck and began to drive. No, she wasn't doing anything without telling Jane first. Even if he was kind of hot.


"So it's not Thor?" Jane said, snapping Darcy out of her recollection. Darcy shook her head again.

"For the last time, no. Not unless he now looks like a hot version of Dracula. Now are we going to go and help the guy or what? We can't really just leave him there..."

Before they knew it they were back in the truck hurtling down the rough New Mexico road. It took the usual twenty minutes to drive out to the spot, but it was easy enough to find. The man hadn't moved at all from when Darcy left, still lying in fetal position.

"He looked a lot worse when I left, he doesn't have burns on his face anymore." Darcy said, slightly confused. Jane stomped up to and leaned over him, Darcy lagging behind her at the top of the cater.

"Why are you here." Jane said to him in a low voice, kneeling down and looking him in the eye.

"I... I don't believe we've met?"

Jane looked at Darcy, and then back to the man on the ground.

"You know very well who I am. Now me and my assistant are about to help you, and you are not going to say a word until I tell you that you can speak. I am immensely angry at what you did, so I am going to have very little patience with you. Understand?"

"Yes… yes I understand."

Darcy made it to the bottom of the crater, asking Jane what was going on.

"Darcy, that man is not a man you want to trust... you can trust me on that one," Darcy turned her gaze to him. - yes, he was injured, but he could see the mirth in his eyes. He knew exactly what was going on and what he was doing. Jane continued, "That's Loki, Thor's brother. Remember, the one that tried to kill us? We're taking him back to headquarters and restraining him."

Darcy nodded and watched as Jane ran up to the truck and came out with handcuffs, throwing them down into the crater to Darcy.

"I'm going to start the car up. You cuff him and bring him up, then we'll get back to HQ as fast as we can."

Darcy nodded and turned back to Loki, eyeing him up. He was strangely thin but undeniably enticing, and although he was covered in sand he had a slight smile to his lips which lit up his face. Spinning the handcuffs in a circle on one of her fingers she walked towards him.

"Sooo… you like handcuffs?"

"I love them, dear. Please, go ahead."

He held out his wrists and Darcy couldn't help but smile as she snapped the cuffs onto him. She tried to help him off of the ground but he shrugged her off, effortlessly managing to walk up to the top of the crater without his hands. Even with her hands Darcy had tripped and slid on her way up. Without any fuss he got into the back of the truck, leaning his head against the windows as Jane and Darcy jumped back in.

"Aren't you scared he'll jump out?"

Darcy asked Jane as they began to drive. Jane shrugged, "Honestly I think he's too tired. If he's anywhere as powerful as Thor said he was he'd probably be halfway across the country by now. Something tells me he's had a bit of a hard time."

Darcy looked out the back windows at him - he was looking up at the sky.

"You know what, Jane? I think we've all had a bit of a hard time lately. And something tells me that it isn't going to change anytime soon."


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