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Cal's POV

It was beginning to be a long day at the Night Watch and I was starving. The Shrink was having us work overtime to take down this thing infesting Manhattan. I was sitting at a desk filling out papers to allow a human into the Watch. My stomach growled as my parasite groaned in complaint. I sighed I sighed lowering my forehead on the table in annoyance.

"Hey Cal," Lace called out. "Shrink said that she won't be here until Wednesday, so go home, relax," Lace was standing in the doorway. I smiled, she just wanted to get home and into my pants. We were both carriers ..., thanks to Cornelius,... so there was no chance of us going insanely peep. We carriers, as Lace and I have discovered, could have relationships with each other and other peeps and live normally. Lace and I had been dating for about a month, and we usually were out and about or at our apartment together. A part of having the parasite includes horniness, cravings for rare or raw meat, super reflexes, and somewhat immortality. "Fine, just let me pack up and clean up this mess." Papers were spread across the table. Lace and I groaned at the same exact time. We both knew that allowing a human guest into the Night Watch required filling out tons of paper work before they could get a pass. We had the actual allowance to the Night Watch, the suit so they don't catch the parasite, the tour time, ect. I hated paperwork, more than I hated seeing Lace stare at some random guy's butt.

"I'll help you if you'd like," Lace smiled, a shiver ran through my spine. Lace spoke in a sexy voice that could make anyone melt. She strutted over to the table and started organizing papers. I looked over her shoulder and she smiled when she saw me staring at her butt. But that wasn't really my fault! Honest to god that it wasn't; it was the parasite! I knew that if I wasn't a carrier then it would be my fault, but right now it's the parasite's fault.

"Cal! Is that paperwork done? I really need you to hurry with it," The Shrink said over the intercom. I groaned. "Yes Dr. Prolix, I am half way done." Today was Monday, she, the human girl, wasn't going to be here until Wednesday.

"And Kid, stop distracting Cal, he needs to get to work." Everyone had started calling Lace kid now because she was the newest carrier in the Night Watch.

"Yes Dr. Prolix," she said robotically. She didn't like the Shrink very much for reasons unknown but I think she is was jealous of her beauty.

"How about I meet you at the apartment later, 'kay babe?" I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and kissed her cheek. She giggled and nodded her head. I kissed her again before she left. I sighed and got back to my paperwork starting with the lawsuit papers. We had to have them in case she was given the parasite somehow. After that was done I moved on to the safety suit papers. I sighed; this was going to take forever.

By the time I was finished, I was so exhausted and ready to collapse. Everyone had left or, in the Shrink's case, slept. My eyes started to droop, so I slapped myself, and walked out of the room to start a pot of coffee though it wouldn't do very good. Somehow I found myself out of the building, walking to my apartment. I yawned, thinking about whether or not I should go back and fill out the paper work, but I was leaning toward the going home and cuddling with Lace. I felt the old strain rumble below. I sighed; I hope that this girl, who ever she may be, could really help us.

Raylee's POV

The packing was torturous, and that was only my clothes. I still had to gather my shampoo, conditioner, medicine, other toiletries, and shoes. I was excited to go to Manhattan, and somewhat not excited, not to mention the fact that I was an extreme procrastinator.

My Mom and Dad were finally sleeping, but they would be up soon. In my sixteen years I had learned that Peeps, even without medication, didn't sleep for very long. I thought about how much I would miss them. I knew I could count on Dad to remind Mom to take her meds and that Mom would keep Dad from going insane. I stocked the fridge with plenty of meat.) Mom and Dad worked hard and no one suspected that they were actually parasite-positive. They truly had been for quite a while. Before I was born actually.

They knew each other before the parasite, but they had absolutely hated each other. I thought they got married because of the anathema, but that was just my theory.

They had me one year later. I am the only child ever born to a Peeps couple. I think that it is because of me that they became sane again and tried to fit into society. Now they do just fine, look human enough, and have normal jobs in the normal world. People were idiots sometimes.

Carriers think that living with Peeps and being the offspring of Peeps, that I must be one too. Actually I was quite the opposite; I am immune to the parasite, but still a human. I kiss my parents good night, I eat with them, and I live with them so the Carriers have though I would have gotten it, but nope.

I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so we have our own Night Watch. I went there for DNA tests and it showed that the parasite cannot live with my DNA, because my DNA has an enzyme that is advanced enough to detect any parasite, break it down and use it for nutrients. My body knows that when the parasite enters my system to break it down and use it for nutrients. I have been tested tapeworms and roundworms and other parasites, but my body broke them down before they do any damage.

They said that it was probably because my parents were Peeps when my mother got pregnant with me. I think that was part of the reason, though I think that the two parasites in the gametes battled and came up with me somehow. Maybe it was because I was unique and technically a Peep.

I yawned. My suitcase was laying on my bed, full of clothing. I tried to concentrate on what I was going to say at the Night Watch in Manhattan. I knew that they would make me wear some stupid bubble suit like they did here. I stared at the clothing remaining in my closet. and started to think if I was immune to all diseases, like plagues, viruses, even bacteria. I smiled thinking of all the different things I could do if I were immune to everything. I could probably eat anything and still live. I wondered what poison would do to me. I guess I would find out some time. Maybe I would never know

I heard my parent's bed creak and a gruff voice call my name. "Raylee? Are you packing? You leave on Wednesday you know, that's in two days." I chuckled, my Dad was concerned about me being prepared and safe on the flight. He would probably try to join me on the flight. He wouldn't mind spending extra money, he was a lawyer after all, but he would miss work and my Mom. A carrier from the Night Watch volunteered to go with me, but I insisted on going by myself. I felt more comfortable going alone anyway, that way I could think.

I sighed and replied, "Yes dad, I just need to get a few more things, like the last minute things. I'll be fine dad." He walked in the room and rubbed my shoulders. He was slimmer than a normal human, but not a thin as a regular Peep because he ate a lot of meat, probably more than he should. So did my mother. She had the build every model wanted, even with the price she adored it. Both of them were so beautiful, it would make anyone jealous. I was glad they loved each other very much, other wise they might turn a new person into a Peep everyday. Even though they were married, women and men would ask them out all the time. People's instincts weren't as advanced as animals; animals would avoid my parents if they got within a mile of them. We didn't camp very often. Mom and Dad always wanted to go out and hike, see nature, but it was impossible. They always scared the wildlife away with a simple step.

Mom walked down the stairs and stretched her arms. She and Dad usually acted like humans full time, we never knew when we have guests. She grabbed a sausage and egg muffin and nibbled on it. She loved those muffins, although she said that in college she was a strict vegetarian. It surprised her when she ate meat for the first time in about eight years, though she went to medical school, it's hard for her to be around flesh and blood all the time, but she deals for me, and then when she went crazy and ran away after graduating medical school.

I admired my mother's beauty; she wasn't gaunt like regular Peeps, but she wasn't quite as big as models were.

She smiled at me as she placed a plate of pancakes in front of me. I smiled back and indulged in the yummy breakfast. Unlike most carriers and Peeps, I ate very little food. My friends would wonder about my appetite. I told them that it wasn't very weird, if only they knew that my body used parasites for nutrients too, and I did get the Peeps parasite quite often from my parents. After two pancakes, I was full.

I went back to packing, organizing and planning. I had nothing else to do. This whole trip was going to be fun, but I was really scared too.