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Cal's POV

By the time Wednesday arrived my hands were cramped from all the paperwork. Lacey was worried about me being too involved about work, but if we had a chance to save the human race, I would take it. This girl, whatever her name is, said she has the answer, so we should receive it.

The Shrink was pacing in her little dome. She was obviously nervous about a human girl entering the lab. I had never really seen the Shrink nervous before then, but you could really tell when she was. Lace was sitting at the table, looking incredibly bored. Dr. Rats was tapping her fingers on the table by Lace. I was sweating profusely. Who knew what this girl could do to us guys. I wasn't really ready for her to show.

There was a knock on the door. One of the new guys, Jason, opened it. There stood a young girl, no older than fourteen. She scanned over each of us with her big, green eyes and bit her lower lip. As she set her suitcase down, her straight, brownie colored hair fell over her shoulders. I saw her twist her tiny body to look at the equipment, and then saw it turn back to look at us. She wasn't wearing any makeup, but was pretty enough without it.

Jason took her bags and set them aside. She smiled at him, revealing a nice set of shiny, pearl white teeth. I could see his knees buckle. I chuckled; Lace was glaring at her.

"Hi, I'm Raylee. I was really anxious to get here, and um, well, I guess I just really want to help you guys out." She sounded much older than fourteen. It couldn't be that much of an age difference, maybe about fifteen or sixteen.

"Well," started Dr. Rat. "Tell us how you think you could help?"

Raylee thought before she answered.

"Well, I'm immune to the parasite."

Raylee's POV

They were all staring at me. I couldn't stand it. I hated being the center of attention. One of the girls glared at me and all the guys had drool, and one guy snapped a rubber band on his wrist. He was cute with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes.

I lowered my eyes. This was weird. Even the Night Watch in Philadelphia was much more homey than this one. The doctor next to me smiled strangely, looking at me like I was a lab rat.

"Cal, come help me with this kid," The doctor, possible scientist said. Wait, did she call me Kid? I told them my name, why would she call me kid? The blond with the wristband nodded his head and walked into a different room. The doctor took my hand and pulled me along and we entered a room filled with lab equipment. Cal had a clipboard ready with probably a bunch of questions he was ready to fire at me

"Okay, just some questions to start with." I loved his voice. It was soft and didn't match his appearance at all. He also talked with a Texas-accent.

I nodded my head.

"Have you ever contracted a parasite and experienced symptoms?"

I shook my head then quickly explained, "I've had parasites, but the Night Watch back home said that my body breaks them down for energy."

"Okay, well 'that's not the same thing as being infected. When was the last time you got sick?" he asked next. I had to think about that; surely I've gotten sick before. Okay maybe not. I never really noticed that I've never been sick before.

"Um, never really," I replied softly. Cal stopped writing notes and looked up at me.

"What? Never, that's impossible!" he accused. I shrugged my shoulders, because so was being the daughter of two Peeps, yet there I was.

"So, have you ever had, well, you- know, with a you-know" His face went red when he asked. I got what he said, but I wouldn't answer.

"What is all the point of this? I told you, I am completely immune to the parasite," I retorted, obviously suggesting that I didn't want to talk about the subject.

"Well we need to test every possibility. now have you ever had sex with a Peep or Carrier?" Cal blurted quickly. He was as red as a tomato now and I was about to join him in the trend.

"I'm in high school, I've never had sex period," I was mortified that I revealed that little bit of information but all the same, Cal copied it down. His face wasn't as red anymore, but it was still a slight pink. I was sure that I was still a bright red.

"Next question, have you…," Cal started until I interrupted.

"Look, there is no reason for all these questions. I have all the documents from the Pennsylvania Night Watch for you guys, so let's stop wasting time and get down to business." I handed Cal the folder that contained all my test results.

"Well, um, okay, now we may need you to uh. Well, I think that in the best interests, um, that we, you know." He was red again. That rubber band looked like a deadly tool right now.

"EW! No way, I'm sorry, but that is disgusting!" I don't care what he thought; I wasn'tthat type of girl.

"Oh, sorry, forgot. Teenager, high school, so not my type," He stuck his nose into my files.

"Okay, well, this is so weird right now, so can I for now and check into my hotel room?" I wanted to get away from this sick creep.

"Um, talk to the Shrink, or I mean, Dr. Prolix," he replied while his nose was in my files.

"Okay, well, see ya later," I dashed out of there faster than the Roadrunner ran from Willy Coyote.

"See ya guys tomorrow, I'm going to find a hotel. Bye. Before anyone could ask I was out of there.

I didn't want to go back.