Today was the day.

Edward fluttered his eyes open and glanced around his small room, filled with the golden sun and the dust that loves to settle. Of all things in the morning, Edward loved watching the sun flow into the room and listening to the birds speak to each other loudly, greeting each other, singing to their children, and of course, feeling the young woman curled up against his chest move and sigh in her sleep happily.

Edward tightened his grip on her and curled into her, and he thought about a year previous to this day.

"Edward." The voice said.

"Yeah, hi." Edward mumbled, his arm tightly wrapped around Maria's waist. They were currently crossing the Gate and it was God that had greeted the both of them. They had decided to tell Maria's mother and sister of her departure and she would move with him to Amestris. But Edward had been nervous: Would this be allowed? "Maria will be coming with me."

"Yes." The voice said.

Ah, well that was easy. But too easy. "What about Equvilent Exchange?"

"Edward." The voice said again, and Maria leaned closer to him, "I taught you a new word before you went to New York."

"Equilibrium." Edward whispered.

"You are the only one in both worlds that know how to pass through my Gate without making a sacrifice, and I want to keep it that way." And the large mirrored doors that they were standing in front of started to open, welcoming the young couple to pass through and start their new lives together.

Maria was brushing her hair, which had gotten longer in the past year. She had to be careful not to snag the bristles of the brush against her wedding ring as well, so she often flipped her hand out to avoid them. She turned around when Edward walked in buttoning his white shirt, which he continued to wear because of the familiarity of it. He also had a bag over his shoulder. "Almost ready?"

"Yup." She chirped as she went over to the bag and dropped her brush in before giving him a kiss and turning around to gather some more of her things. Edward smiled and started to head downstairs, where he saw Al and Winry sitting at his dining table.

"Morning." Edward said as he went to the cabinet to place a mug on the counter and pour some coffee in it, "Now you'll be fine, Al? We'll only be gone a week."

"Yes, brother." Al assured.

"Great. Mustang will be coming over sometime this week too. He wants you to do something for him in Xing. I left a note."


He sipped his coffee and looked at Winry, who had grown older and wiser as well, and said, "Have fun in Central." She was heading over the same day to pick up supplied for her automail business.

"I will. I always do."

Maria hopped down with the bag and tossed it on the floor while also grabbing a mug of coffee from her husband. She was 18 now and he was 20. In modern New York, being married at 18 would count as the end of one's life, a lack of independence and sacrificing a life time of adventures for the sake of being married. However in Edward's time, being married at 18 was normal and accepted, and plus, for the past year Maria had experienced more adventures than anyone could have in their life.

Upon arriving back home a year ago, to the great relief of a very angry Alphonse, Edward and Maria had announced their relationship and not even six months later, they were engaged. The wedding was small and included most of Edward's friends from Central but none of Maria's; her life in New York was over.

Edward and Maria walked out to the shed hand in hand and opened the door. Edward had made the shed his workroom, filling it with his books and all his tools to fix the house. Winry's grandmother had passed on and for financial reasons, the four of them lived together under one roof, but Edward was slowly saving up to build them a new house, where his mother's used to be. For the time being, he went to this shed for quiet and concentration.

Alphonse and Winry followed them all the way up to the door and leaned on the wall while Edward positioned Maria in the middle of the circle, her smiling and shaking her shoulders the whole way. Then Edward walked over to his makeshift counter and picked up his notebook before looking at Alphonse and Winry, "According to my calculations, because of the momentum of Maria's world, we'll be arriving in New York fifty years in the future. That's 2060. But we shouldn't be gone too long."

"Right." Alphonse said, "Be safe."

Edward nodded and walked over to the transmutation circle, with the line down the middle, and kneeled down to clap his hands and press his palms to the surface. Maria held his shoulders and they transmuted themselves through time and space and in to the endless white mass that was The Gate.

"Edward." The voice greeted.

"Hello." Edward said, "We're here to go to New York. For a checkup."

"I've seen alchemy in Brazil." The voice said, "I request you check this."

"Will do." Edward said, "Where's Brazil?"

"It's in South America, Ed." Maria assured.

"Then let's go." Edward said to his wife. And grabbing her around the waist tightly, he walked through the mirrored doors. The feeling was just the same as two years ago, only that when they left the Gate and walked out into the carriage of the train, their surroundings from the last time had changed considerably.

The carriage was still attached to the train, but the train itself wasn't moving like it always used to. Instead it was stationary, in the middle of a junk yard. Maria scrunched up her nose and looked around herself while Edward approached one of the windows to see if they were able to get out without him having to draw attention to them. "I wonder what year it is." Edward murmured out, "I only estimated…"

Maria shrugged and started to knock her knuckled against the plastic, "It'll be years until this thing decomposes, so we don't need to worry. The next time we come, though, we might be underground."

"That's nothing." Edward assured. He pulled open one of the doors with effort and slammed it against the wall, the whole damn thing fell off onto the ground. Sighing in his huff, he turned to his wife and held out his hand, "Ready?"

Maria nodded and approached him, grabbing his hand, and they walked outside. The sky was a darkish brown and daggy, dirty, and very thick with the smells of exhaust and industry. The buildings of New York was still there, as they always been, only sharper against the sky and some a little bit taller. There were clouds hanging down low against the streets and it was very loud, even for Maria. "Wow." Edward said.

"We must have let the whole place go." Maria said.

"That's not a worry." Edward said as he kicked some garbage away, "Society will pick up. We need to get to Brazil, though."

"Right." Maria said, "We'll get on a plane up in the city. We should have enough money."

Edward nodded and led his wife through the junk yard, into the city in which she came from. While glancing at a newspaper on a bench along the way, Edward deduced that they were in year 2057.

I'll tell you now of what happened in their adventures in Maria's world for that week. While going into the city, Edward became painfully aware of out of place they were and the first thing they did was to find some clothes for them to wear for the week. Maria went to the music store to see what hits have come up in 2011 and 2012, and she even visited Julliard, which had been torn down since they left. They split up for a few moments while Edward went to the travel agency to get the tickets, and Maria went to a drugstore to take a pregnancy test. They caught the plane that night and headed to Brazil in search of alchemy.

It took a couple of days but Edward and Maria found themselves in the middle of the Amazon speaking to a small village who had discovered the use of alchemy. Edward had to spend a lot of his time observing them. He merely showed them the basics, they caught on quickly, and he finally wrote down the rules of alchemy and left them, stating that they would learn how his people in Xerxes learned how to cope with alchemy. Giving them the laws was only precaution; so long as they didn't discover how to cross worlds, he didn't have anything to worry about. And he would check up on them in another 50 years.

"Edward?" Maria cooed from under his arm. They were snuggled in a hammock that the village had provided for them for their visit. Edward, who had never seen one before, thought of it as one of the best discoveries in Maria's world and was completely ready fall into a deep sleep in the pouch up in the trees, but perked up slightly upon hearing his name.


"I found out my sister died a year ago. Of cancer." She curled up tighter.

Edward squeezed her and sighed, "50 some years and they never found a cure."

"I haven't danced since I left here." Maria reminded him, "Only in the kitchen back home but not actual dancing. Not like we used to. I don't have a dance studio…"

"I'll build you one." Edward said.

"One with mirrors." Maria reminded, "And that shiny hardwood floor. They're good for ballet shoes. And make sure the windows are big."

Edward shoved his butt deeper into the hammock and said, "Yes, alright." And he pushed his head against the pillow, intending to go to sleep.

"But I won't be able to dance much in a couple months."

"Hmm?" Edward said lazily.

"I'll have to start up swimming or something. It's not safe to dance when you're pregnant."

Edward felt the hairs on his skin perk up at the mention of it, and he jerked himself up so that he was sitting straight and staring at his wife, who was almost as confused as he was. "What?" He asked quickly, "You're what?"

"I took the test today."

"You can take a test for that?"

Maria almost laughed but she thought she shouldn't. She nodded her head and said, "I've been having morning sickness for the past couple of weeks and I just thought I'd check."

Edward thought back to when he delivered Elicia. However, though he was fairly disgusted when he was 11, when he thought of the idea of Maria bearing his child, he understood Hughes fanatic obsession with his family, and he pulled Maria even closer, if she could get closer, and buried his head in her shoulder. "Go to bed." He announced, and she did so.

Their son, Maes, would come to be the only bi-worldly human being in existence.

The End