Summary: M-21 and belonging.

Spoilers up to chapter 182.

Written for Lucathia Rykatu for a three weeks for dreamwidth drabblefest


By Dark Ice Dragon

M-21 wasn't sure when it happened. He had slowly gotten used to being accepted for who and what he was when he first started living with Frankenstein and Rai, but he was still different from them. A non-human living with nobles.

When Takio and Tao started living in the house, things changed. They dragged him out, drew him into their conversations, offered themselves to be used in Frankenstein's experiments before they knew what Frankenstein was doing, just to make sure he wasn't alone.

Over time, he stopped being surprised by their actions. Over time, he stopped grouping people by what they were. Over time, he stopped feeling like an outsider looking in.

He hadn't realised he could get used to Frankenstein's cleanliness obsession, Rai's quiet presence, Seira's cooking, Regis' personality.

That was why, when Tao saw Regis leave the mansion, he didn't say anything as they left to tail after him.

Regis was part of their group; of course they would look out for him.