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"Harry Potter was a strong boy; actually the more accurate term is he was a strong man. He had never really gotten to be a child. At the age of one he had lost his parents to the Dark Lord. His childhood was full of abuse and heartache. He was never allowed to have the life he wanted," Remus sighed and looked at his now teenaged son.

Teddy frowned and urged his father to continue, "Dad I'm 19, I can handle the full story."

Remus smiled and patted his sons arm as he looked up from where he lay in the hospital bed, "I know cub but it is just a sad story to tell."

The teen smiled, "Dad I'm right here, please. I need to know the true story of the man you called a son."

The elder wolf smiled and continued his tale, "At eleven he was just thrusted into our world with no knowledge of whom he was and over his school yearsDumbledore just threw every challenge at him moulding him into the little pawn. Eventually Harry figured out what was going on and he rebelled as much as he could, but by then…" Remus paused sighing deeply and running a hand through his hair, "It was just too late. He did what the wizarding world wanted. He was so young, and he just did so much."

Teddy swallowed, "Father? What happened to him? What really happened to him? All you ever said was that he died in the war. What really happened?"

Remus' hand shook more violently as a tear slipped down his face. Teddy winced some at causing his father so much pain and took the older man's shaking hand. He hadn't seen so much pain on his father's face except when his mum died from a car accident in the muggle world.

The werewolf looked at his son his voice soft and shaking, "Harry, after the war. He was just…never the same. Oh Ted he shot himself. He just took some muggle gun and…" Remus broke off, falling into his emotions.

Teddy held his hand and brushed a few strands of the grey hair from his father's face. He knew it wasn't going to be much longer. His father was fading from this world. He knew it took a lot of his father's strength to remember the war and tell him the truth but he just had to know. His entire life he had heard about Harry Potter and he wanted so bad to know the truth.

He looked up as the monitoring charm went off. He watched as his father's eyes widened then slowly closed, his heart slowing to a stop and his body going limp. Teddy let a tear fall from his eye and he kissed the cooling hand lovingly.

He stepped back as the mediwitch came rushing in setting charms and checking things. Turning around he took a deep breath, with his father's last words he had made his decision. Stepping out of the room he walked down the hall and looked at all the photos that hung on the walls of the mansion. The live in mediwitch was already running up the stairs to greet him.

"Mr. Lupin is he…" she broke off scared of upsetting him.

Ted put a hand over his mouth nodding before whispering lightly, "Yes, he is to be put next to my mother."

The mediwitch nodded in understanding and disappeared into the room to do her job. Teddy walked down the steps and into the sitting room, looking up at the beautiful silver urn of his mother's ashes and the empty one for his father next to it. He shut his eyes and sat down heavily on the chair beside him holding back the tears he knew where going to fall.

He had nothing left in this world, nothing left in this time. His mother and father both now dead. The Weasley's had disappeared over the years the only ones he still talked to where Charlie and the remaining twin. Ginny had married and fallen off the grid, and her mother had died from a broken heart. So many people's lives had been destroyed by the war. So many people had nothing to live for, all because of one boy's final decision and the man who caused him to take it.

He had listened and watched to so many people in his time and all had so many different stories, even his father's stories where so different. But what was the Real story? He had to know the truth. He had to know why things turned out the way they had. He had to go back. He had to find the truth, and perhaps maybe then he could leave things alone.

He looked up as the mediwitch pored the ashes carefully into the empty urn and closed it, sealing it with a special spell. She turned to give him her condolences before quickly fluting away to write up the report. Ted looked up, his eyes glowing a bright yellow the pupils slitting with anger. He would find the truth. This world was empty for him. Something inside told him this was the right.

Standing Teddy closed his eyes trying to contain himself. The only question now, was how was he supposed to get to the past. He opened his eyes as he felt a sharp jerk on his stomach. He gave a crude growl as he was thrown on the ground in an undignified lump on the ground.

With a groan he looked up and his mouth fell open as he saw Hogwarts, still standing and in perfect condition.

Oh shit, what time was he in?

He looked around and saw a large ship in the harbour and the large elegant carriage. Now he knew. This was the year Voldemort returned to true power. The year he got back his body. The year that Harry saw true death for the first time he could remember.

Carefully Teddy stood and looked down at himself. He knew he looked too much like his father to get away with this but with a smirk he knew his solution. Covering his face with his hands he concentrated and forced himself to change his brown hair turning to a lighter blonde his yellow brown eyes turning a bright crystal clue. He changed the structure of his nose and chin just so, and with a confident sneer he shifted his scent to a more wolf like scent covering his human scent almost completely and atop his head now stood two blond wolf ears and trailing behind was a long thick wolf tail blonde except for the tip where it turned to a beautiful chestnut brown.

He looked about him for any witnesses and began the trek towards the castle whispering a spell to spell his clothes into a soft brown tunic and loose pants. He knew who he would pass off as. He couldn't be a human to them. He had to be something different something new. He could hold no connection to his real identity. So with a confident smile he allowed himself to knock on the doors of Hogwarts and was not surprised when it swung open to reveal an old Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes.

Dumbledore smiled at him almost kindly, "Well Hello my boy, and who might you be?"

Teddy extended a hand toward him long claws tipping his fingers even as Dumbledore took the hand, "I am Lord Tanner of the Romanian Wolf Tribe, and I have come to offer my allegiance to the boy hero Harry Potter."

The Headmaster frowned at those words, "Only to Mr. Potter?"

Teddy nodded feeling his mind about to be probed by the headmaster he allowed the man to see pictures of wolves running together and fake council meetings he had with his father's pack being careful to block out images of his father and other well known faces, "Yes, Only Harry Potter", feeling the mind probe leave his head he smiled brightly at the professor.

Dumbledore smiled and opened the door wider, "Perhaps you would like to come in Lord Tanner?"

Teddy slipped past the man his height easily overcoming the professors, "Thank you," and with that his identity was born. He was to be Lord Tanner a distant Lord here to form an alliance with the young Lord Harry Potter; and with it he would have all his answers.

To Be Continued…