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I regret to inform you that I will no longer be posting on Fanfiction. Net. Due to the new enforcement of deleting adult themed fandoms, I am being forced to pack my bags and move on to broader horizons. I will be transferring all my stories to ArchiveofOurOwn and Tumblr. I will be posting the direct links in my Profile. I do not want to give up writing so I am simply shifting to where I am going to post. Perhaps if Fanfiction Net changes I will return but right now it is not the place for me anymore. As I post to the two new sites please be aware, I will only post currently updating stories which I will list below. As I finish those I will begin to rewrite older fics and post new editions of them. I love you guys very much you have supported me through thick and thin and I owe it to you guys to keep writing!

List of Current Fics:

Touch of Ice

Through The Wolf's Eyes

The Magic of An Eye

Teddy Bear Memories

Pure Bones

If you have ANY questions please feel free to email me at Emeraldfalcon Ymail . com or send me a PM over the site.

Thanks again for understanding, As a gift I am posting a short little sneak peak below for your enjoyment:

Sneak Peak: HP Fandom

Harry groaned as he peered at the ministry order with a horrified look. They were sending him to India. He had just joined the ranks of Aurors and already he got an assignment that was far from what he had expected. Groaning he reread the report hoping he had read incorrectly.

Assignment: #0035476

Auror Assigned: Harry J. Potter

Assignment length: I. (Indefinite)

Assignment Given: The Mysterious Relic

Location: India

Details: A southern India tribe has dug up a powerful and magical relic in from a burial tomb. You are to go and retrieve the relic as well as any other dark artifacts. Memory charms might also be necessary. Also work with the archaeologist provided to excavate and examination of the tomb. You will be required to keep a field journal at all times. Please be aware that to fail this mission would bring great shame to your position. Also note that India is now being lifted to a yellow spot hot zone and there for highly dangerous in both artifacts and magical creatures. Caution will be needed during this mission.

Equipment: Translation Ring, Two-way Port Key, Field Journal, Archaeologist Equipment, Stocked Tent, and Rucksack (1).


Rufus Scrimgeour

Minister of Magic, England