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I remember that night so perfectly. I suppose it's really my earliest discern able memory. Most of the others were so jagged and hardly made sense; looking back, maybe it was that I just didn't want to remember. That was when all of this started, at least, that's when my life started, and maybe for Galinda, that's when her's started as well.

I was alone and, though I wouldn't admit it then, I was terrified. The wind was blowing hard around me, causing the branches of so many trees to whip against me and bit into my skin. I'd found my way into this horrible forest, trying to escape yet another horde of those who saw my skin, not for what it was but what their feeble minds thought it meant. The small book I clutched to my chest was all I really had even if I'd never known where it came from.

I saw light ahead and heard something like giggling. It sounded so innocent and welcoming as I made my way towards it. I can't believe I'd never noticed the feeling of eyes on my back, or heard the crunching behind me, looking back, her laugh was so intoxicating, I couldn't censure my younger self for turning a blind eye to the instincts I would later come to depend on.

I saw her hair before anything else, such a striking blonde, even in the dark, her curls fell so gracefully in her face, meeting her gorgeous blue eyes. She was playing, and I hid behind a tree, feeling unworthy of her presence but still curious as to who she could be. I peeked around to see her making her way towards me, obviously no destination in mind. I shook slightly, and pulled back. I worried my lip, my heart beating with nerves so loud that no other sound mattered. When I turned to peek around the tree once more I was met with the same blue eyes that infatuated me so.

She giggled a quick "Hello," and smiled, and though I wouldn't realize it until much later, that was the moment I fell in love with Galinda Arduenna. She moved before me and overlooked all 4 feet of me, taking in my complexion, her smile faltered a bit as she realized something. She grabbed my arm so suddenly and pulled me from behind the tree that I had no choice but to follow her. When we were close enough to the edge of the small forest to suit her she looked me over again and her green returned.

"You're green," she laughed, "you're really green."

I wanted her to say more but I couldn't ask for that. Instead I just nodded and then she touched my arm again as if to make sure I was real. Nobody had ever seemed happy to see my skin before, and they'd never sink so low as to actually touch me but she did. I couldn't make myself smile, I knew if I did it would end, she'd be dragged away by her parents while they scowled at me. But it would end whether I smiled or not.

Her soft fingers moved from my arm, up to my shoulder, over my neck and then onto my cheek. I sighed comfortably, even if my body was tensed defensively I'd never felt so safe. It didn't last long. As I began to relax my stomach tightened of it's own accord. The small blonde's before me had too as the urging wind became less and less able to cover the ripping sound to the side of us. Galinda looked first and fell back, her face frozen in a scream that wouldn't follow quite yet. Although I don't remember moving, I was in front of Galinda as a black figure lunged for her. I saw the blood before I felt it, hell, Galinda finally screamed before I felt it.

My tunic was shredded and drenched in blood. From my left hip to my right shoulder was on fire and everything was white as if I stood before the sun itself. I couldn't shake off the pain but the monster hadn't attacked again so I pulled Galinda to her feet and farther out of the forest. I heard voices approaching and tried to rush towards them when I heard that growl again. My heart stopped and I pushed Galinda ahead of me only to feel the same sting of my chest on the small of my back as I was thrown to the ground and felt the weight of the creature on me before it dropped as a loud sound filled the night air, well, two, but only I heard the second crack and felt further fire shoot through my arm.

The coppery scent of blood filled my senses but not quite so much as the claustrophobia as I struggled under the weight of the beast. I gasped and shook crying out as I felt every injury I'd sustained battle for my attention. My arm was twisted at an awful angle, my back throbbed with the need to breath, and my torso drained tortuously slowly. I closed my eyes, sure that would be my end, I pressed the small book in my hand. A book of a faith I didn't even claim. Even then I wondered how it could be anymore than stories made up by idle minds, but it still gave me some comfort. Not that there was an afterlife or any sort of hope for me, but that I had something to die with. Someone would know who I was, someone would read the book, lift the first page and see in a messy scrawl Elphaba.

I suppose I'd thought I was dreaming when the warmth of the beast was lifted off of me. The voices over me didn't matter, well, one did. A worried little voice chimed "Please help her." A small smile finally reached my lips as I heard that. I couldn't help but enjoy someone wanting to help me. When someone tried to lift me up a spike of pain brought me to lucidity and I saw something peculiar. Through the pain I was able to take note of how brightly the full moon shone that night, at least, before everything faded to black.

One week. That's exactly how long I was unconscious before I awoke in a cold sweat in a bed I'd never been in before. No, scratch that, it was a bed, which I'd never been in before to the best of my knowledge. My chest and back ached slightly but it felt dulled somehow. I looked around the unfamiliar room, taking in the walls lined with books. I flinched as the light filtering in through a window met my eyes and I tried to block it with my arm but found a clunky white cast covering it. I poked at it curiously before the events of the night before came back to me. It seemed like a ghost of the pain I'd suffered shot through my injuries as I remembered what had happened that night. I'd accepted the suffering well, but one thing haunted me. That girl, the blonde, she couldn't have been real. I couldn't ever hope to deserve to be in her presence.

I slipped from the unfamiliar bed and noticed the pink nightshirt that fell just barely past my calves. I let out a small groan as I remembered what happened to my only tunic. I grasped the fabric on me between my thumb and forefinger and yes, it felt nice, but it wasn't familiar. I dropped the fabric and moved to the door in the middle of two book-laden walls. I opened it as quietly as I could and peeked in to the hall. I stepped out and was going to continue to search before a boy, a bit older than me saw me. He held my eye for a moment, full of surprise. It almost slipped my mind that I was green, but as I remembered I opened my mouth to apologize for my appearance but before the words could escape he left.

I groaned again, certain I was going to end up in trouble when the boy returned with a woman. Was she his mother? She had shockingly blue eyes and pin straight blonde hair pulled into a tight bun. She knew whose mother she was as she saw the eyes. But it didn't seem to this boys.

"I-I'm sorry ma'am," I mumbled to the woman.

The woman's surprise dissolved into a look of amusement, "For what, dear?"

I was so used to apologizing for my appearance that usually everyone just accepted it, "For intruding on your home."

"Dear, there's no intrusion, if anything I owe you." she smiled and approached me.

I was confused, "What did I do ma'am?"

"Young lady you saved my daughters life," she smiled and knee led before me and grabbed my sealed arm without any hesitation. She turned to the boy who had been waiting patiently "Go fetch Galinda, she'll want to know our guest is awake. And bring more milkweed, it should be easier to aid this young lady now that she can chew it."

I blushed as the woman held her hand, the girl was real? I couldn't help but smile at that but as the woman turned back around it melted, "I-I didn't. I j-just got in that m-monsters way."

The woman laughed "My family is still indebted to you."

As she said that the bubbly blonde turned the corner, the older boy in tow. In his hand was a bag and some small stocks of a green plant. He leaned against the wall as the blonde came forward and grinned at me again before hugging me. I gasped as I felt the girl on my chest and her hands on my back.

The small blonde jumped back and worried her lip anxiously. Her mother patted her shoulder as she mumbled "Careful, sweetie."

I felt bad and leaned forward, nervously, lifting my unharmed arm and placed it around the girls shoulder. I relaxed but leaned back quickly dropping my arm. That was the beginning of my story, our story. It all seemed so innocent, yes, unorthodox, but the results were far from what anybody could expect. It wouldn't take very long before I'd realize how much more was going to change.